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Chapter 14




The Sun Will Rise Again, also known as Chapter 14, is the fourteenth story in the manga and the final chapter of volume 4. It covers Roger investigating the disappearance of a client who recently wrote a song that’s been spreading throughout the city. Meanwhile, Angel informs Beck that supposedly, the sun will rise again and an “angel” will come down, which prompts Beck to create a money-making scheme that exploits the desperate masses outside Paradigm’s domes. Little did Beck or Roger realize the reality of the “angel” that was actually about to come to Paradigm City, courtesy of Schwartzwald


We start off the chapter with the lyrics of a song:

“The Sun will rise again, The Sun will rise on me. The Sun will rise again, shining morning comes. We lost the past 40 years of memories, missing the last 40 years’ of memory. The Sun will rise again, and we’ll recall all our memory. Can’t go anywhere, don’t know where we should go without knowing where we’re from. I wanna know the truth. The Sun will rise again, the sun will rise on me. The sun will rise again, shining morning comes. One day, on a sunny day, Angel comes down. Angel leads us. And then we will find what we lost. Angel takes us to the right place. Angel wings can take us.”

This song plays throughout the city, enjoyed by Paradigm citizens of all ages, as Roger drives by in the Griffon with Dorothy. At the Speakeasy, Roger informs Big Ear that his client his missing. Big Ear theorizes she’s isolated herself to work on a new song, surprising Roger, who asks how he knows what she does. Big Ear replies that everyone knows what she does, and the song they’re hearing right now, The Sun Will Rise Again, is hers', surprising Roger.

Big Ear clarifies that not everyone knows her name, but everyone has heard her song. Roger notes that she was just starting her career, but Big Ear states that it’s not about experience or repertoire. He then says he’ll check if he can find her for him, which Roger thanks him for. As Roger returns to his car, Dorothy notifies him that Norman got a call from the client, stating they are to meet her right away. This dismays Roger, who just hired Big Ear to investigate her whereabouts.

As they drive, Roger is about to ask Dorothy if she’s heard that song, but Dorothy cuts him off, saying everyone has heard it. Roger notes that he himself hasn’t heard it, so Dorothy sings it for him. They soon arrive to a desolate street, which Roger finds questionable. Dorothy states this was the address however. They head inside the abandoned building, only to then be confronted by a familiar voice who calls Roger a pitiable dog, held by Paradigm City on a tight leash.

Roger then finally sees him in person: Schwartzwald, who notes Roger probably doesn’t recognize him since it’s been a long time since they last met, as this is their first meeting since his “metamorphosis”. Roger states however that he does recognize Schwartzwald, who in response corrects his previous statement and admits it hasn’t been too long. He then states that thanks to Roger’s “Big Friend”, he’s been able to discover the connection between it and the negotiator.

Roger realizes Schwartzwald knows his connection to Big O, as Schwartzwald states that although Roger can operate Big O, the way he uses it is puzzling. Dorothy breaks the tone of the situation by stepping in and stating she’s puzzled too, asking why he is here instead of Roger’s client. Schwartzwald retorts that Roger knows who he is, and the negotiator’s client is dead, much to Roger’s shock. Before Roger can ask any questions, Schwartzwald steps back into the darkness, stating when they meet again, he’ll instruct Roger on Big O’s proper usage.

Dorothy notes that Schwartzwald’s name means Black Forest. Roger then narrates that his client was indeed dead, and it was considered a suicide, which led to her song being played even more throughout the city. Roger mentions that it’s rumored that angels called her home to paradise, and her death made the song into more of a hymn.

We then cut to Angel, meeting Beck at a desolate warehouse. She explains to Beck that an angel from heaven is actually going to descend to the city, just as the song described. This leaves Beck’s goons laughing to the point of tears, with Yamu sarcastically asking if the angel is going to save sinners like them. Beck suspects something is off, and asks Angel what she is really after. Anger reiterates that on the seconds Sunday of the month, the skies of Paradigm City will finally clear for the first time in 40 years, followed by the descent of an angel.

