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Little Robot Lost (also known as chapter 18) is the eighteenth chapter of the manga and the first story of Volume 6. One day, Dorothy wanders away from the Smith Mansion and towards Paradigm Harbor, which later leaves her found in pieces and without her memory. Although Norman states they have the equipment to repair her, this missing memory means she’ll never be the same Dorothy again, prompting Roger to do an investigation into the Harbor and see for himself what happened that day…


We start the chapter at the Speakeasy, where Yamu approaches Roger and asks him if he’s the famous negotiator of Paradigm City, to which he confirms. Yamu is pleased, and passes Big Ear some cash, presumably for leading her to him. Roger asks Yamu what’s on her mind, to which Yamu asks if she can sell him some information.

Roger says yes, and the two head out in The Griffon as Roger asks what information she’s offering. Yamu states that recently, she and her associates received an odd request from a client. Roger asks for more detail, to which she described the client as “a real minx”, and is about to talk about some cargo before stopping herself and stating she’s said too much.

Yamu admits she just wanted to spite her client a little, before asking to be dropped off. She then asks about her fee, to which Roger hands her some money, pleasing her. As she exits the car, Yamu admits there’s another question she wants to ask Roger, to which he tells her to ask. Yamu asks Roger what he would do if someone important to him disappears. Roger admits that although he doesn’t know the full details, he states that it helps people to know people want them to come back, and offers to find this individual for her, citing his fees are reasonable.

Yamu pauses for a moment, but then declines the offer, citing that this person will come back, as he always has, which Roger understands. Yamu bids Roger farewell as Dove and T-Bone look on in confusion, recognizing the negotiator. Roger and the Griffon then head out. We cut to Angel and Gordon having a conversation regarding the futility of “putting all the pieces together” when there’s no “heart”. Gordon jokes that as an “angel”, Angel must be used to “shooting people in the heart”, only for the woman to correct him and cite that Cupid was a god instead of an angel.

We then cut to Dorothy wandering the empty streets of Paradigm City, before then arriving to the harbor. Upon approaching the shore, Dorothy is about to say something, before then seeing the giant arm of Big Fau washing up on the shore. We then cut to the Military Police HQ, where Dastun gives Roger a report from a fisherman at Paradigm Harbor that startles the negotiator. We then return to an engineering room where Roger and Norman discuss the condition of Dorothy. Norman says that with the parts and equipment they have, she’ll be close to being good as new.

Roger is relieved and cites that Norman is a genius, but the butler remains silent. Roger asks if something’s wrong, to which Norman admits there’s one issue, as we see Dorothy lying on a table in pieces with her memory disc drive open: Dorothy’s “memory” has been removed. Upon restoration, she may function normally, but she’ll never be the same Dorothy again.

Roger heads to the roof of the mansion and ponders, whilst listening to Instro playing Dorothy’s piano.  Dastun is drinking coffee near Norman, and states that Roger once told him that memories sometimes return from nowhere, like a lost dream, as we see the repaired-but-lifeless Dorothy sitting in a rocking chair. They recognize the tune Instro is playing, and ask him if this was a song he taught Dorothy, which Instro confirms. Dastun admits that although he’s not expert in music, he feels oddly nostalgic when he hears Instro play, like as if he’s remembering a long lost memory, which Instro is pleased to hear.

Roger returns from the porch, stating music isn’t going to return Dorothy’s memories, citing that only happens in fairytales. Roger monologues a follow-up on that comment, stating that if restoring memories were that simple, Paradigm City would be “An anthill of virtuosos”, before then remembering Dorothy commenting that even he can get lonesome.

Back at the Paradigm Harbor, a big-like blue megadeus known as Vodyanoy arrives to the city and walks the streets, terrorizing the city and being shot at by the Military Police. Dastun looks on in shock at the Blue Megadeus, as his fellow officer Johnny notes that the threats to the city increase every day, asking when Paradigm Corporation is going to give them more firepower. Dastun replies that that’ll never happen as long as Alex is in control. Speaking of which, we then cut to Alex viewing the Blue Megadeus on a monitor as Big O arrives, with Alex commenting that Roger has arrived.

Big O wastes no time and kicks Vodyanoy in the abdomen and knocking it off balance. However, Big O’s follow-up punch misses as Vodyanoy dodges.  Big O then resorts to grappling the blue megadeus, grabbing on it’s left shoulder and right arm. Vodyanoy tries to counter by rotating it’s arms and using the cannons in it’s elbows and opening fire. Big O counters with Arc Line, but Vodyanoy is still standing. The Black Megadeus then resorts to missile party, only for Vodyanoy to use a smoke screen to obscure everything.

Undeterred, Big O opens fire on the blue megadeus and lands multiple shots. However, various missiles flew in random directions, either missing Vodyanoy at the least or hitting city buildings at the worst. Vodyanoy takes extreme damage and is now on it’s last legs. Roger than angrily has Big O use Sudden Impact to finish the blue megadeus off, blasting a hole through it’s hollow, water-filled chest.

Alex and Angel see this, the former applauding Big O’s performance, but Dastun looks on silently at Big O in concern, able to tell something was off about it’s behavior after such a ruthless match. Roger monologues about Paradigm City, a city without it’s past, before then arriving to Dorothy’s piano and pressing a single key somberly. He presses it a couple more times as Dorothy lifelessly sits in her rocking chair.

Similarities To The Anime[]

  • Much like in the anime, Dorothy finds herself compromised and damaged for the sake of restoring Big Fau (which we learn about in the next couple chapters), and although her body is recovered, Norman gives Roger the glum news that Dorothy’s memories are lost.
  • Naturally, there’s multiple differences, such as how Dorothy is captured, damaged, and salvageable, with her body parts being put back together yet still missing her core memory.


  • The reason Dorothy wandered off is revealed in the final Chapter of Lost Memories, where she was pursuing after Pero who seemingly ran off.
  • Roger recalling Dorothy telling him he can be lonesome is a callback to the woman in Roger’s memories in chapter 12 “To The One I Can’t Forget”, whose revealed in the following chapter to be Angel.
  • Vodyanoy’s identity is revealed in Paradigm Gallery, which reveals that water circulates throughout its whole body. It also reveals that although it’s only confirmed weaponry is the cannons in its elbows, it’s hinted that there may be more armament or attributes hidden within the megadeus.
  • According to Paradigm Gallery, Vodyanoy’s design was created prior to the manga even being serialized, with the rear view being finished prior to it’s debut.
  • Vodyanoy’s name comes from a water spirit from Slavic mythology. This makes it similar to other possible megadeus archetypes created prior to 40 years ago named after mythical figures, such as Dagon, Osrail, Euminides, and Dantalion.
  • Some of these machines happened to also be featured in the next chapter as technology from prior to 40 years ago collected by Alex,specifically Dagon and Dantalion. This may also be applicable to Osrial and Eumenides, who also appeared to be technology from prior to 40 years ago.
  • Of all the megadeuses created with pre-event technology, Vodyanoy is among the machines with the closest resemblance to a Big, even being given the nickname “The Blue Megadeus”. It features similar proportions and design aesthetics, also bearing rotating arms similar to the Gigadeus, another machine similar and possibly related to the Bigs as some kind of prototype design.
  • The ending scene of this chapter is later referenced in the Lost Memories Chapter 4, where Dorothy plays piano for a catatonic Roger after he mentally shuts down from the hauntings of Beck’s ghost, even sitting in the same chair that he did.