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Angel is a mysterious woman who is seemingly affiliated with the Paradigm Corporation. She crosses paths with Roger Smith on more than one occasion.


Angel is an agent of the Union. She is introduced as an investigator for Paradigm City Power Management, later she is the secretary for the publisher of Paradigm Press. Later, she becomes the secretary for Alex Rosewater.

In "The Call from the Past", it is revealed that she has 2 long scars on her back, giving the impression that she once had wings; hence her name. She later alternates between aiding Roger Smith or the Union.

After Vera arrives Angel's loyalty to the Union is destroyed and her mental stability is nearly broken in "The Big Fight" as she is desperate to return home.

At the end of the series, she is identified as the daughter of Vera Ronstadt or Gordon Rosewater, but is later revealed to actually be the entity who controls the fate of Paradigm City and its memories, being an angelic being connected to the mysterious megadeus Big Venus, something even Angel herself was not aware of. When Angel realizes that she, her world and everything she knows may be a lie, she transforms back into Big Venus and begins erasing reality, but is then confronted by Roger and his assistant Dorothy within Big O as the universe begins to fade. He convinces her that she should "let go of the past" whether it is real or not and to focus on a future for the world, Roger then manifests as a "director" within a small room next to a crying Angel who appears as a "playwright" for the world's story and he gently rests his hand on her shoulder with Dorothy stating that he is Roger Smith, the Negotiator. The two Megadeus then walk into each other which sets off a blinding flash which seems to restore the universe back to how it was but also "resetting" it to how it was during the events of the first episode with Paradigm City still being a "city of amnesia", but now things appear to be somewhat changed with both Angel and Dorothy appearing physically different and glancing at Roger Smith as he passes by them in his car. The story then ends with words saying "We have come to terms", indicating that the characters have come to terms with their world not having a past but will now aim towards a new future.



One reviewer calls Angel a “Fujiko clone” with a “body-hugging suit [that] would give Emma Peel a run for her money.”

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