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Deep In The Black Forest (also known as Chapter 7) is the manga-exclusive seventh story from the Big O Manga, featured as the final story of Volume 2. It’s a continuation and conclusion to the events of Chapter 6 and shows the origin of Michael Seebach and his downward spiral into Schwarzwald, all whilst the Archetype makes itself known and seemingly is searching for something within Paradigm City, leaving a trail of destruction in it’s wake that only Roger Smith and Big O can put a stop to.


We get a short set of song lyrics describing a boy who wants to know everything, but doesn’t know anything. He’s reassured by his mother he’ll understand when he grows up, despite the child’s impatience. The boy goes deep into a place known as The Black Forest to find his grandfather, who knows everything. He struggles to find his grandfather, keeps on searching, until finally something happened. The lyrics repeat as we cut to inside one of the domes at night, where The Archetype rampages throughout the streets.

The Military Police are at the scene and try to fight it, but then realize Big O is coming, with Roger inside the cockpit stating it’s showtime. Big O is about to throw a punch. Before we can see what's next, we cut to another scene, this time of Roger walking the city streets. He sees reporter named Michael Seebach hassling Dan Dastun and the Military Police over the killings committed by The Grim Reaper, demanding more details. Seebach recalls that at first the Military Police claimed they found a suspect, only to later state the actual killer was found and killed himself. Dastun confirms this is true, but Michael finds this suspicious and worth questioning.

Roger walks up to Seebach and says that he doesn’t know who he is, but knows the reporter is keeping people from doing their work, citing that a crime might be happening some place else for all they know. Seebach dismisses Roger and points at Dastun, stating that the people of Paradigm City pay their taxes to the Military Police, so they’re entitled to the truth, before calling out the fact they can’t even protect the city from Megadeus attacks, and asking what they plan on doing to deal with the recent “Angel Of Destruction”, before then leaving. Roger asks Dastun who that was, to which the officer dismisses Seebach as just another arrogant journalist.

Dastun further elaborates that the reporter was complaining that he couldn’t cover the case, and Roger correctly deduces the reasoning for this is due to information being missing. Dastun confirms this, but also notes he can give Roger some special insider info. Dorothy walks past a frustrated Michael Seebach as she returns from grocery shopping, the reporter silently vowing to himself that the truth will always be revealed. We cut back to Dastun who just finished giving his insider info to Roger, who asks if this is all that he knows. Dastun states that there wasn’t much left of the Grim Reaper’s body, to which Roger states that they’re still being confronted with a mystery.

Dastun reminds Roger to keep this all a secret, to which Roger complies. Suddenly, an explosion is heard in the distance. The “Angel Of Destruction”, which is actually the Archetype, is on the rampage again. Dastun states it’s time to leave, telling Roger to run. Dorothy looks on as Roger calls for Big O. Alex Rosewater views this from a terminal, annoyed by this megadeus and asking who is controlling it. Angel, acting as Rosewater’s secretary, laments that they haven’t been able to find any info. Alex hopes for this to change soon, as his terminal shows Big O emerging from the underground.

Dastun seems to finally figure out that Roger is the pilot of Big O, who throws a punch at The Archetype. Roger states he doesn’t know the megadeus’ reasoning for rampaging, but he’s done enough damage as is. The Archetype uses it’s secondary set of eyes to emit electric shocks at Big O, who responds with Arc Line. The two energy-based attacks cancel each other out, after which The Archetype begins leaping atop buildings for a new position to attack from. Big O sends a Moby Dick Anchor at the archetype but misses, after which The Archetype leaps onto Big O, as Dastun laments that he’s unable to do anything but watch.

Roger and Big O are pinned down and electrified by the Archetype, only for it to be distracted upon seeing Dorothy standing atop a nearby building. Roger takes advantage of the distraction and attempts to use Missile Party, but the Archetype dodges. The Archetype, seemingly in response to Dorothy, heads back down the hole Big O left in the ground and leaves, much to the shock of Dastun. Roger and Big O give chase, pursuing the Archetype underground. One of Dastun’s men asks if the situation is over, but Dastun says no, citing it’s still dangerous out here.

Michael Seebach is near the scene, frustrated by the dust and debris obscuring his vision of what’s going on. By the time the dust settles, Seebach realizes the two megadeuses are gone, and vows he will find the truth. Back at the Smith Mansion, Roger finishes explaining to Dorothy what just happened, and how The Archetype simply disappeared, much to his frustration. Roger then ponders what exactly the Archetype wants, stating that if this continues, the whole city will be destroyed.

Dorothy chimes in and supposes the Archetype is looking for something, but when Roger questions what, Dorothy admits she doesn’t know. Roger, confused, tries theorizing with Dorothy and supposes archetype is looking for something, but states that only now does it’s behavior imply this. Dorothy agrees with this notion, further confusing Roger. The android then states she can “feel” it. We then cut to Roger at the Speakeasy bar, coming across Michael Seebach once again, who had seemingly just finished talking with Big Ear.

Roger asks Big Ear what Seebach wanted, and if he asked him anything, despite silently admitting to himself that he’d be surprised if Big Ear said anything. Meanwhile, Seebach arrives to the hole in the ground where the Archetype ran off into, lamenting that despite the whole city talking about this “Angel Of Destruction”, he has yet to see it for himself. Seebach recalls that the Military Police always chased him away, before then asking what the point is of having them in this city, as without Big O, this city would be dead. He then questions why Big O even protects Paradigm City.

Seebach nervously stands near the giant hole where Big O and the Archetype ran off too, and although he notes everyone in the city fears the underground, it’s possible he may find answers down there. As Michael questions how exactly he can even get down that hole without equipment, a Military Police Officer spots him and confronts him, annoyed that the journalist came back once again, and begins to cite orders he allegedly got from Dastun.

