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Chapter 15, Another Side Of You




Another Side Of You, also known as Chapter 15, is the fifteenth story of the manga and the first chapter of Volume 5. It covers the day-to-day life of Dorothy and Norman doing general housekeeping and repairing Big O from his battle with Big Duo. As Roger heads to an affluent client fearful of reawakened memories from the Big Duo incident, Dorothy learns more about Norman when she bumps into him at an abandoned church near the client’s residence…


We begin with the daily morning routine of Dorothy cooking and cleaning for Roger, followed by a scene of Norman doing repairs on Big O, whose still heavily damaged from it’s previous fight with Big Duo just  day ago. Dorothy notifies Norman that Roger is still sleeping, to which Norman surmises he must’ve overworked himself yesterday. Dorothy points out that he’s supposed to meet his new client at noon, and his breakfast is cold, but Norman states that can be warmed back up, before then asking her to go wake up Roger.

Dorothy doesn’t respond, instead looking upon Big O and it’s extreme damage, but visibly happy to see it’s still there. Norman says he can fix it, and he’s just thankful Roger is safe. Later, we see Norman assuring Roger off to meet his new client, before then turning to Dorothy and discussing Dorothy’s chores. However, Dorothy already knows what’s up: Norman needs to work overtime on fixing Big O, so she’ll do all the cleaning. Norman thanks her.

As Norman gets to work preparing a new hand for Big O (the previous ones destroyed by Big Duo’s megaton missiles), he then suddenly remembers something, and then heads to Dorothy and asks her to get groceries and providing her a list. Later that night, Roger returns to the mansion to be greeted by Norman, who states his dinner is ready. Roger thanks him whilst handing over his neck tie and eats dinner before heading to his office.

Dorothy tells Norman she’ll take care of cleaning up Roger’s dinner, and tells Norman to take care of Big O, stating it’s the only logical solution since she herself can’t make the repairs. Norman notes she’s still a great help regardless. Dorothy asks Norman why he serves and takes care of Roger, whom she states is selfish, can’t cook for himself, and doesn’t do housework. Norman simply responds that he enjoys his work, which leaves Dorothy silently confused.

One day, Dorothy tags alongside Roger to meet his client. Roger asks Dorothy if she really doesn’t need to help Norman today, but Dorothy cites that Norman stated he can handle it all today. Roger understands, and tells her to come with him to the dome where the richest people in Paradigm City live. He hypes up the dome for having an artificial “sun” light blue “skies”, and trees, all modeled on pictures presumably from prior to 40 years ago. Dorothy asks if the people in this dome are truly happy, considering they need Roger’s help, but Roger explains that people can be complicated.

Roger is then greeted by the automated gate and parks the Griffon. Roger tells Dorothy he’ll speak with his client now, and although she could record their meeting, that probably isn’t necessary. He then supposes that Dorothy should take a look around this local area, to which the android complies. As Dorothy wonders around the paradise dome, she sees Norman zooming by on a motorcycle. She turns around and quickly sprints after him to see what he’s doing here, ultimately tracking him down to an old church-like building.

Dorothy enters inside to see Norman greeting a decrepit stature of a woman, whose right eye is missing due to damage. He sees Dorothy is here, who asks the butler what he’s doing in a place like this. Norman states he sometimes comes here in his free time, and questions what brought Dorothy here. She replies that the house of Roger’s client is in the same dome as here. Norman understands, and notes that this place hasn’t changed.

Dorothy asks what’s up with the statue, to which Norman replies it’s his “confidant”, his reflection visible in Dorothy’s eyes. Norman elaborates that he used to come here frequently, and states she’s an “old friend” who never reproached or spoke unkind words to him. A moment of silence passes by as Norman and Dorothy look on at the statue.

At the house of his client Mr.Owen, Roger looks at a note and asks if Owen truly has no clue who wrote it. Owen angrily yells he has no clue, before catching himself and apologizing for his outburst. Roger tells Mr.Owen to not let this note get to him, as it may just be a prank. Mr.Owen however counters this, stating Roger is young and wouldn’t understand how he feels. Roger acknowledges that’s his opinion, and then asks Mr. Owen what’s bothering him.

Mr. Owen explains that he envies the people who saw the "Angel" fiasco with Big Duo outside the domes, if not outright fearing them. Roger asks what exactly he fears, to which Mr.Owen replies that he heard rumor that some of the people who saw the “sun” that day recovered parts of their memories. Roger guesses that Mr. Owen wants pieces of his own memories, only for Mr. Owen to loudly yell no in frustration.

Mr.Owen then recalls on the day of the event, 40 years ago, he was in this household, and has lived there ever since. As such, he always thought he belonged here. Roger recites the note he was given, which claimed to know what Mr. Owen was 40 years ago, but has no evidence to back that statement up, so Mr. Owen shouldn’t let it bother him. Mr. Owen says it’s no use, wondering if he truly is the real Richard Owen and not just some landscaper or handyman. He ponders if the real Richard Owen was wandering the Paradigm Streets, unaware of who he is.

