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Chapter 16, In Darkness



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In Darkness, also known as chapter 16, is the sixteenth story in the manga. It starts off covering the aftermath of Beck and his goons with their new wealth after the events of "Chapter 14, The Sun Will Rise Again", but problems arise for Dove, T-Bone and Yamu when Beck, who’s now the wealthiest man in Paradigm City, starts acting strangely and begins recklessly spending all his money rapidly on the most frivolous things possible. The trio of goons try desperately to find new ways to replenish that wealth, only to be stopped by Roger and Big O repeatedly. However, soon Roger and his megadeus companion find out the hard way what exactly is causing Beck’s strange behavior in the first place…


We hear the song from Chapter 14 playing as Roger goes on a monologue on the current state of the city:

“A few weeks after the Angel Incident…an atmosphere lingered in the city which was neither entirely hope or despair. People wandered the streets with vacant stares…they’re still waiting for the real angel to come down.”

At the speakeasy, Big Ear comments that it’s easy calling these hopes foolish, and a lot of these people gave up their entire lifesavings to the “Phony Angel People” (Beck and his goons), before asking Roger if he knows how many people were bankrupted by that incident.

Roger notes that although the city has changed recently, human nature hasn’t, as we see a fully repaired Super Beck rampaging the streets and grab ahold of a bank truck, only to then be confronted by Roger and Big O. Super Beck instantly flees, only for Big O to give chase and nail them with Sudden Impact. Inside the trashed mech are Beck’s three goons, Dove, Yamu and T-Bone, who state they must do something about this.

We cut to a scene of them laughing it up with Beck while swimming in a room filled with nothing but money. Beck smugly notes this was too easy, and Yamu reminds him that he was right about before: Their “Angel” has truly blessed them. Dove notes that if this “Angel” hadn’t attacked the city upon arrival, they probably wouldn’t’ have been able to get away with so much cash. T-Bone swims over to Beck, telling him he’s the richest man in the city. Dove calls him an “Underworld Kingpin” and Yamu declares they could never spend all this money within a lifetime. However, Beck is simply silent and not laughing along, confusing his goons. T-Bone calls for Beck, who then snaps out of his silence, grabs handfuls of money, and throws the cash in the air whilst declaring it’s time to party.

They then proceed into a luxury penthouse, with carpets so soft they stun Dove and T-Bone. Beck states he does nothing halfway, and he chose the best neighborhood in the city. Yamu adores the view, comparing it to a movie set, and T-Bone states this suite must’ve cost a fortune. Beck despondently corrects him however, stating that he bought the entire building for himself, leaving the gang dumbfounded.

Yamu notes that Beck’s expenses are out of control. Dove chastises Yamu for questioning Beck, and states that they simply need to replenish the lost cash themselves. Granted, he admits they need to repair Super Beck first. T-Bone notes that parts for a giant robot aren’t cheap, considering how difficult it was to get Super Beck rebuilt last time around. He declares they shouldn’t be frivolous and should look for bargain deals. Suddenly, an automated speaker doll lights up and tells them to come down to the docking bay. Beck smugly reveals their new megadeus, Beck Victory Deluxe, featuring a multitude of new components and has numerous engineers on-site for maintenance. Again, Beck’s goons are dumb founded.

Later, Beck Victory Deluxe roams the city streets once again. Beck’s goons are inside laughing it up, stating they just need to bring more money whilst in tearful denial of their current situation. Big O arrives to the scene, and apparently too early according to T-Bone. Regardless, they try running away a second time.

Roger mockingly asks if they’re out on a jog, only to see one of Beck Victory Deluxe’s new features: A torso that can swivel 180 degrees, followed by it using offensive moves like Particle Beam Cannon and Firebird, the barrage causing a massive explosion separating the two giant robots. Beck’s goons celebrate prematurely, thinking they’ve won, only to have two holes blasted into it by Big O’s Arc Line.

We then cut to Yamu, Dove, and T-Bone trying to talk to Beck as he strolls over to a big limo, telling him he can’t keep spending money like this. However, Beck doesn’t listen, simply having them all driven over to the Paradigm Harbor to receive something from a man named Reiderman, whose working on a giant submarine for Beck.