T-Bone is stunned by the implications of this, asking if the sun is actually going to rise again, just as the song says. Angel replies she’s merely passing information to them as a “gift”. A little while later, Beck’s goons dress up in church attire and preach to the masses that an angel is actually coming down to meet them, catching the attention of the people outside the domes. Dastun and his accompanying officer Johnny catch see this going down, but despite his disbelief, Dastun says to let the people have their fantasies, noting that the singer of that song died horribly.

We see an image of her falling from an extreme height, with Dastun stating she seemed to be running away from something. Johnny asks if he thinks it was murder, but Dastun states there was no evidence of that. However, there was a note she had written, which the Paradigm Corporation took before closing the case. They then notice the agitation of the crowd gathering around Beck’s goons. Dastun warns Johnny to be prepared, as they may have a riot to deal with in the future.

That Saturday, an unprecedented forecast appeared on the newspaper and radio for Sunday’s weather forecast: Clear skies. When word of this spread around, mass hysteria began to develop amongst the citizens of the city. Beck’s goons took advantage of this, arranging festivals and setting up “donations” which would lead to Beck being flooded with unfathomly high hauls of cash. Yamu praises Beck for the idea of bringing forth “unity” in the community by giving donations and that the “weather forecasts” were a good idea as well.

Beck smiles, saying that Angel has surely blessed them, but wonders deep down what exactly she’s planning. Meanwhile, squad C of the Military Police starts to panic, as the waves and crowds of people singing the angel song is endless. T-Bone directs them towards the roof. Dastun notes that with this many excited people crowded together, he had a bad feeling about this. The crowds are directed to the top of a tall building, with show lights flashing and the song booming everywhere. T-Bone states that today is the day, and everyone must unite together to welcome the angel.

As police officers panic, one of the citizens notices lights emerging from the sky. Descending from one of these lights is a descending Big Duo. Dove and T-Bone are baffled by what they’re seeing, as the crowds cheer with joy upon seeing the “angel” and believing this to be their salvation. The descending megadeus then proceeds to land on top of the roof of the building everyone crowded around, crushing and killing multiple people and injuring many more. They scream, cry, and beg for mercy as its pilot, Schwartzwald, looks down upon the masses and calls them fools.

The officers are stunned, but Dastun instantly takes action, declaring that’s no angel and that Squad D must get these people to shelter. However, before Dastun can instruct the other squads on what to do, one of his men points at the red megadeus, who begins taking flight again. Big Duo flies around and soars in the sky, leading Johnny to question how they're supposed to take out something like that.

As the Military Police get to work evacuating the citizens, Dove and T-Bone recall being instructed by Beck to bail out from the crowd, but weren’t expecting to see something like this. Schwartzwald begins a speech, saying that 40 years ago something changed the world, and now he’ll show the city the power that did it, introducing Big Duo. This is followed by the arrival of the Big O, with it’s pilot Roger Smith. Roger calls out action as Big Duo steers its course towards the black megadeus.

We briefly see a shot of Angel smiling, followed by the lyrics of the song again, before we return to Big O awaiting on the city streets. As Roger tries processing the connection Big O and Big Duo have, Dastun correlates the rumors of angels to the Black and Red megadeuses, and exclaims they’re angels of destruction. This is followed by another shot of Angel sitting atop a building, smiling down upon the scene.

Big Duo descends from the sky to drop-kick Big O, who tries defending himself with his right arm shield. The force however is too great and the black megadeus is knocked to the ground, before then promptly getting blasted multiple times by Big Duo’s Arc Line. Johnny looks on in bewilderment as Big O is being dominated, but this is cut short when Big O uses it’s fist to block Big Duo’s Arc Line and hurtles it straight to the Red Megadeus’ face.

Big Duo flies away just in time to avoid the blow, before then showering Big O with its' Gatling Missiles. Big O counters with its' own Missile Party. Most of the missiles destroy each other, but two of them make it through and narrowly miss Big O, blowing up the building behind him and  knocking the black megadeus forward. Dastun demands that the Military Police evacuate the people to a shelter, but is then notified by Johnny that no reinforcements are arriving. Dastun demands him to ignore the chief and bring reinforcements under his authority, but Johnny states this isn’t about the chief, but rather the company.

