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Dastun is attacked in an alleyway during one of his investigations, and although he warns Roger to not get involved, Roger dives into this mystery to find out who or what attacked his old boss. There, he meets Angel who seems to be investigating the very same thing that attacked Dastun, and upon finding the monster in question along with it’s vintage robotic caretaker, things quickly spiral out of control.


Dastun is in an alleyway with various objects torn open with gaping holes in them, his pistol at the ready. He’s bewildered at what he’s seeing, only to be ambushed by an unknown robot. We fast forward to Roger driving over to a hospital, monologuing that Dastun was injured 3 days ago, and how he’s an old friend he used to work for. At the hospital, Dastun tells Roger that the few witnesses available are homeless, thus his superiors have ignored the reports. Roger replies that somebody needs to investigate this, but Dastun tells Roger that although he’s one of the best men he’s ever had, he’s not a police officer anymore and he shouldn't get involved.

Roger heads to an alley to inquire the homeless witnesses about where the incident occurred and then assesses what he currently knows: The distinct pattern of destruction surrounding this incident only occurs in the local area outside the domes, meaning Paradigm Corporation doesn’t care. Roger goes on a tangeant about how everything from supermarkets to the Military Police are aligned to the Paradigm Group, whose omnipresent throughout the city, only to be greeted by Angel.

Roger addresses her by the false name she gave him the last time they met, before then using her real name Angel. Angel deduces Roger had researched her, and teases that she feels flattered. Roger states even a dangerous woman like her shouldn’t walk around here alone, but Angel says this is no time for chatting. They hear Del Poi rolling by, the one responsible for injuring Dastun. Angel identifies it as a vintage machine that’s at least 40 years old, before taking a photo, catching the robot’s attention.

Angel tells Roger the robot is all his before she runs off, as it’s arms unfold from it’s body. However, Angel promptly then finds herself in the presence of the small creature Dionysus, which lunges towards her before she can pull her gun out. However, Roger saves her. Angel questions what that creature is, to which Roger asks if this isn’t the thing she’s looking for. Roger sees Dionysus eat the gun, only to find Angel disappeared.

Del Poi tells the creature to eat all it’s “food”, that it must grow, and that it’s a very special “child”. Roger questions what that thing was, and what Angel wants to do with it, as the creature grows in size and is commended by the robot as a “good boy”. The robot tells Dionysus to keep eating, for that’s why he was born, with sizeable chunks of buildings now going missing.

As more days go by, Roger notes the destruction is continuing onward, before then seeing a squadron of Military Police vehicles driving by. He’s then called out by Colonel Gauss who says he doesn’t need to be snooping around here. Gauss states the real police are conducting an investigation which has nothing to do with Roger, and tells him to leave. Roger questions why the Military Police now care all of the sudden. We then cut to Alex Rosewater, whose holding the two pictures that Angel took.

Gauss looks at all the homeless people in the area, and laments not being able to “clean the place out” while he’s there. Another officer concurs as he scans the inside of a building, saying they should’ve rousted these people after Dastun was attacked, only for an officer in front of him to remind everyone to do as they’re instructed.

They then encounter Dionysus, who is now large enough to occupy an entire room. The 2 men scurry out of the building and inform Gauss they have a suspect. Gauss’ happiness in finding a suspect is quickly snuffed out when the creature bulldozes out of the building, looking for something to eat. Dionysus soon settles by eating the tank the officers arrived to the scene with, causing Gauss to question how they’re supposed to capture that thing. Gauss concludes this thing is a monster and demands missiles to be fired, only for Dionysus to sprout tentacles on it’s head and grab them. It tries eating the missiles, but is hurt when they detonate inside it’s mouth, seemingly giving Gauss some hope they may stand a chance and says he’ll contact HQ. In reality, he just ran away and left his men for dead, questioning what that thing was and if it has the memory that Paradigm HQ wants.

The driver of the car stutters out Gauss’ name, and when he asks what he wants, they see that Dionysus is now even bigger and chasing after them, soon becoming kaiju-like in scale. The chief of police is informed that the monster is heading into the city. Alex holds him responsible for this, in spite of the chief’s claims that the Military Police are doing everything they can. As the monster eats Gauss’ abandoned vehicle, Alex converses with the chief regarding the creatures’ nature, asking if it gets bigger if it eats more metal. The chief responds that it’s believed to be a man-made creature created technology that used memories from 40 years ago. Alex ponders it’s purpose, from biological weaponry to famine-proof livestock, noting that it’s “gone Godzilla” on the city, as citizens panic in the streets seeing the building-sized monster on the prowl.

