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Dorothy Part 2 (also known as Chapter 4) is the fourth chapter of the manga and the first story of volume 2, covering the manga’s version of the anime’s second episode. We learn of Timothy Waynewright, Dorothy’s other father, and Beck’s plans to use the android to revitalize her megadeus sister. This story would also show the events leading up to Dorothy becoming a part of the Smith household.


In the middle of the night in Dome #5, Dorothy 1 has returned, still with a hole in her chest, much to the bewilderment of Dan Dastun and the Military Police. Dastun questions where she could be getting her energy from. Going back in time, R.Dorothy is singing rather cheerfully for an elderly man, Timothy Waynewright. We then cut to a local Speakeasy, where Roger states that Soldano is dead, so R.Dorothy can’t be with him, questioning where else she could possibly be. Big Ear notes that a human-looking android isn’t going to catch anyone’s attention.

Roger questions how it’s even possible for someone to build an android that could pass for a human, to which Big Ear asks what he means by that. Roger explains that by contemporary technological standards, Soldano must’ve been a genius to create R.Dorothy,  and while he had memory files for building giant robots, that wouldn’t be enough to create an android as perfectly human-like as Dorothy. Roger ponders where Soldano could even have gotten those memory files from. Big Ear answers it was Beck, citing his connection to Soldano, but admits this is all he knows. Roger heads out, leaving a payment to Big Ear.

Beck drops by to say hello to Dorothy and her father, claiming to be glad Timothy got his “daughter” back. Timothy asks Beck what he wants, but Beck ignores the question and states how perfect Dorothy looks and how she’s exactly how the old man imagined her to be. Timothy asks again what Beck is really here for, asking if he hadn’t already given him enough. Beck smiles, thanking him for the construction files, but states he doesn’t want anything from Timothy this time, he just wants Dorothy now.

Roger returns home to be greeted by Norman. Norman states Dorothy is still missing, but Roger ignores this, instead brainstorming a theory on what’s going on. Roger states Soldano had connections to beck, and Beck kidnapped his “daughter” Dorothy. Norman asks if that means those two were working together. Roger initially doubts this because Beck killed Soldano, but then remembers Soldano’s dying regret of working with an unnamed individual. Roger realizes they were in fact partners, but then Beck betrayed him. He then ponders for a moment. Norman asks what Roger plans to do now, to which the negotiator asks for Big O to be prepared, anticipating that Beck has another plan in the works.

Meanwhile, Beck states he simply wants to “borrow” R.Dorothy for a while, promising it won’t take long. However, Timothy cites the incident in Dome #5 with Dorothy 1, asking Beck if he thought he didn’t know about it. He then states he’ll never give him R.Dorothy. Beck gleefully states if he won’t give R.Dorothy away willingly, she’ll have to be taken forcefully. Timothy worriedly asks if that’s supposed to be a threat. Beck reassures him it’s not, before then having him shot to death by his accompanying goons. Dorothy is shocked by this, and immediately charges towards Beck, only to get stunned by a taser. Beck inspects Dorothy, and says she appears to be functional, but wouldn’t have survived a higher shock.

He then proclaims he’s done with both Soldano and Timothy, and he will take care of Dorothy from now on, smiling maliciously. The thugs carrying Dorothy away complain about her weight, but Beck simply tells them to not drop her. Beck states how strange it was that both Timothy and Soldano called Dorothy their “daughter”, citing they must’ve suffered from some sort of “parental care”. He notes the idea that some things can’t be bought with money, but states he’ll buy himself love and happiness.

Back at the Smith Mansion, Norman’s tells Roger via a terminal there’s a man named Timothy Waynewright who lives outside the city in a country house. Roger asks if Dorothy really called herself Waynewright when she visited, to which Norman states he never forgets the name of a guest. Roger heads out in his car, monologuing that in all of Paradigm City, only one person has the surname Waynewright, and heads over the the country house to investigate, only to find Timothy’s shot up corpse. After some investigation, Roger sees blueprints. Roger confirms his suspicion that Waynewright’s memories came back and he made plans for two Dorothys, and also had contact with Beck.

We return to the present, with Dorothy 1 walking the streets and stepping over Military Police Vehicles, whiles Beck’s van controls her remotely from a distance. Inside the van is Beck, whose struggling to use the control system that operates Dorothy 1, but states that victory is now his. However, Roger then arrives to the scene and calls upon Big O, stating it seems Beck will never give up. When the black megadeus arrives, Beck is dismayed and tries to attack, using Dorothy 1’s drill. However, Big O simply swats this away, with Beck lamenting that his megadeus is still too weak.

