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Seen in “Stripes” and “The Third Big”.


Bonaparte is built from the remains of the 3 Foreign Megadeus after Big Fau's parts were removed. These parts consist of Fouche's legs, Robespierre's drills, Carnot's arms, Robespierre's hip section, and both Robespierre & Fouche's heads. It was first clashed with Big O, only for Roger to abandon Big O to save Dorothy.

It was sent by the Union to retrieve the memories from Paradigm City.

The weapons consisted of: a pair of large drills, extendable heads, and a purple, electricity energy attack. The energy attack was powerful enough to destroy a very large portion of the superstructure of Paradigm's main dome. It was destroyed by Alex Rosewater and Big Fau.

Its design is a homage to “Doublas M2”, one of the first “mechanical brutes” from Mazinger Z.


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