Beck expects that the ship be able to rise as good as it sinks, to which Reiderman states he built it from his father’s memory records, and although he can’t promise it’s functionality, he believes he earned every last penny paid to him. Reiderman then comments that Beck is a strange individual, spending so much money on something like this, to which Beck simply replies he’s a fan of “water sports”, leaving his goons baffled.

We then see Beck Ultra Deluxe, a slightly different looking version of Beck Victory Deluxe, roaming the streets looking for cash, only to be confronted and destroyed by Big O. Yamu tells Dove and T-Bone they can’t give up, with T-Bone noting that they need money. They then see Beck using heavy construction equipment on a random section of the city. They ask him what he’s doing, to which Beck calmly replies that he likes digging holes with his “toys”, citing he’s always been fond of holes. Beck’s speech is slower and more lethargic, as Dove frustratedly notes that Beck’s hired more people this time around.

Yamu and the goons then bring out Beck Supreme Deluxe, only to be one-shotted by Big O again, with Yamu noting that they’re going broke. We head back to a lethargic looking Beck, who states he only wants gourmet food, so he bought a restaurant and the street it’s on just for himself. We then cut to Beck Special Deluxe, though it too is presumably is destroyed. Later on, Beck’s goons are mortified to see that Beck is literally throwing money out the window.

Next they bring out Beck Maximum Deluxe, which we see instantly being destroyed, presumably by Big O. Beck’s goons return to Beck’s penthouse and see more new employees, including a new butler who states Beck isn’t available at the moment, and asks if he must relay a message for them. Beck’s goons are outraged by this, asking who this guy is and stating Beck is literally throwing money out of the window.

T-Bone angrily tells the man that they’ve been with Beck for a long time, and don’t need to talk to a butler. This causes the butler to break down into tears, stating he’s been struggling too, ever since his original boss went bankrupt and Beck took him in. T-Bone notes that this man’s boss must’ve given all his money to their angel scam, and he tells the butler to stop crying. The butler calms down and points to where Beck is at, telling them he’s gone “shopping”. Beck’s goons run over to him, calling out his name.

They have a brief conversation, which then leads to a stunning revelation: Beck had just bought the entire dome he lives in. T-Bone tries making sense of this , asking if this is going to be their base of operations to take over the whole city, which neither Dove nor Yamu understand. Beck however nonchalantly dismisses him, and heads out for more “watersports”. Beck’s goons sit by the city street, dumbfounded at what to do, with Dove noting they’ll be broke soon, if not already. They note that’s bound to happen with how much money changed hands and the sheer amount of people hired that’s bound to be noticed.

We cut to the Military Police HQ, where Dastun is baffled at the fact Beck bought an entire dome, not even knowing what to say. Roger asks that if Dastun knows about this, why can’t Beck be arrested, only for Dastun to reply that nothing can be done until definitive evidence arrives that Beck is the person responsible for this. Dastun states these are the orders from the higher-ups, with an image of Alex smiling slightly.

Dastun further notes that Beck is smart enough to use proxies and different titles for these purchases. After a moment of going silent, Roger comments how the orders from Paradigm HQ are “coming down like rain”. Dastun replies that knows situations like these bring out Roger’s self-righteousness, but oddly enough Beck has kept peace in this city and put many unemployed people to work.

Roger pauses again, before stating having an escaped convict running Paradigm isn’t a good scenario, which Dastun agrees to. Roger teasingly asks Dastun if he’s at liberty to admit that, to which Dastun states he can tell Roger how he really feels. Roger replies that he’ll tell Dastun what he thinks: Dastun is “sitting between two milestones”.

We cut back to Beck’s goons, continuing to lament their current predicament. Dove states that their criminal organization hasn’t grown much from Beck’s newfound wealth, and if anything, Beck’s only a genius at wasting cash. Yamu agrees, stating Beck could’ve made even more money with his new resources rather easily, only for T-Bone to break the ice and ask if they’re losing faith in Beck. After a moment of silence, the group recollect themselves. Yamu denies this while holding back tears, whilst Dove says they’ve come this far with Beck, so they’ll see things through to the end, everyone up in arms together over this.