We look to Alex Rosewater who notes that the area outside the domes is out of Paradigm’s jurisdiction, so resources can’t be “wasted” there. He also adds that Dastun is used to this type of situation, so he can deal with it. He then proceeds to watch from his terminal at the "power of the old" he’s about to witness. Big Duo rains machine gun fire down upon Big O, before then flying around to prepare another attack as Schwartwald asks Roger if he understands what they’re piloting, their purpose, and why the city lost it’s memory.

However, Roger isn’t catching on, so Schwartzwald outright states that these are vehicles of the gods that only the chosen ones can pilot. Big Duo lands on top of Big O a second time, once again overpowering the black megadeus, as Schwartzwald proclaims these machines were used for destruction. Big Duo then proceeds to use Arc Line point-blank on Big O’s face. Schwartzwald then concludes that when this divine power was unleashed, it was too much for the city to handle, and everything was lost.

Roger counters, asking if that’s the best solution Schwartzwald could come up with, before Big O kicks away Big Duo. Roger then asks that if this city lost everything 40 years ago because of this “Big Power”, then why are people still around today. Dorothy looks on at the mayhem, as the heavily damaged Big O rises back up. Roger states if Schwartzwald is right, then nobody should be here. He admits Paradigm may be imperfect, with the memories of the city and it’s people incomplete, but that doesn’t matter, as that’s not the real issue.

Big Duo tries to fly away, only to be grabbed on the legs by Big O, whilst Roger states that he, Schwartzwald, the city and megadeuses still exist, regardless of the past. Big O then proceeds to body slam Big Duo into a building. Roger proclaims there will be a tomorrow, with or without memories, as Big O turns around and punches the downed red megadeus, smashing off it’s face plate. Roger states the people of the city must keep moving forward, and that turning back will make them like Schwartzwald, a ghost with no place in this world.

Schwartzwald acknowledges this, as Big Duo heads back up into the air. He acknowledges the city still exists, but so does he and Big Duo, before then having Big Duo’s legs open up, revealing it’s Megaton Missiles. Schwartzwald then proclaims that he shall have the city bear witness to the “final act” of the drama 40 years ago. Roger objects, but Schwartzwald tells him to witness “the moment of truth”, before firing the missiles.

Schwartzwald declares that he’ll show Roger the biggest of all powers, and revert the world to it’s proper state. It was then at this point that he noticed something: Big O’s hands are missing, leaving empty holes emanating smoke. He then sees that Big O used his detachable rocket hands to grab the missiles, and have now redirected them directly at Schwartzwald and Big Duo. Schwartzwald says it can't end like this, before the missiles destroy Big Duo, and the explosion generated is so bright it appears like a sun to the masses of people who came to see the angel.

Roger feels bad for what’s become of Schwartzwald, as the sky lights up as if though the sun had finally risen again, with multiple beams of light shooting out from it in all directions. The lyrics of Roger’s clients’ song play in the background one final time, as Alex comments this is the way the world should be, and that thanks to Big O and Big Duo, he’s finally “seen the light”, thanking the reporter and negotiator. As Military Police vehicles patrol by the area and the light continues to shine like a sun as Angel and Dorothy cross paths for the seemingly first time. They exchange glances at each other, with Angel smiling and leaving as Dorothy stands still, turns around, and glares at her.

Similarities To The Anime[]