Roger is about to have Big O deliver the killing blow, but stops at the last second when he notices something about Dorothy 1: Her face plate is missing, revealing her android sister wired up inside her. Roger realizes that R.Dorothy is being used as an energy source. Big O grabs Dorothy 1 by the shoulders and shoves her into a building, whilst a bewildered Beck asks what the black Megadeus wants. Roger exits the cockpit of Big O and leaps into the open maw of the faceless Dorothy 1, calling for her android sister. He starts tearing away at the wires and plugs surrounding R.Dorothy, much to Beck’s dismay as this causes his control helmet to short circuit and shock him.

Roger tells R.Dorothy that although she shares a builder and designer with her megadeus sister, she has a life of her own to live. One of the last thing Beck sees before taking off the control helmet is Roger Smith, whom he blames for foiling his plans once again, vowing to make him pay for it. Roger successfully frees R.Dorothy, notes her immense weight for someone with such a small figure, and states that in the end, he ended up protecting her, as promised. He heads to a backstage area of the building Dorothy 1 was thrown into and puts R.Dorothy on the floor, only to be confronted by Beck armed with a gun.

Beck asks Roger why he’s always in the way, but Roger ignores this question and states Beck killed Soldano and Waynewright to get the two Dorothys. Beck responds by trying to shoot Roger, but only grazes his right cheek, stating he’s gotten on his nerves for too long. Before Beck can get another shot on Roger, R.Dorothy awakens and lunges after him, swatting away his gun, leaving an opening for Roger to knock the wind out of him with a punch to the stomach. Beck can only stutter out the word “damn” before collapsing to the floor.

Dan Dastun and the military police surround the building Dorothy 1 was shoved into, stating via megaphone that they have the place surrounded. Roger tells R.Dorothy they’ll leave the rest of this to the police and head out. Roger has an epilogue, stating Miguel Soldano constructed the two dorothys, calling them his “daughters”, much like Timothy Waynewright, who was their designer. Roger wonders if Timothy would be proud of R.Dorothy, whom he designed after his dead daughter. After the android lost her 2 fathers she was allowed to stay at Roger’s estate. We cut to a scene of Dorothy praying to the graves of her two fathers, and when Roger asks her if everything is ok, Dorothy asks if she should pray on his grave too when he dies. Roger, baffled by the bold statement, tells Dorothy she’s not supposed to ask people those kinds of things.

The End.

Similarities To The Anime[]

  • Although the previous chapter was fairly similar to episode one of the anime, this chapter only loosely resembles episode two, with more differences than similarities as it took on it’s own version of the plot and story, which would become a recurring trend in the manga from here on out.
  • Both stories feature Dorothy returning to her "father" Timothy Waynewright and singing for him, albeit not on stage like in the anime.
  • Both stories feature Timothy Waynewright, revealed to be Dorothy's true “father”, and his death at the hands of Beck, followed by the android being stolen and used to revitalize her megadeus sister.
  • Although taking place in different locations, Beck has Timothy killed and Dorothy subdued in the same way.
  • Beck uses the jerry-rigged Dorothy 1 to attempt robbing the same bank again in Dome #5.
  • Both stories feature R.Dorothy being used to power Dorothy 1, and this becoming a handicap for Roger and Big O. Although described as an "energy source" rather than a "power regulator circuit" like in the anime, Dorothy's usage as an activation device to revitalize her sister remains the same, and would ultimately allude to her future kidnapping and usage to restore Big Fau.
  • Roger ultimately saves Dorothy from Beck by pulling her out of Dorothy 1, and Dorothy lives with him from that point onwards.
  • This episode would see the moment Beck is finally arrested for the first time thanks to Roger, leading Beck to a new desire to one day get revenge on the negotiator.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Dorothy 1
  • Paradigm City: Timothy Waynewright’s Country House, Dome #5 Bank, Unnamed Theater
  • This chapter reveals the compatibility between androids and megadeuses for the first time, and how Dorothy could be used as a makeshift power source for the mecha.
  • We learn of Dorothy’s “true” father in the form of Timothy Waynewright, another man who regained his memory and commissioned Soldano to build his designs for R.Dorothy and Dorothy 1.
  • It’s revealed that Beck had dealings with both Waynewright and Soldano, presumably using them so he could get his hands on Dorothy 1.