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A high-ranking member of the Military Police dies in a car accident after seeing a ghostly giant on a foggy night along the Hudson River: the latest in a series of similar deaths involving members of the force. Roger, having traveled all the way to affluent East Town, is hired by Melissa Fraiser to help find her son Bonnie Fraiser for her 75th birthday the next day. What she does not acknowledge is that Bonnie, a member of the Military Police, was known to have been killed in action during a riot over land disputes 1 year ago at the Hudson River. Despite finding himself at the center a seemingly impossible case, Roger contends that Bonnie's remains were never recovered and begins his search.

Roger's routine contact Big Ear tells him that a ghost appears by the Hudson River when the fog is thick enough, and that 3 officers have already died after seeing it. Roger immediately connects the police deaths to the land dispute riots; the 3 officers were corrupt and each had a hand in the land buyout. The 4th and final corrupt official, Colonel Anthony Gauss, becomes the next victim after realizing that Bonnie is still alive and he falls into the river after seeing the ghostly figure. Both the military police and Big O fail to damage the figure since their attacks pass right through it. Roger discovers that the supposed "ghost" was just a projected image from Bonnie's Megadeus Osrail, which was hidden deep in the city. Big O destroys Osrail and ends the hauntings.

At the case's denouement, Bonnie reveals to Roger that it was the 4 corrupt officers who were responsible for his "death" at the riot after they discovered that he was leading the protesters against the land buyout. As he unconsiously fell into the river, Bonnie was saved by the submerged Megadeus Osrail. When he recovered he mysteriously had the memories needed to pilot it and vowed revenge against the officers who tried to kill him. Bonnie returns to his mother in time for her birthday, who never doubted that he was alive.


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