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The man known only as Big Ear is an enigmatic information broker who spends his time in Speakeasy, a bar owned by Dale. He supplies Roger Smith with the latest rumours, details about unusual occurrences, and other useful intelligence from across Paradigm City.


Roger Smith consults Big Ear in several cases, making appearances in "Roger the Negotiator", "Dorothy Dorothy", "Bring Back My Ghost", "Missing Cat", "R.D.", and "Negotiations with the Dead".

In "The Show Must Go On", it is revealed that Big Ear was an android.


  • Big Ear is seen wearing a kippah, a traditional Jewish cap, but his religion and ethnicity are never directly mentioned in "The Big O". The "Metropolis Special Booklet" art book included in "The Big O 20th Anniversary Edition" blu-ray collection released by Sentai Filmworks states that Big Ear is indeed Jewish.
  • The term speakeasy refers to the illegal alcohol bars in the 1920's in the United States. Roger goes there so Big Ear can speak to him.
  • Big Ear wears a hearing-aid shaped device in his ear whenever he's seen. It's implied that this device is actually feeding information to him when questioned.
  • Big Ear receives a much larger role in the manga adaptation, being seen outside of the Speakeasy. As the manga adaptation was created prior to Season 2, it is suggested that this version of Big Ear is human.


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