Roger, having traveled all the way to East Town, is hired by a woman to help find her son Bonnie Fraiser for her birthday the next day. What she does not know is that Bonnie was known to have been deceased in riot 1 year ago at the Hudson River. The informant Big Ear tells Roger that a ghost appears by the Hudson River when the fog is thick enough, and that 3 officers of the Military Police have already died after seeing it. Colonel Anthony Gauss becomes victimized after realizing that Bonnie is still alive, and he falls into the river after seeing the ghostly figure. After the military police fail to attack the figure, Roger arrives in Big O ready to fight, but his attacks pass right through the figure. He discovers that Bonnie used a ghost megadeus, known as Osrail, to show a projected image, being the reason for its transparency. Bonnie later explains that he jumped into the river when Gauss had shot him on the day of the riot, yet his life was saved by Osrail submerged in the river.


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