The final rendition of Super Beck rolls out, a small, clunky treaded mech known as Ultra Beck Victory Deluxe Special Maximum Assault Vehicle, it’s shoddy treaded wheels squeaking as the “megadeus” rolls across the city streets. One of its’ extending claw arms comes out and breaks into the jewelry store in an attempt to ransack the precious goods. Beck’s goons, at the end of their wit, tearfully laugh out loud and ask if all they must do is steal back the money the spent, only for Big O to arrive on the scene, with Roger stating these people never learn. Beck’s goons turn towards Big O and aim it’s giant “Victory Beam” against it, but nothing happens.

T-Bone asks why it’s not working, to which Dove cries out that they ran out of cash and their bargain power system doesn’t work, followed shortly afterwards by Big O destroying Ultra Beck Victory Deluxe Special Maximum Assault Vehicle in one punch. The treaded robot is completely wiped out, leaving Dove, T-Bone and Yamu defenseless and crying out loud for Beck to help. Roger is clearly tired of all this and says that’s enough already, only for a gigantic hand to emerge from under the city streets behind Big O and pull the Black Megadeus deep underground.

Big O eventually lands on new footing, deep underground, whilst confronted by a colossal robot twice its size with a familiar laughter coming from inside it. Roger sees that inside the giant mech is Beck, cackling sinisterly whilst piloting a 3-legged robot eerily resembling a Big, with an un-armored right hand and 3 heads. Beck smiles maniacally as his giant machine heads towards Big O and Roger, who asks Beck where he found this thing.

The 3-headed robot hurls its arms at Big O and crushes the ground, causing the black megadeus to step back. Beck’s face is frozen in a twisted smile as he tries croaking out Roger’s name, stuttering in an unhinged manner before rotating the arms of his robot and switching to its' elbow-mounted drills. Beck then hurtles them towards Big O and has another fit of uncontrollable laughter. Beck can’t stop laughing as he handles the controls of the machine, pulling various handles and levers as he finally finishes his sentence calling Roger’s full name. Undeterred, Roger has Big O use sudden impact on the opponent’s drill arm, but Beck’s machine tanks the blow.

Beck jokingly asks if that was meant to be a love tap, before stating if Roger’s robot is a megadeus, then his robot must be a “Gigadeus”, with the latter machine completely unscathed by Big O’s attack. Beck says “Paradigm, Paradise, Paralyze” for the first of many times before then telling Roger he wanted to see the negotiator down here underground, before then asking him if Big O allows him to enter the underground unfazed.

Gigadeus reconfigures its arms back to their hand configurations as Beck monologues that not even Alex Rosewater would come down here voluntarily. We see a series of decrepit, half-buried Archetype megadeus corpses in the walls of this underground room as Beck states only he and Roger get to come down here. Roger asks Beck what his point is, only for Beck to asks what he means by that, before going on a speech about his true desires:

“I just…want to have fun! Eat the best food…take advantage of fools…have the hottest chicks…listen to loud, groovy music…to kill whomever I want…to drink all the real wine and smoke all the real cigarettes I want. And watch others get ruined. Paradigm…Paradise…Paralyze…have a nice, comfortable living space…nothing in the boonies—a penthouse will do. I want to drive fast cars and ride in limos. I don’t want to be ordered around by anyone!  Money! Money enough to solve any problem. I want to be above the law! A paradise just for me. You can never have too much money, Roger. You can buy anything, y’know? Women, freedom…dreams…but…”

Gigadeus then uses its’ middle leg to kick Big O in the chest, punting the black megadeus into a wall and causing it to briefly get stuck, as Beck screams he can’t do any of those things with Roger still around. As Roger is sent reeling from the impact, the pieces of debris from the wall he and Big O were kicked into appear to turn into birds, flying around and leaving Roger in shock.