Alex concludes this memory is worthless and must be destroyed. The chief doesn’t quite understand why, so Alex reminds him that it’s his duty to protect this city. Del Poi watches as the creature eats more and more cars. The Military Police struggle trying to keep track of the monster, who appears to be present in multiple areas of the city at once. This is because by now, the monster was a colossal snake-like creature taking up multiple streets. As Del Poi praises the creature for continuing to eat and grow, Big O arrives to the scene, with Roger stating it’s showtime.

Roger has Big O fire Missile Party at Dionysus as it climbs atop one of the domes, only for the missiles to be eaten. Big O retreats down to the underground and returns to the Prairie Dog, but ends up being followed by the monster.  Roger tells Norman to get Big O to a large, open space, so he can use the Chromebuster. The public notes that Big O has led the monster underground, with one spectator even thanking Buddha, whilst Del Poi wonders what happened to it’s “baby”.

The robot recalls the mission it’s creator assigned to it, saying that if this experiment succeeds, they’ll have done great work for humanity. Dionysus chases the Prairie Dog and Big O throughout the subway tunnel system, and are followed shortly afterwards above ground by it’s robot caretaker using a built-in rocket booster, pondering where the scientist who built them has gone. Big O soon emerges in an empty valley, followed shortly afterwards by Dionysus.

Roger apologizes to the monster for what he must do, not knowing who created it, what unleashed it, and notes it isn’t Dionysus’ fault, but there’s no niche in this world for the creature to live in. Big O proceeds to use the Chrome Buster, which splatters Dionysus completely in a single shot, it’s liquified remains raining down all over the place, as Del Poi looks on in silence. Roger monologues:

“Robots are slaves…to their programming. They can’t help what they are. I wonder if humans are so different. The robot stayed by the metal slug’s remains…never left it’s side.”

We cut to Angel, asking Alex if he’s sure he doesn’t want Roger to be dealt with. Alex says the negotiator is no threat, and that things are fine the way they are. Alex says memories are elusive and fleeting, and tells Angel to keep him informed regarding the status of their case with Michael Seebach, to which she complies. Roger’s at the hospital with Dastun, whose relieved to hear it’s all over. Roger notes the city is a mess, and deduces Dastun was on that monster’s trail. Dastun tells Roger that HQ informed him of the negotiator being present to the scene, to which Roger awkwardly replies they should’ve been more prepared. Dastun smirks.

Roger states the people in the Military Police never change, and asks why Dastun continues to keep working for Paradigm. Dastun replies that he’s an “old dog”, and that it’s too late to start over. We then cut to Roger in the parking lot with Dorothy, as he deduces trickle-down stupidity does indeed run down-hill. He then asks Dorothy if robots and humans are truly so different. Dorothy says robots can’t understand humans, and she thinks Roger can’t understand robots either. Roger agrees that she’s probably right, but still continued to ponder.

Similarities To The Anime[]

  • Although a manga-exclusive story, this episode has a similar theme to the episode "Missing Cat", particularly regarding a robot being a loving caretaker to an animal of some kind, only for the robot to be unable to save the animal from death.
  • We see Angel leaving Roger for dead at the hands of a man-made monster, just like in "Electric City".
  • Alex, at least in this point in the timeline, seems fine with the presence of Big O in his city, similar to how he was in the anime before Big Fau was ever involved.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Dionysus
  • When Angel leaves Roger to the hands of Del Poi, she says “Au Reviour” a French phrase meaning “Until we see each other again”. This may connect to The Union and it’s many references to French history, culture and language.
  • Del Poi and Dionysus’ names are never revealed in the actual manga, instead being featured in Paradigm Gallery.
  • Del Poi’s name is Italian for “Of The Future", whilst Dionysus is named after the ancient Greco-Roman nature god of vegetation, fruitfulness, wine and ecstasy, which may tie into Alex’s theory of this monster being a bio-engineered form of livestock.
  • While Roger is fighting Dionysus and ponders where the creature originated from, we see brief glimpses of a fire and Beck, implying Beck was responsible for unleashing this monster onto the city. The fire may have been tied to Del Poi being released, but it's also possible those were the final moments he saw of the world prior to being put into stasis 40 years ago.
  • Further elaboration can be found in Paradigm gallery, which reveals Dionysus is a man-made creature left frozen in stasis prior to the destruction of the city 40 years ago, and it’s robotic caretaker Pol Poi was restarted in order to help this creature grow.
  • Two real world references are made in this chapter, from one bewildered citizen praising Buhdda and Alex comparing Dionysus to Godzilla, implying knowledge of their existence in some form was preserved or regained after the event 40 years ago.
  • If Del Poi hadn’t last been reactivated since prior to the event, and still remembers it’s now-lost creator, this would imply that Del Poi wasn’t affected by the amnesia 40 years ago, or found a way to bypass the amnesia via being kept in stasis. Another character alleged to memories from 40 years ago would have a similar story to this later on in the manga