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R. Dorothy meets R. Instro



Sick and tired of waking up to her incessant piano playing, Roger brings Dorothy to a piano bar to meet a mechanical concert pianist named R. Instro, who performs a graceful sonata in front of an audience. Instro explains that his creator Amadeus had built and owned the establishment, leaving the piano for him to play. Dorothy notes the similarity between their relationships with their "fathers". Roger asks Instro to teach Dorothy how to play the sonata but their lesson is soon interrupted by a scientist named Gieseng who cryptically asks Instro if he has reconsidered being a part of his creator's legacy.

Dan Dastun tells Roger that Paradigm Corporation had bankrolled an experimental phonosonic machine that went haywire, ultimately causing Paradigm to back out of the deal. Gieseng and Amadeus had been research partners involved in the fatal lab accident, but Gieseng managed to survive. Roger and Dorothy go to visit Instro the following day and find that the bar is damaged and Instro is missing. They travel to Amadeus' mansion and discover that Instro now serves as a power source for the Megadeus Constanze, not unlike how Dorothy was previously linked to Dorothy-1. Gieseng is implied to have been responsible for the accident that caused Amadeus' death and Paradigm's exit from the deal, and has now convinced Instro that Amadeus only created him to pilot Constanze to seek revenge on Paradigm. Remembering that Paradigm Corporation only backed out after Amadeus was dead, Roger realizes this is a lie and tries to snap Instro out of thinking that he is merely a instrument of vengeance. Big O is unable to overcome Constanze, but the echoing melody of Dorothy playing the sonata distracts Instro and Roger is able to destroy Constanze which consequently kills Gieseng.

Instro's original hands were destroyed when freeing himself from Constanze, and as a result he cannot play perfectly anymore. Roger allows Instro to practice at his home. Roger believes that Instro inherited the memories of a pianist, seemingly those belonging to the presumably deceased son of Amadeus, and Instro learns that his true legacy was to be a pianist. Roger wakes for a few days to Instro's music but it suddenly changes to Dorothy's rapid playing. Roger storms in to see Dorothy playing with Instro calling her technique superb. In a complete rage, Roger screams "R. Dorothy Wayneright!" ending the episode.


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