Gigadeus’ 3 heads extend from its’ body like snakes, with the dragon-shaped head breathing fire and heating up Big O, making Roger break into a sweat. Big O unsticks itself from the wall and lands to the ground, only to see butterflies flying upwards and subway cars driving beneath it. Roger asks in bewilderment about what’s going on as crowds of civilians in business attire casually walk the grounds of the place.

While Roger and Big O are distracted, Gigadeus switches its’ left arm back into a drill and reaches for an attack. Big O attempts to counter using Arc Line as a hawk flies by, only for the mouthless central head of Gigadeus to fire its’ own triple version of Arc Line, overpowering Big O and knocking the black megadeus to the ground.

Upon crashing, a stampede of rams emerges from underneath Big O, fleeing the scene. Then a stampede of giraffes arrive and watch as Gigadeus prepares to drill into the downed Big O. Big O unleashes missile party on Gigadeus to defend itself as a cowboy on a horse looks on in the distance, but this attack does nothing to Gigadeus.

Gigadeus simply stands there, smoking from the missiles and towering above a tribe of Native Americans who pay no mind to the scene. Roger is still bewildered, asking what’s going on. He then sees a primitive biplane taking flight, only to then evolve into a more advanced plane, and then a bomber, before finally turning into Big Duo.

Roger asks if that’s Schwarzwald, but realizes this can’t be the case as an entire legion of Big Duos take to the skies and a squadron of tanks drives beneath Big O. Roger is now completely overwhelmed and in a cold sweat, asking if these are memories of the world as it used to be. We see an army of knights on horseback marching by, decrepit machinery resembling an engine turbine, and crowds of people cheering on a city street as Beck says “Paradigm…Paradise…Paralyze” once again.

Beck’s maniacal expression turns to frustrated confusion, asking if Roger hadn’t already seen all this when he was underground before. A Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is spectated in a museum by a family behind Gigadeus’ shadow as Beck explains that once you get used to these memories, you can never get enough. He admits that ever since he found Gigadeus, he hasn’t been able to stay away from it. Beck then shames Roger, presuming Roger also had this all to himself ever since he found Big O. Suddenly, the entire environment shifts to a colossal tree that stands even taller than the Gigadeus. Beck’s pilot seat is now filled with swarms of lustful women. He relishes the moment, once again saying “Paradigm…Paradise…Paralyze” before thinking for a moment.

Beck then states Roger must die as a swarm of chicklets cover the window of Big O’s cockpit. Beck screams out that he wants all this to himself as the women surrounding him turn into decrepit, skeletal corpses. The memories become more rapid, with a sperm whale and a pirate sailboat being visible as Gigadeus reaches over to grab Big O, with Beck stating he wants this “just for me…myself...and I!”

Beck is now delirious as the memories become darker. Images of an abandoned rotting fetus, soldiers being shot to death, piles of dead bodies and a guillotine about to decapitate someone play out as Beck states Roger’s not him, and he’s not Roger, and that’s how it is. The birds flying above them earlier then drop dead as the Gigadeus’ 3 heads converge together. Then, for a split second, Beck has a moment of lucidity and asks Roger something, followed by a brief silence and everything going to black. We then cut back to the fight where Gigadeus’ 3 heads emerge from an explosion, as yet another counterattack from Big O failed.

Beck teases Roger for this failed move, pointing out that a gigadeus trumps a megadeus as his machine’s central head wraps its neck around Big O. Beck then recalls something he found amusing, the fact Soldano said it was impossible to build a robot capable of beating Big O. Beck then points out this to be wrong, stating he is now piloting a machine that can crush Big O. He then tries to prove his point by having Gigadeus hold Big O with his central head’s neck and tries throwing a punch. However, Big O dodges, causing Gigadeus to hit a solid wall and smash off its’ entire fist. Despite this, Beck is now so far gone that he can only process this as him being too powerful, even invincible, spastically cheering and accidentally breaking one of the control levers in the cockpit while spazzing out.

