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Big O VS. Big O (Also known as Chapter 8) is manga exclusive story 8 of the manga and the first story of Volume 3. It shows an imposter version of Big O who breaks Jason Beck out of jail and then proceed to slander the black megadeus’ reputation by engaging in various crimes and comical activities, It is up to Roger Smith to figure out how to stop this megadeus’ as it pursues Beck’s greatest scheme yet: holding an entire dome of people hostage for ransom, and exposing Roger’s identity as the domineus of Big O.


A prison on an isolated island is on high alert due to someone attempting to escape, but one of the guards smugly notes this escapee will need some water wings in order to succeed. They corner the escapee, who turns out to be Beck. One of the guards states he will be getting another 5 years for this. Beck cackles maniacally at this, before being picked up by the giant hand of a megadeus heavily resembling Big O. Beck perches atop the megadeus’ hand, smugly thanks the guards for everything, and states it’s been swell. We then cut to a monologue from Roger as he looks at a news article stating that Big O helped out in a jailbreak:

This is Paradigm City, the city of amnesia…40 years ago, The Event reformatted every brain in the city…Beck, the would-be criminal prince of Amnesiaville is at large again…he is a man without a conscience or remorse…and he’s a smoker. His specialty is exploiting the hopes of the desperate and memory-challenged. I helped put him away. Now he’s on the loose…”

As Norman deduces the “Big O” responsible for breaking Beck out of jail was an imposter, Dorothy interrupts Roger’s train of thought, asking him if he’s going to do anything. Roger casually replies that unfortunately, he doesn’t have any clients that would justify him doing anything about it.

We cut to Beck bathing with his new groupie, Yamu, as Dove and T-Bone celebrate in the background, all laughing in triumph over their latest jailbreak. Dove and T-Bone start dragging on with their cheering, annoying Beck until he pulls a squirt gun out of the bath tub and shoots water at them, telling the two cronies to not get carried away. T-Bone questions this, asking if Beck isn’t happy. Beck thinks for a moment, and then they all burst out laughing in victory, with Dove and T-Bone hopping into the tub and Yamu taking a puff of Beck’s cigar.

Angel steps in and notes how everyone is in a good mood. Beck notes that Angel, the one who gave him the heavy metal unit that broke him out of jail, was a woman after all, meeting for the first time. Beck states he’s thankful for Angel’s help whilst eyeing her up and down, much to Yamu’s jealousy, stating that being the most wanted criminal in the city makes calls difficult, and states he called Angel over to thank her personally. Angel catches onto the fact Beck wanted to share the tub with her, and rejects him by playfully stating she left her rubber ducky at home. Regardless, she has a question. Beck asks again if Angel is sure she won’t join the tub, to which Angel declines again, before then asking why Beck wanted his megadeus to look like Big O.

Beck explains it’s advantageous in many ways if they’re alike. Angel understands, and then leaves. Beck notes to himself that a person’s eyes can tell him if they’re trustworthy, and that Angel’s eyes are full of secrets. Beck states that the Military Police would be too scared to put up a fight against Big O, to which Yamu praises Beck for his smartness. Beck smirks, thinking he’s the only person who knows Roger is the pilot of Big O, though he notes secrets lose their value if everyone finds out. He vows to use this knowledge to get revenge on Roger.

We then see “Big O” go on a spree of tarnishing the real Big O’s reputation by rampaging throughout the city, trying to surf atop a cruise ship (only to fall into the ocean), break into a movie theater, and even dancing at the newly-constructed Nightengale. Norman notes that the news reports keep getting worse every day, but Roger merely states that the Military Police never liked Big O anyway. Norman asks if Roger is going to do anything, to which Roger states an imposter is an imposter, and being reactive will play into the enemy’s hands. Dorothy then points out that Roger just acknowledged the imposters as “the enemy”. Roger shrugs this off and states it’s time to meet his new client, before then leaving.

Beck and his goons laugh it up with Yamu praising Beck, who thinks Roger must be at his wit’s end. Beck then decides it’s time to move onto the next phase. We then cut to the Military Police, who look in in bewilderment as they see “Big O” skipping down the street. Roger isn’t able to arrive to the scene in time, and ponders why the imposter Big O always gets away before Roger is able to arrive. His radar then picks up on someone saying Roger is heading somewhere, but then the signal corrupts. Roger tracks the signal to Dove, whose keeping track of the negotiator’s movements in Beck’s van. As Dove complains that tailing Roger is boring, he gets knocked out from hand chop to the back of the head from the negotiator. Roger hears Beck on Dove’s radio, asking if Roger is still there, and that he’s heading to the amusement dome and needs to be informed when the negotiator arrives there.

