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Angel, chapter 19, is the second story of Volume 6. It covers the underlying conspiracy Alex and especially Angel are pulling behind the scenes with the theft of Dorothy’s memories. After briefly consulting Paradigm Corporation for details and talking with Angel about their recently-remembered shared past, Roger finds himself confronting the woman when his investigation into Dorothy’s lost memory leads them into a final conflict…


The chapter starts with Alex and Angel overseeing the salvaging of Vodyanoy, where Alex asks Angel what comes to her mind when she hears the word “memory”. Angel gives a literal definition of the word, before then adding that it was everything that was lost 40 years ago. Alex acknowledges this, and then asks how Vodyanoy is, to which Angel gives a summary of just “so-so”, as we see the blue megadeus hung up in chains. Angel says a complete damage inventory is finished and repairs are starting now, followed by us getting of view of several megadeuses from before: Dorothy-1, Archetype, Dagon, and now Vodyanoy.

Alex is pleased with this, and then proceeds to monologue that these machines were created using memories from 40 years ago, as we get a view of a fully repaired Dantalion. Alex continues, stating some were lost whilst others were exhumed with intact memories, before correcting himself: They aren’t “lost”, but simply “waiting”.  He then comments there’s so many memories in Paradigm City that haven’t been recovered yet, and admits the mystery has always fascinated him.

Alex looks at Vodyanoy and states “he” came from the sea. He then asks Angel if she knows what this means. Angel doesn’t know, before then asking why Alex always calls megadeuses male. Alex replies that’s simply his preference, before then explaining that if Vodyanoy came from the ocean, like Dagon, he likely came from outside the city, and every time this happens, his “yearning for the lands beyond Paradigm gets stronger”.

Roger looks around the Paradigm Harbor where Dorothy was found, and after having a talk with Reiderman and a few other fishermen, he still couldn’t figure out what Dorothy was doing walking around the city on her own that morning. He notes that a human can never imagine an android’s motives, and likewise this also goes the other way around.

We then get a view beneath the harbor at the wreckage of various sunken buildings. The giant watercraft Reiderman built for Beck is scanning the area with its robot arms out. It then uses an energy beam to blast open something (presumably a building) underwater, revealing the leg of Big Fau. The submarine uses it’s claw arms and carries the bodypart away.

We cut back to Alex, Angel and Roger at the Paradigm Meeting room, where Alex asks Roger if he remembers the “Angel Fiasco” and how various people recovered some of their memories afterwards. Roger ignores this question, having already asked one of his own earlier. Alex proceeds to once again ignore said question and ask Roger if any of his clients discussed what lies across the ocean. Alex then declares that if Roger comes across anyone with information on what lies beyond the city, it’s his "duty" as a citizen of Paradigm City to report it. Roger however retorts that he didn’t come here for extra work, and gets ready to leave.

Alex then states this involves Dorothy too, which gets the negotiator’s attention. Alex then notes that Fishermen found Dorothy in pieces by the harbor, so it’s possible the answers to Roger’s question about Dorothy lie below the waves. Alex then smirks to himself, amused by the fact he never thought he would see Roger coming here under his own accord, rather than being called.

Roger and Angel travel in one of the train cars leading away from the meeting room, where Angel notes she’s never seen somebody talk to Alex that way before. Roger notes he and Paradigm Corporation have had a history of “mutual aversion”. Despite this, Roger acknowledges that the corporation is a necessary evil to keep the city running, before then noting he’s surprised to see Angel working under Alex, before teasingly asking if this was a step below crime.

Angel states she’s flattered that Roger remembers her, stating she thought he had forgotten her. Roger recognizes the phrase and smiles, saying she turns up in the strangest places. Angel flirts back that Roger is the same way. We cut back to Instro playing music for Dorothy, with Roger discussing with Norman that he thinks it’s possible Instro believes his music may restore Dorothy’s memory, which is surprising to hear from a machine.

Norman questions this, to which Roger reassures him he isn’t belittling Instro for his beliefs. A brief moment of silence between the two passes as Instro’s music continues playing, before Roger tells Norman he’s heading out again. Norman says he has a question, but Roger answers it before the butler could even ask: Yes, we will be home late, as we then cut to him driving in The Griffon.

Roger has a brainstorm on the situation, citing that Dorothy is an android and no ordinary human could overpower her. We see a brief glimpse of Big Ear, whom Roger presumably consults for information, before then stating to himself that although it can’t buy happiness, money can always be used for purchasing criminal hideouts. We cut to a warehouse where some people are loading some unknown cargo, only for Roger to drive the Griffon through their wall, prompting the men at the warehouse to pull out their guns and call for their heavy duty labor android, R.Divide, to stop the negotiator.

Roger has the Griffon open up its frontal machine guns and open fire on the hulking robot as Roger dives out of the car and heads towards the thugs. As The Griffon, presumably on autopilot, proceeds to run over R.Divide, the thugs get their guns ready and aim at the charging negotiator. However, Roger manages to overpower, disarm and subdue half of them before any could even open fire on him.

Only one crook is able to open fire at Roger, but Roger narrowly dodges the round and flings one of the rifles he took from another thug directly at the shooter, knocking him out. Roger gut-punches one final crook as The Griffon uses it’s built-in missile launches on R.Divide, before Roger than begins interrogating one of the fallen thugs over where they’re keeping R.Dorothy’s memory.

