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Sick and tired of waking up to her piano playing, Roger brings Dorothy to a restaurant, where he takes her to meet a robotic concert pianist named R. Instro, who performs a nocturne (sonata?) in front of an audience. It is explained that Instro's father Amadeus had built and owned the restaurant, leaving the piano for him to play. Roger asks Instro to teach Dorothy how to play the nocturne, but their lesson is soon interrupted by a scientist named Gieseng, who leaves after short notice. Dan Dastun discusses with Roger that the Paradigm Corporation had bankrolled an experimental photo-sonic machine, known as Constanze, that went haywire. Gieseng and Amadeus had been research partners involved in the lab accident, but Gieseng managed to survive that day. Roger and Dorothy go to visit Instro the following day, however they find that the restaurant is left with a hole in the ceiling and Instro is missing. The two soon go to Amadeus' house, only to see Instro linked inside Constanze under Gieseng's orders. Roger, trying to snap Instro out of thinking that he is a tool for this experiment, brings out Big O in an attempt to stop him. It is until Dorothy plays the nocturne that Instro becomes distracted, allowing Roger to destroy Constanze and consequently killing Gieseng. Instro, having his hands repaired from having been disconnected from the machine, realizes that he was born to be a pianist and not a tool for an experiment. However, due to the damage, Instro cannot play perfectly anymore. So Roger allows Instro to practice at his home. Roger happily wakes for a few days to Instro's music. However, it suddenly changes to Dorothy's rapid playing. Roger storms in to see Dorothy playing with Instro calling her technique superb. In complete rage, Roger screams "R. Dorothy Wainwright".


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