Roger is disturbed by this, as Beck goes on to state the nobody in Paradigm City or the world can defeat him, as more memories show up. We see a rocket shuttle taking off, a satellite going into space, and a bomb going off in the ocean, as Beck calms down for a second and has a final moment of lucidity, lamenting that he’s the only one with this power. Beck then gets visibly distressed as the memories now turn into incoherent, disturbing hallucinations and visions, including scenes of Gigadeus’ 3 heads and a brief glimpse of what appears to be an angel, before he desperately asks Roger if Big O shows him anything:

“Won’t that ambulatory junkyard show you anything, Roger? My Gigadeus shows me everything! Paradigm…Paradise…Paralyze…Bring me some booze! I’m sinking! Doesn’t that happen to you? I can know all, and I can see all…I didn’t care before, but now that it’s all mine…Paradigm…Paradise…Paralyze…I’m the master of all I survey! Ah…it feels good. Paradigm…paradise…paralyze…even MONEY is my doing!”

Having had enough of this, Roger hesitantly goes in for the kill and uses his last resort to defeat the Gigadeus: the Chromebuster. Unlike all of its’ previous attacks, Big O’s Chromebuster was devastatingly effective against the gigadeus, literally blasting the bigger robot in half and sending pieces of it flying everywhere.

Roger then looks in shock as the destroyed pieces of the gigadeus turn into various memories of the past, from animals to furniture to technology, all whilst surrounding Beck who can be seen laughing maniacally one final time as he flies amidst the debris. When it was all said and done, Roger passes out and everything goes to black. We then see a series of visions, one depicting fire in the night sky, another depicting a bright ball of light within pure darkness, and lastly a vision of 2 white lines being cut into a solid black surface, which then proceeds to “bleed” out more white lines like a wound.

Vision 1

The first half of the vision we see after Gigadeus' destruction

The white lines then reform into Dorothy, whose bringing coffee to Roger as he slowly regains consciousness. Roger finally wakes up, and ends up spilling the coffee Dorothy got for him as he goes on an epilogue: “The battle ended…but I don’t remember how I get back…I saw a criminal descend into the depths of greed and wickedness…I’d like to forget it all or believe it was just a dream…but.."

We see Norman doing repairs for Big O and then see that a giant hole had been broken out of the room where Big O fought Gigadeus, next to one of the buried archetypes. Roger finishes his epilogue with a haunting image of Beck, before everything fades to black:

Vision 2

The second half of the vision, which soon materializes into Dorothy serving Roger coffee as he begins to wake up.

“I can’t get that face I saw in the darkness out of my mind.”

Beck's Ascension, In Darkness

The final panel of Chapter 16, showing Beck having seemingly ascended beyond death.

Similarities To The Anime[]