Before Roger can get an answer however, an explosion happens, and from the fireball emerges a badly damaged R.Divide as a familiar voice from behind comments on how it’s a “small world” for them. Roger looks over and sees Angel in a bodysuit, who’s asking the negotiator what he’s doing here. Roger looks on as the damaged R.Divide stands in front of the negotiator’s burning wreck of a car.

Roger states he’s here for Dorothy’s memories, and although Angel acknowledges that they may be her memories, she retorts they belong to “the whole world”, and Roger can’t have them. Roger asks Angel who she really is and what she’s after, to which the woman simply responds that her name is Angel. Roger retorts by rhetorically asking if it’s the fallen kind, only for Angel to come back at him with an ultimatum: Leave now, or she’ll have to “ruin her day” by killing him.


  • Megadeus: Dorothy-1, Archetype, Dagon, Vodyanoy, Dantalion, Big Fau (in pieces)
  • The megadeus storage facility we see in this chapter is described in Paradigm Gallery as Alex’s Megadeus Garage, where he stores repaired robots that appeared in Paradigm City. Granted, it only features machines that weren’t completely destroyed, meaning Big Duo, Gigadeus and several others aren’t present.
  • Said facility vaguely resembles the storage and maintenance bay we see in episode 17 of the anime, "Leviathan". However, despite serving the same purpose, the layout of the giant room is different, with Alex’s megadeus garage being cylindrical whilst the one we see in the anime is rectangular. This room also isn’t confirmed to be tied to the Archetype’s lair in Expo’04, though it’s still possible considering Paradigm Corporation’s access to Gigadeus’ lair, a similar room full of different Archetype remains.
  • Alex is revealed to have a preference for calling megadeuses male, though it’s unknown if this can be applied to the obviously-female Dorothy-1, who was also in the facility.
  • Speaking of which, Dorothy-1 is the only megadeus stored in the facility we see that wasn’t built prior to 40 years ago. Presumably, she was included here due to her being composed of technology lost 40 years ago. Also, according to Paradigm Gallery, Alex collects any megadeus remains he can rather than simply relics of the past.
  • We see Dagon in this chapter despite him never appearing previously in the manga, implying the possibility some of the stories in the anime also happen in identical fashion to the manga. It’s also implied by Alex that Vodyanoy wasn’t the first oceanic megadeus to likely come from foreign land, as we see Dagon in the background while he says this.
  • All the fishermen Roger talked to also appeared in episode 7 of the anime, “The Call from the Past”.
  • The giant submersible watercraft Beck bought in Chapter 16 “In Darkness” is featured in this chapter, where it’s used to recover the remains of Big Fau. Considering that Beck’s ghost later figured out he was coerced by Angel into doing the “Angel Scam” with Big Duo, which gave him funds to commission that watercraft from Reiderman, it’s possible he bought this submarine on her behalf for her to salvage the Big, with Beck lying to Reiderman about simply commissioning the vehicle for “watersports”.
  • We see another instance of the disdain Roger has for Paradigm Corporation when he’s talking to Alex, from the way he addresses the Paradigm CEO to the fact this was the rare situation where Roger came to them rather than simply being called in for extra work, something Roger himself made clear in that very conversation.
  • It’s revealed that the mystery woman in “To The One I Can’t Forget” is in fact Angel, and apparently she knew Roger back in the day when she was a criminal.
  • Interestingly enough, it’s implied androids can have borderline superstitious beliefs like humans do, as Roger theorizes that Instro is constantly playing music to Dorothy in hopes of waking her up, something Roger would describe as coming from a fairy tale.
  • It’s not fully explained how exactly Roger came across the criminal hideout where Dorothy’s memory was taken, other than the visual imagery depicting Roger presumably getting a lead from Big Ear and his monologue leading up to the conversation discussing criminal how money can buy criminal hideouts. Considering what’s said in the notes on the 3 foreign megadeuses that appear in Paradigm Gallery a few chapters later, and it’s likely this wasn’t intended to be as much a mystery as much as it was just a constraint on the number of pages available for the volume.
  • R.Divide is revealed to be the robot responsible for tearing apart Dorothy and stealing her memory, making it physically the strongest character roughly of human size in the whole Big O franchise.
  • Paradigm Gallery reveals that Dorothy’s memory core resembles a spherical hourglass, similar to the round hourglass shape found inside the giant cross-shaped apparatus Alex installed within Big Fau’s cockpit in the anime. However, this begs the question of what exactly Dorothy’s memory disk has to do with any of this, or if the disk was even truly taken, since the next chapter reveals that the memory disk Angel was holding onto didn’t even belong to Dorothy, and the spherical hourglass memory core we see in Paradigm Gallery is the object used to activate Big Fau.
  • At the end of this chapter, Angel gives a little insight into her true motives in this series (at least in the manga), where she acknowledges that the memories may be from Dorothy, but allegedly now belong to “The whole world”, though she never specifies how exactly and what it has to do with Big Fau. This also somewhat contradicts Vera and her stated motives as an agent in the Union in "The War of Paradigm City", where her goal is to simply destroy Paradigm City for their past actions towards them.