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Ghost Ships and Fallen Angels (also known as Chapter 5) is the fifth chapter of the manga and the second story of Volume 2. It covers the first encounter Roger has with Angel as he works on a case involving a series of alleged ghost ships created prior to 40 years ago. It’s the third story that’s manga-exclusive, though it does borrow elements from multiple different episodes of the anime.


The story opens with a group of sea-faring citizens seeing a ghost ship amidst the fog, saying it’s back again, before we cut to the Smith Mansion. Roger tells Dorothy he doesn’t want any milk or sugar in his coffee, only for Dorothy to retort that black coffee is unhealthy, rhetorically asking if humans turn sugar into energy. Roger says this doesn’t give her the right to put sugar in his coffee, stating the amount of sugar she put in won’t even dissolve. Dorothy says it will dissolve if it’s stirred, but Roger says that’s besides the point. Norman than talks to Roger on an intercom, saying Dastun is waiting for him at his office.

Roger heads to the Military Police HQ, and upon entering he notes that everything seems to be unchanged. Dastun asks if Roger feels at home, to which Roger asks why he was called here. Dastun says there’s a case they’re working on that seems more suited to Roger than the Military Police. They then meet Angel, going under the alias Kathy Jenkins and claiming to be an archeologist. Enamored by her beauty, Roger asks “Kathy” how he can help her. She states this is about ghost ships, describing that a few days ago people at the port reportedly saw a ghost ship, and due to their varying descriptions, it’s possible there’s multiple of them. Roger, slightly confused, asks what this has to do with him.

Angel states that as an “archeologist”, she doesn’t believe in ghost ships, but if these testimonies are accurate, it’s possible they’re lost ships from 40 years ago, and that such a discovery would be precious. Roger asks why she can’t just get a private detective to look into this, to which Angel explains that Roger is known for taking on special cases, as Dastun holds back laughter and thinks this woman can lead Roger on to do any case for her. Roger asks who exactly he’s supposed to be negotiating with, to which Angel says perhaps the “ghosts”. Roger is amused by this.

We cut to Roger and Angel on a boat in the ocean, Angel expressing gratitude that Roger took on the case. Unbeknownst to her, the main reason Roger took on this case was to dodge another conversation with Norman regarding his payment. Roger states he’s unsure how exactly he can help, only for the captain to announce the ghost ship, named Charybdis, is ahead. They note that the ship is colossal in size. Charybdis immediately opens fire on them, and Angel asks Roger what their chances of negotiating are. Roger states they need to make a “clear situation”, before grabbing a harpoon and hurtling it into the muzzle of the cannon firing at them, causing it to jam and explode. Roger states now is a good opportunity to board the ship. When Angel asks if this is supposed to be considered negotiating, Roger says every negotiating partner requires a strategy.

Upon boarding Charybdis, the sailors accompanying Roger and Angel note that nobody is on the ship, to which their captain demands they keep searching. A loud boom is heard, followed by the emergence of several more ghost ships. Roger states they need to get out of there, but upon returning to their boat, Roger notes that “Kathy” is missing, and wonders if she’s hiding something. Angel is now in the captain’s quarters of the ghost ship in the control room, ditching her regular outfit in favor of her bodysuit. As the ghost ships open fire on the boat,  Roger asks Norman if everything is prepared, to which the butler says yes. Roger then calls upon Big O.

Upon entering Big O’s cockpit, Roger finds Dorothy sitting at the controls, stating that Big O is now waterproof. Roger notices all the tape plastered on the inside of the cockpit and says he’ll have to thank her and Norman, before sitting behind the controls himself and calling “action”. Roger’s first act is to have Big O grab a hold of the passenger boat he and Angel arrived in, and uses a rocket booster in Big O’s wrist to detach his right hand and send the boat off to safety. Big O uses his Arc Line to shoot down one of Charybdis’ ghost ships, only for another to retaliate and open fire on the black megadeus. Then Roger uses Missile Party whilst commenting that these ships are great targets, scoffing at the idea these are ghosts.

Angel looks on as Big O’s handless right arm exerts a cannon and opens fire at another ship, only for more to keep appearing. Roger frustratedly asks where all these ships are coming from. As the black megadeus takes more punishment from cannon fire, Roger states that Big O won’t stand this much longer. He then questions where the strange mist surrounding the ghost ships is coming from. Roger realizes that, considering the amount of hits Big O has landed, there should be numerous shipwrecks visible, and yet there’s none. Big O approaches one of the ships and reaches at it, and Roger finds out these warships are actually smaller boats that use holograms, as Angel finds amusement in the fact the black megadeus’ pilot had figured it out.

Roger says he needs a new plan, and asks Norman how large the mist is, to which the butler replies it’s spread an area of 8 kilometers. Roger notes that this mist won’t be easy to escape, and has Big O  retract the leg mounted water jets it was using to keep afloat, proceeding to sink below the surface. Unfortunately, the hologram ships are also underwater, and they open fire on Big O, frustrating Roger, who states he needs to find the main ship responsible for controlling all the smaller ships.