  • This story is completely exclusive to the manga, but the fight between Roger and Beck has some similarities to Roger and Big O’s fight with Alan Gabriel and Big Duo Inferno, as it featured an aggressive battle Roger and Big O barely survive from against a maniacal opponent piloting a robot possessing drill weaponry who’s being secretly double-crossed by the main antagonist of the story, eventually meeting their demise.
  • Also similar to the anime is part of Beck Victory Deluxe’s fight with Big O in "Beck Comes Back". Beck Victory Deluxe starts off running away from the black megadeus, only to use torso swivel on the pursuing Big and use missiles to cause an explosion that separates the two. The people piloting Beck Victory Deluxe prematurely celebrate, only to be subject to Big O’s counterattack.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Big Duo (Cameo) Super Beck, Beck Victory Deluxe, Beck Ultra Deluxe, Beck Supreme Deluxe, Beck Special Deluxe, Beck Maximum Deluxe, Ultra Beck Victory Deluxe Special Maximum Assault Vehicle, Gigadeus, Various Archetype Megadeuses (Cameo)
  • This chapter introduces the most robots in a single chapter/episode of the Big O franchise, with a total of 7, plus the additional appearances of 3 other pre-established megadeuses
  • This chapter is one of the two chapters to focus heavily on the day-to-day lives of Beck, Dove, T-Bone and Yamu, with the second chapter being in the first volume Lost Memories.
  • According to Dastun, people blew their entire life savings on the phony angel incident in chapter 14.
  • The limo that briefly appears in this chapter that Beck uses seems to be based off a real-life limousine known as the American Dream, which holds the record for longest limousine in the world.
  • This chapter is easily the most powerful we’ve seen Beck in the entire Big O franchise, not only being the richest man in Paradigm City and an underworld kingpin, but also possessing the only robot he has ever used that posed a major threat to Roger and Big O, managing to dominate the majority of their fight.
  • We see a hint early on that Beck is mentally deteriorating, from his lapses of silence and spacing out to the fact he’s more frivolous than usual. In truth, Beck can be conservative with precious goods, as he promised to sparingly use the real tobacco cigarettes he obtained by the end of "Chapter 11, Alcohol, Tobacco And Memories", as opposed to this chapter where he buys an entire dome and literally throws money out of the window.
  • According to Paradigm Gallery, the Beck Victory Deluxe we see in this chapter is the same as the one we saw in the anime, and although it looks the same as Super Beck from chapter 8, it features a torso swivel and more powerful versions of the Particle Beam Cannon (Finger Attack in the anime’s English dub) and the same chest missiles, which are revealed to be called “Firebird”.
  • According to Paradigm Gallery, the submersible watercraft Reiderman built (simply called a submarine in translation) was purchased by Beck for the sake of exploring the submerged sections of Paradigm City 40 years ago, with a claw mechanism that folds out from the underside to presumably sort through wreckage, though in the manga itself Beck merely says he’s purchasing it for “water sports”.
  • Said watercraft is essentially a much larger version of the watercraft Reiderman built for The Call from the Past”.
  • Paradigm Gallery, upon translation, reveals interesting information involving the various other renditions of Beck Victory Deluxe that appear in this chapter: Beck Ultra Deluxe is a further-enhanced version of Beck Victory Deluxe, Beck Supreme Deluxe (translated in Paradigm Gallery as Beck Great Deluxe) has camouflage abilities that allow it to hide in darkness, Beck Special Deluxe has reinforced armor and a laser beam mounted on its’ chest, Beck Maximum Deluxe has specially articulated limbs for greater mobility (at the cost of causing it’s pilots motion sickness), and the Victory Beam of Ultra Beck Victory Deluxe Special Maximum Assault Vehicle’s is where most of its’ budget was spent (however, this weapon didn’t work). Because its’ head was destroyed, this would also be the final variant of the Beck Victory Deluxe series of robots.
  • According to Dastun, Beck’s purchases are made via proxies and false titles, implying he still had some aforethought during this point in the story despite Gigadeus’ corruption.
  • The room Gigadeus drags Big O down into is littered with various versions of the Archetype, partially buried and in inoperable condition. It’s possible this room is connected to the Archetype’s Expo ’04 room from "Underground Terror".
  • Strangely, Beck is under the impression that Big O can allow Roger to see the memories buried underground just like how his gigadeus can, but this clearly isn’t the case. This statement would also imply that Gigadeus’ memory abilities only work when underground, though considering this doesn’t apply to any other machine in the series when they too are below the surface of Paradigm City, this just might be a misconception from Beck.
  • According to Beck, not only does Alex Rosewater know about the Gigadeus and the place it’s stored within, but he’s also very weary of it and would never come down there willingly. This is interesting, as it implies he’s fully aware of the corrupting effects of the Gigadeus and thus would want to go through all the trouble of acquiring Big Fau instead in order to oppose Roger and Big O, despite the Gigadeus’ power also being sufficiently powerful too.
