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Roger attempting to negotiate with Beck



Jason Beck breaks out of prison and has a new scheme. Roger is brought in to negotiate the kidnapping of a 40 year old business heir named Francis. The man's father, Mr. Wise, is desperate to have his son back and quickly caves to demands, arranging for Roger to deliver the ransom. Roger and Dorothy take the ransom money from Wise and go to the kidnapper's hideout, only for it to be a set up by Beck to frame Roger. The Military Police believe Roger to be the kidnapper but recover Francis nonetheless. Dorothy notes that Francis looks nothing like his father but has the same blue eyes as the woman in the painting above Mr. Wise's mantle.

They learn from Wise that Francis is not his biological son; Wise met his future wife Mary the moment after the accident 40 years ago caused everyone to lose their memories. Unaware of who they were, they fell in love in the vulnerability of their newfound loneliness. Mary, who had already been pregnant before even knowing Mr. Wise, died shortly after giving birth to Francis. Mr. Wise raised the boy as his own son, aware that if anyone discovered the illegitimacy of their relationship their reputations would be ruined. Dorothy is perplexed by the nature of Mary and Mr. Wise's relationship.

Roger and Dorothy arrive at the warehouse to confront Beck. Beck implants a brainwashing device on Dorothy and she begins to crush Roger to death. As if realizing what she is doing after seeing Roger in pain, Dorothy manages to override the device, but then collapses from shock. Beck activates the Beck Victory Deluxe, built from expensive raw materials that he received as ransom before Roger got involved in the case. Roger brings out Big O to fight back, visibly upset that Beck damaged Dorothy. Beck is defeated and delivered to the Military Police, with Mr. Wise arriving to clear up the case. In the aftermath, Norman Burg believes that Dorothy's strong computing system short circuited Beck's device, but Roger insists she did it of her own free will. Norman suggests upgrading her at the cost of losing some of her memories so this does not happen again, but Roger directs him not to. After being repaired, Dorothy asks Roger if they may have ever fallen in love, like Mary and Mr. Wise before them, if circumstances had been different. Roger is unable to answer.


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