Angel tells Big O he doesn’t stand a chance against her ships’ superiority, asking what he plans on doing now. As Roger stews in frustration, Dorothy chimes in. Roger asks the android if she has an idea, but Dorothy simply states she’s bringing him his coffee much to the negotiator’s dismay. Dorothy explains she brought it now since Roger usually complains it’s brought to him too late, and before Roger can explain to her the severity of the situation they’re in, he has an idea.

Roger tells Norman to being out option DR. Norman complies, but doesn’t know why. Big O’s right arm pops off and is replaced with DR, which is a large drill arm, much to Angel’s confusion. Big O drops back below the ocean surface. Roger theorizes the drill can work as a mixer too, and this ends up being correct, and the stirring of the ocean area causes the holograms to waver. Angel questions what can be achieved simply be making the hologram ships waver, only for Roger to then correctly deduce that the main ship controlling all the other ones wouldn’t waver. Big O uses the drill arm to destroy the main ship, ending the battle with Charybdis. Roger is happy to have achieved victory whilst Dorothy laments that the coffee turned cold.

At the speakeasy, Big Ear tells Roger there isn’t any Kathy Jenkins in the city, which confirmed Roger’s suspicion it was simply an alias. However, Big Ear states there once was a woman by that name that lived in the city 30 years ago. Roger ponders who the “Kathy Jenkins” he met was, and where she and her crew disappeared to. Big Ear then states the control system of those ghost ships was over 40 years old, but Roger states he already learned this by reading the news. Big Ear then asks if he also read why this “Kathy Jenkins” went after the ship, to which Roger replies no. Roger eggs Big Ear on to tell him, saying he’s taking their bill at the Speakeasy.

Big Ear then reveals the ghost ships were programmed to patrol a certain area of the sea that Paradigm Fishermen call “The Gate Of Ghosts”, due to the fact no ship that enters there ever comes back out. Big Ear states somebody reactivated the ghost ships, to which Roger asks who and why. Big Ear states he’ll look into it. Roger gets up and says that’s enough for today, and almost tells something to Big Ear. However, he stops himself and leaves. On his way out, Roger thinks to himself what he wanted to tell Big Ear, that he suspects that “Kathy Jenkins” had something to do with it.

As he arrives to his car, a little girl walks over and hands Roger some flowers, saying there were sent to him. He asks the girl where she got them from, to which the girl says a beautiful woman whose a fan of Roger sent them. Roger pats the girl on the head and states he’d like to see that woman again, before the little girl cheerfully walks away. Inside the bouquet of flows are multiple bundles of cash inside, along with a note. The message says this is $300,000 for his services, signed by someone named “Angel”. In the background, we see Angel in her car, with an agent at the wheel, asking her why she paid him. Angel explains that thanks to Roger, they were able to get the Charybdis' memory files, though she’s saddened the ship itself was destroyed by Big O. The two then drive away.

Back at the Smith mansion, Dorothy brings coffee to Roger, who asks if she could add sugar this time. Dorothy says she thought Roger drank it black, which he acknowledges. Roger thinks to himself that without Dorothy’s coffee, he would never have come up with the drill tactic to defeat the ghost ship. Roger drinks the coffee, only to be revolted by the excessive amount of sugar Dorothy put in it. Dorothy states that starting tomorrow, she’ll make sure to put sugar and milk in Roger’s coffee. Roger politely declines the idea.

Similarities To The Anime[]

  • Although a manga-exclusive story, many parallels to various anime episodes can be found in this chapter.
    • Angel meets Roger under an alias for the first time shortly after Dorothy joins the Smith household, similar to episode 3 of the anime.
    • Conflict arises between Roger and Dorothy as they start to live together, also seen in episode 3.
    • Roger and Big O fight a megadeus (or lost technology of the past) that roams the sea and uses illusionary abilities to attack from multiple directions, similar to Osrial from episode 5.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Charybdis
  • Paradigm City: Paradigm Harbor, Smith Estate, Military Police HQ, The Gate Of Ghosts
  • This story introduces Angel for the first time, although according to Paradigm Gallery she was originally intended to appear earlier on.
  • This story shows one of the earliest instances of megadeus technology in the series with Charybdis, a megadeus-sized ship, is stated multiple times to have been created longer than 40 years ago, possibly pre-dating other navy-type megadeus technology like Dagon and Big Fau.
  • This chapter reveals 4 new configurations and/or abilities Big O possesses that’s exclusive to the manga, including rocket hands, a set of legs that use jets to stay afloat in the sea, a cannon stored in Big O’s wrist, and the DR configuration.
  • The ghost ships’ name, Charybdis, is only revealed upon translating the Paradigm Gallery, and said name comes from a sea monster in Greek mythology who’s the daughter of the Greek sea god Poseidon.
  • This chapter is the first of many instances in the manga where Angel takes on a much more explicitly antagonistic role compared to the anime, at one point taking control of Charybdis and turning it against Roger and Big O, all the while endangering the lives of the sailors that accompanied them.