  • Volume 6 would also reveal that Angel was the one who brought Beck to the Gigadeus. Combined with Alex’s weariness of the Gigadeus, and its likely Paradigm Corporation always knew of Gigadeus’ existence, and may have even used it’s memories to rebuild society after the event 40 years ago.
  • Although lethargic and lacking in reasoning in critical thinking when on the surface of Paradigm City, Beck is shown to still be somewhat lucid when underground in a similar fashion to Gordon Rosewater. The main difference however is that Beck is only like this when inside the Gigadeus, and he’s so manic and unhinged that he barely counts as coherent at times anyway. Meanwhile, Gordon took a while before showing any lucidity underground in "The War of Paradigm City", and also showed a brief instance of lucidity when confronting Roger about their contract in "R.D.".
  • The meaning of Beck’s recurring phrase “Paradigm…Paradise…Paralyze…” is unknown but may be an allusion to the overall nature of Paradigm City as a repetitious algorithm that can be both a paradise for the remains of humanity on the surface, but a paralyzing time loop and stageplay of reality that nobody can escape from.
  • The hallucinations and memories created by Gigadeus heavily imply that there is indeed a history of some kind for humanity prior to 40 years ago, which seems to be on a much grander scale than the current meta of Paradigm City: The flashbacks described the technological evolution of humanity and even hint at the world having a history as early as the era of the dinosaurs, with a global scale of culture and society rather than the world simply just being a single city in an endless wasteland like the current era of Paradigm City.
  • This contradicts statements and postulations from various characters in season 2 of the anime which implied there is no true history prior to 40 years ago, and leads to further confusion with Gordon Rosewater’s statements in particular, as the world he described in his book Metropolis (which heavily resembles the world Gigadeus and Roger’s dream in Episode 14 shows) never existed in the first place and was merely “fiction” or “ a lie”.
  • Lastly, it’s unknown for certain if the world depicted by Gigadeus is truly the same world that Paradigm City once was, as multiple visions hinting at space travel imply that the world prior to 40 years ago didn’t have a stage in the sky. One possible explanation for this is that the world depicted in Gordon’s Book, Roger’s dreams, and Gigadeus’ memories is actually just the world Paradigm City was modelled after rather than a direct chronological past-time, which may in turn explain why Gordon insists the events of his book Metropolis (which depicts the end of said world) is "a lie", not being truly canon to Paradigm City itself, whose history prior to 40 years ago could outright be changed by Angel if she chose so as said in "The Show Must Go On".
  • We see the first ever hint towards both the event 40 years ago (with a legion of Big Duo units flying in the sky) and the fact Angel seems to direct the world of Paradigm City, as one of the final visions Gigadeus shows before being destroyed is of woman with wings resembling Angel. This is further proven by the fact Beck later comes back to Haunt Angel in Volume 6 and forcefully trigger her wings to emerge, presumably to activate Big Venus.
  • Although he seems euphoric on the surface, it’s implied Beck is actually suffering from the corruption of the Gigadeus, visibly frustrated when Roger doesn’t appear to understand anything that’s going on with the memories and hinting at his loneliness as the only person in the world with this access to this power.
  • The vision that appears at the end of Big O’s fight with Gigadeus might be alluding to the final moments of the event: A blazing inferno in the night sky, a glowing light similar to Episode 26 that preludes to Big Venus, and two white lines carved into something that seems to then bleed. Said white lines on a black surface are not only a possible allegory for Big Venus’ wings being removed, but have a similar appearance to the white-lined structure in Basement 666.
  • Lastly, it seems that the black void in this vision makes a return in volume 1 of Lost Memories, as Beck’s ghost uses it to mentally imprison Roger and seems to be the dominion where his consciousness resides. In fact, this may very well be Basement 666 in a dormant state without the gird-lines and Big Venus inactive, as Beck seems to drag Angel back to this place when he forcefully activates her wings at the end of Volume 6.
  • We see our first hinted instance of Big O seemingly having acted on it’s own, as Roger has no recollection of how he made it back home and we see a giant megadeus-sized hole in the wall leading out of Gigadeus’ room after the fight is over, implying Big O broke through it and navigated it’s way back to the surface of Paradigm City.
  • Beck appears to be killed in this chapter, but it’s more likely he underwent some form of ascension considering his ghostly new appearance in Lost Memories and the ending of Volume 6 appears for the first time in the final panel of this chapter.
  • Chronologically, the events of Lost Memories Volume 1 and the beginning of Volume 2 appear to come after this, before leading directly into Volume 6, and covers the aftermath of this chapter, particularly with Beck haunting Roger and Dove, T-Bone and Yamu pestering Dorothy and trying to find out what happened to their boss. It’s unknown where chapter 17 occurs in all this.