  • This story is basically the manga equivalent to "Enemy Is Another Big!" of the anime, where Big O and Big Duo do battle. Although the fights go quite differently, they end in a similar fashion: Schwartzwald and Big Duo using their Megaton Missiles in hopes of ending the battle, only for Roger and Big O to turn the tables on them and ensure their victory.
  • This chapter also resembles episode 16 of the anime, "Day of the Advent", as rumors of an angel coming down to Paradigm City rile up the impoverished masses outside the domes, but in truth it’s something that’s spelling out their impending doom that only Big O can save them from.
  • Another parallel to episode 16 is the fact that not only did Angel and Alex know this incident was going to happen, but Alex wouldn’t spend any resources trying to stop the upcoming disaster due to his disdain for people outside the domes.
  • Similar the Electric Eel in "Electric City" of the anime, when Big Duo is blown up by its' own missiles, it seems to cause a vision of memories of the past to emerge from its demise. Whilst the electric Eel’s death led to a vision of Paradigm City in it’s original form, Big Duo’s destruction led to a vision of the sun shining again for the first time in 40 years. This explosion would also reawaken memories in several citizens of the city, as covered in the following chapter.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Big Duo
  • This is arguably the longest chapter in the manga yet, taking up almost half of volume 4.
  • Once again, the rhythm and theme of the song this chapter is named after is lost to translation, much like the song of the Black Forest (which also featured on a chapter involving Schwartzwald) and the lyrics resemble a poem more so than a song.
  • Not only does Dorothy know of the song this chapter is named after, but can also sing it. She also connects Schwartzwald to “The Black Forest”, though it’s unknown how she figured this out.
  • Paradigm Gallery for this chapter reveals the names of Johnny and Yamu.
  • It’s possible Roger’s client also knew that Big Duo was coming just like Alex and Angel did, and this was the inspiration for her song.
  • It’s implied that Schwartzwald murdered Roger’s client, as he knew she was dead before Roger could be notified and it was said by police that she seemed to be running away from something. If she truly did know of Big Duo’s arrival, Schwartzwald may have wanted her silenced.
  • Schwartzwald implies that he not only previously encountered Roger as his Michael Seebach past life, but also was somehow responsible for the hallucinations Roger had of him in Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.
  • Considering he was revealed in "Leviathan" of the anime to be dead by the time he piloted Big Duo, it’s possible Schwartzwald already has his ability to project his existence and physically manifest wherever he wishes, as seen when he had Big Duo kill Alan Gabriel in "The Big Fight" of the anime. This also happens in the manga when he appears to Roger during his battle with Big Fau in Volume 6.
  • Schwartzwald’s theory that 40 years ago, Big Duo and the power of the megadeuses changing the world and causing everything to be lost, may actually have validity: Flashbacks of the event 40 years ago depict legions of Big Duo units flying in the sky, and it’s possible the “divine thunderbolts” mentioned in Gordon’s book Metropolis were actually the megaton missiles Schwartzwald claimed were the “final act” of the event 40 years ago. If all the Big Duo units in Roger’s flashbacks used their megaton missiles during the event, it would explain the sheer magnitude of destruction that was happening at the time and why Paradigm City is surrounded by wastelands and destroyed buildings.
  • Also befitting Schwartzwald’s theory is the newspaper headlines seen in "Roger the Wanderer" of the anime which states that as the Archetype was found underground beneath a subway, technology was also increasing by leaps and bounds. It’s possible humanity discovered megadeus technology due to this and it's subsequent technological advancements would lead to the cataclysm of the event. Further implications of this are implied in Volume 5 with the Gigadeus.
  • This chapter reveals that Big Duo has head-mounted missiles, as well as the same arm-mounted machine gun-firing abilities as Big Duo Inferno.
  • This is the first chapter to reveal a definitive connection the Bigs have to the Archetype, as Big O’s face coverings were partially broken and Big Duo’s face coverings were completely destroyed, revealing archetype-like faces underneath.
  • Big O’s rocket hands make a return in this chapter, having last been seen all the way back in Chapter 5 of the manga.
  • This would be the second chapter in a row where Roger kills somebody piloting an opposing megadeus, with the previous incident being with Palac who was piloting Dantalion in chapter 13.
  • Although this chapter is the first time Dorothy and Angel seem to cross paths, it seems Dorothy already has some kind of suspicion or disdain for Angel already, presumably due to her turning out to be the main villain in the manga. This is similar to the anime, where Dorothy also visibly has disdain for Angel from the very beginning. The main difference however is that in this chapter, Angel’s reaction is different: In the anime, she’s confused and wants to try and find ways to get along with the android, but here in the manga she evidently isn’t bothered by this and even seems amused in a way. This is likely due to Angel’s characterization and endgame role being different in the manga compared to the anime.