Beck breaks out of prison and has a new scheme. Roger is brought in to negotiate the kidnapping of the son of a wealthy man named Wise. However, Wise is in disagreement with Roger's terms of action. Roger and Dorothy take the ransom money from Wise and go to the hideout, only to be involved in a ploy set up by Beck to involve the Military Police. They learn from Wise that his wife died when his son had been born 40 years ago, leaving behind the unjust truth between them. Roger and Dorothy then go to the warehouse to confront Beck. However, Beck traps Dorothy on a magnetic bowl and injects her with a brainwashing device as a ruse to crush Roger to death. She is able to break free of the device, but she soon collapses from shock. Beck activates a new megadeus, known as the Beck Victory Deluxe. But Roger brings out Big O to fight back. Beck's laser beams are no match against Roger's armor, and Beck is delivered to the Military Police.


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