Richard states that some day that hypothetical person could regain their memory, come back to the house, and take everything Richard though belonged to him. Roger reassures Mr. Owen that he has a citizen ID number and the memory bank has his records for the past 40 years, only for Richard to counter that the bank doesn’t have any files from prior to that. Getting disheveled and desperate, the panicking Richard grabs Roger by the shirt, stating he fears the people who may have gotten their memories back and could take away both his property and his life, begging Roger to not let them take it all away from him.

We cut to a group of delinquent punk teenagers, laughing up the fact they were the ones who sent the note, citing that memories are the Achilles’ heel of adults as they set fire to the grasslands outside the old church Dorothy and Norman are in. The delinquent leader states that the time has come, only for one of his goons to notice Norman’s bike, leading another teen to conclude that someone is already at this place. The lead teenager however doesn’t care.

The teenagers head into the abandoned church, ranting about how grown-ups act like big shots despite having “brain damage” and being “mental cases” who are better off retiring early rather than running the city. A delinquent in sunglasses sees Dorothy, and asks whose maid she is, with another punk theorizing she’s French whilst another proposes she has an incompetent employer.

One teen walks up to Norman and tauntingly asks him if he’s scared of memories too, calling him an old man, only to be told by another teen not to bother, as he’s not worth listening to. The teen harassing Norman acknowledges this, before pulling out a gun and brandishing it whilst proclaiming that today’s the day to oust adults fearful of memories and create memories of their own, followed by everyone else pulling out guns.

As the leader checks to ensure everyone’s weapons are loaded, the teen in sunglasses states that money can get them anything, only for another one to joke it can’t get them memories, causing the others to laugh. One of the more hefty teenagers is thrilled by how big and heavy his new machine gun is, having never handled firearms before, whilst another asks if he’s sure he can handle it. Norman’s “Confidant” looks on, only for Norman to cover it’s “good eye” once again, stating he must commit a sin, before heading towards the teenagers.

Norman takes the giant machine gun from the portly teenager and opens fire on the teenagers, covering the wall surrounding them in an outline of bullet holes that leaves them in absolute terror, leaving even Dorothy in shock. Norman recalls what one of the teenagers told the other abound handling heavy firearms, stating that this was how you use a machine gun. In the end, only one teenager was harmed when he accidentally dropped his gun on his own head in fear while putting his hands up.

The lead teenager is scared to tears, as Norman spouts a one liner and asks them how’s that for a memory, before putting the firearm away. Norman tells the confidant statue it’s over, before taking his eye-patch back, Dorothy still looking on at him in silence.  It was then that Norman realized something distressing: According to his pocket watch, they’re about to be late for dinner. The two leave as the teenagers continued to stand frozen in front of the wall in absolute shock.

On their way back to the Smith Mansion via motorcycle, both Dorothy and Norman were completely silent, with Dorothy staring at the butler the whole way back. The following morning, everything proceeds as usual: Breakfast is made and Dorothy has awoken Roger, whom Norman wished good morning.

Similarities To The Anime[]

  • This story is entirely manga exclusive, but similar to the anime, we do see Big O undergoing repairs shortly after it's fight with Big Duo.


  • Megadeus: Big O (Cameo)
  • This is the only story in the Big O franchise to focus on Norman and his personal life, as well as the only one to depict him having anything resembling a darker side, hence the name of this chapter.
  • Dorothy is shown to have a fondness of Big O in this chapter, as a small smile can be seen on her face when she sees Big O undergoing maintenance and she supports the idea of Norman spending most of his time repairing it, even though this means increasing the amount of chores Dorothy needs to do, and even implies she would help with repairs herself if she knew how.
  • We see a copy of this exact panel at the end of the chapter, implicating it’s significance to the story and her characterization.
  • It’s revealed that when Big Duo was blown up by it’s own Megaton Missiles in the previous chapter, it triggered some people to partially recover their memories. This seems to have been elaborated on in the lost memories manga, as it's shown that a cult following developed shortly after the incident.
  • The phrase “Achilles Heel” is used in this chapter, implying that the myth of Achilles is known to the people of Paradigm City, another memory of the past that was either remembered after the event 40 years ago or possibly not even lost to begin with.
  • We get our first explicit mention of the French in this chapter of the manga, as one of the teenagers guesses Dorothy is a French maid, implying knowledge of French people still exists in Paradigm City despite it being foreign. This is similar to when Dastun mentioned Michael Seebach being German in ”Underground Terror“.
  • According to Paradigm Gallery, Norman’s confidant is a statue of an unknown goddess, and is implied to be the only one of it’s kind. It also implies that the old church likely existed prior to the domes being built and is practically abandoned.
  • Paradigm Gallery also reveals that the punk teenagers are wealthy themselves.
  • This chapter is the only instance in the entire franchise where Norman removes his eye-patch under any circumstance, and we never get to find out what’s underneath it. Presumably, he’s missing his right eye (left eye if the manga is flipped back to it's original side prior to being translated), much like his confidant statue.
  • Before he opens fire on the teenagers, Norman implies he’s had to commit one of these “sinful acts” in the abandoned church before in front of the confidant statue, though we never get an elaboration of what this incident was.
  • This chapter shows two rare instances of Dorothy showing emotion of any kind, in this case happiness when she sees Big O in maintenance and shock when she sees Norman remove his eye-patch and open fire on the punk teenagers.