Roger drives by and sees the officer point a gun at the journalists’ head to intimidate him, and the negotiator notes the dedication Seebach has for his job. Roger feels a little sympathy for the jounalist, who proceeds to walk away, noting that the Seebach is simply doing his job, and the truth can be hard to find in a place like Paradigm City. Roger looks forward to whatever article Michael Seebach published, assuminging the Paradigm Corporation will even allow it.

He then gets a call from Norman, who says dinner is ready. As Roger heads back home, Seebach walks the streets pondering if he’s the only person who cares about the truth. He looks at some newspaper boxes and dismisses them as cheap propaganda for the Paradigm Factories, before angrily kicking them down and screaming out loud that someone must show the people the truth, and that Paradigm Corporation is lying to their citixens, much to the annoyance of the public.

As Michael Seebach proclaims out loud that he will show this city the truth, Angel reports to Alex Rosewater that the “Angel Of Destruction” is back. This time though, she has more information. Roger summons Big O, who now is equipped with a giant studded metal club on it’s right arm. Roger says that it’s a shame The Archetype can’t speak, because if it’s true that this angel of destruction is looking for something, he would’ve been willing to help.

Roger resolves to destroy the Archetype nonetheless, citing he has no other choice, as their final battle begins. The Archetype leaps upwards and strikes down on Big O, shaking the black Megadeus and it’s pilot and leaving trails of smoke on Big O’s shoulders. Big O tries throwing a punch with the metal club, but the Archetype dodges it. Roger then activates the true purpose of the club by opening it up and a studded wrecking ball on a chain flings outt. The Archetype manages to dodge this attack as well, but the studs on the wrecking ball in reality are actually rocket boosters, and the ball redirects itself and takes Archetype by surprise.

Big O lands a hit at the back of the Archetype’s head, decapitating it and ending the fight. Roger says tells the Archetype that he may not know what the megadeus was looking for, but it’s search is over now. One of the men accompanying Dastun celebrates Big O’s victory, but Dastun silently laments that he and the Military Police weren’t able to do anything. Roger then sees a person inside the smoking decapitated cockpit of The Archetype, inside a cockpit that subtly resembles Big O’s. It’s Michael Seebach.

Alex Rosewater gets a report from Angel, and sees a file on Michael from the Paradigm Press. Michael Seebach has a flashback, remembering that he was once underground where he found the Archetype. He starts chuckling in the present, at least now knowing the truth about himself, recalling his childhood song one last time as the Archetype explodes. Roger questions why it was Michael of all people. This question he continues to ponder, even when it’s all over and he’s back at his mansion, much to Dorothy’s confusion. We then see a man standing atop a building, covered in bandages. It’s Michael Seebach, still alive, but now reborn as Schwartzwald.

Similarities To The Anime[]

  • Much like in the anime, Roger meets Schwartzwald/Michael Seebach at the same time he ends up fighting the Archetype.
  • The Archetype’s defeat ultimately results in it being destroyed in some kind of explosion.
  • Dorothy once again catches the Archetype’s attention, albeit much more subtly this time. She was also able to sense that the Archetype was looking for something, implying some kind of technological synchronization.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Archetype
  • The German translation for the title is “Tief Im Schwarzwald” (“Deep Into The Black Forest”).
  • We see another instance of Dorothy synchronizing with a megadeus, in this case The Archetype, distracting it before it could finish off Big O. She was also able to sense that The Archetype was actively looking for something, similar to Dagon.
  • We see examples of how Paradigm City’s work force such as the Military Police got in the way of Michael Seebach’s search for the truth in any given article, from refusing to release full information on the Grim Reaper murders to threatening the journalist to leave the scene of a megadeus incident at gunpoint.
  • This is the only piece of Big O media that depicts Schwartzwald back when he was the reporter Michael Seebach, without any injuries or bandages and still actively reporting for Paradigm City as a journalist.
  • According to Seebach, most newspapers published in the city is merely “cheap propaganda for Paradigm Factories”, rather than discussions on real issues and serious matters, which is part of why Michael went on his downward spiral into Schwartzwald.
  • We learn the origin of the name Schwartzwald comes from an old childhood song Michael Seebach’s mother sang to him. This in turn may be connected to the vision Roger had of a motherly figure in a black forest in ”Underground Terror”.
  • Michael Seebach forgetting that he initially came across The Archetype before is yet another instance of people in the present day of Paradigm City losing their memories suddenly, the previous instances being with Marino and Kay from Chapter 1.
  • Another design similarity between the Archetype and the 3 bigs is the fact they share similar looking cockpits.
  • This would be the first instance of a megadeus with connections to Micheal Seebach/Schwartzwald being nicknamed as some kind of “Angel”, with The Archetype being nick-named the “Angel Of Destruction”. A similar nickname would be applied to Big Duo later on in the manga, and to a much greater degree.
  • This chapter introduces another manga-exclusive configuration for Big O, featuring an arm tipped with a giant, studded club that detaches into a rocket-powered ball and chain. No official name or concept art is available for it in Paradigm Gallery.
  • The lyrics of the song Schwartzwald got his name from were subject to some of the many translation errors in the Manga, because even though it was described as a song, most of the lyrics ended up not rhyming, the rhythm being presumably lost in translation.
  • This chapter is the first instance that the tagline of ”May thou that art without sin be given power over this machine” that appeared in previous chapters for Big O’s calling card be replaced with the one from the anime, ”Cast in the name of god, ye not guilty”. Strangely, when this happens during Big O’s first encounter with the Archetype, the 2 taglines are merged together and are written out along side each other. This may have just been another translation error, but could potentially have been intentional. The anime tagline would then take over after this chapter.