Beck sums up the lack of response to cheap equipment as he looks over the carnival attractions at the amusement dome, before then calling upon “Big O”, whose true name is a megadeus called Super Beck. Super Beck, still in it’s Big O disguise, arrives to the scene, followed shortly afterwards by the pursuing Military Police. Super Beck’s fake Big O-mouth opens up and declares it’s holding the citizens in the amusement dome hostage, demanding 5 million dollars before then stating that there’s no point in attempting to escape, as the exits have been booby-trapped.

Beck is at the helm of the false black megadeus, hearing the Military Police respond that they don’t have that kind of money, before an officer says they should call for Roger. Beck smugly thinks to himself that if Roger does come, then Big O won’t, and if Roger does arrive in Big O, the cops won’t be able to contact him. Beck finds amusement in the fact that he’ll publicly expose Roger as Big O’s pilot to everyone, winning either way. A military officer states Roger has arrived, much to Dastun’s relief, with Beck concluding that Big O won’t arrive. Roger smirks however, as the real Big O promptly does arrive, much to everyone’s bewilderment, with another Roger inside the real black megadeus, stating angrily that it’s showtime.

Beck is completely outraged, stating this is impossible and that Roger is a cheater. T-Bone is bewildered at the sight of the real Big O whilst Yamu asks what Beck plans on doing now. Beck states they’re going to destroy the real Big O, as Super Beck’s hands spin rapidly, Beck asking how the real black megadeus will like the Fingers Of Death. The crowds meanwhile are bewildered, as the other Roger asks Dastun which Big O he’s supposed to negotiate with, much to the officer’s confusion. He then states time is money.

Super Beck uses the Fingers Of Death, which involve shooting lasers out of said fingers, proclaiming if they win, they’ll be considered the true Big O. However, Big O simply blocks them with his arm shields, and proceeds to charge at the imposter. Beck is baffled that the fingers of death aren’t working on him, with T-Bone exclaiming Big O isn’t even being slowed down. Big O grabs the spinning hands of Super Beck and begins to overpower the imposter. The Roger piloting Big O angrily states that there is a limit to his patience. Beck demands that they push Big O back, but Yamu states they can’t due to being off balance. Beck responds by calling for the chest missiles to be fired.

Super Beck’s chest panels open up, but before the missiles can be fired, Big O covers them with his hands. Beck tells T-Bone not to fire, as they’re too close to fire them safely. Unfortunately for him, it’s too late and the missiles go off, blowing up Superbeck and sending it’s false Big O head flying away. Dastun says now is the opportunity for citizens to escape, using the giant hole in the dome broken through by Superbeck’s entrance. The Roger inside Big O finds out that Superbeck itself is unharmed, but the false Big O shell it was wearing was blown off, much to Beck’s chagrin, who states that shell cost him a fortune.

Beck then angrily states the citizens are evacuating, before their megadeus is knocked back by a punch from Big O. Big O continues to pummel Superbeck, knocking its pilots off their seats multiple times and causing Yamu to complain that she hurt her head. Beck and his croneys attempt to get their megadeus to run away, but Roger and Big O don’t allow this, using sudden impact to blow apart Superbeck’s body from behind. Superbeck’s head, which was intact from the impact, configures itself into a wheeled escape mode, driving off whilst pursued by the Military Police. Beck acknowledges that Roger may have won this round, but vows to defeat him next time.

Roger briefly monologues that although the imposter megadeus was exposed and destroyed, Beck was still out there, plotting, planning and creating. Back at the Smith Mansion, Dorothy looks on unamused as the Roger piloting Big O meets back up with the Roger who was talking with Dastun, who turned out to actually be Norman in a disguise. They thank Dorothy as Roger thanks Norman, who states no thanks were required and that this experience was quite fun for him.

Similarities To The Anime[]

  • Although a manga-exclusive story, this chapter has many similarities to ”Beck Comes Back”.
  • Both stories start off with Beck being broken out of jail by his croneys using a megadeus.
  • Beck dons facial hair and a slightly goofier persona starting from here on out, though he still has the streak of murderous psychopathic behavior that he eventually lost in the anime.
  • Both stories feature Beck trying to tarnish Roger Smith’s reputation by framing him as a criminal.
  • A fight similar to Big O vs Beck Victory Deluxe occurs between Big O and Superbeck, the latter using identical moves and being taken out in a similar manner. The main difference is that Beck and his lackeys manage to escape Big O and the Military Police.


  • Megadeus: Superbeck (Disguised As Big O), Big O
  • We once again see an instance of Roger’s disdain for smokers, the first time being when he’s first told of Beck all the way back in Chapter 1.
  • This episode introduces a manga-exclusive character to Beck’s crew, a groupie named Yamu, who consistently appears alongside Dove and T-Bone as Beck’s accomplice for the remainder of the manga.
  • This chapter shows the one and only instance of explicit nudity in the Big O franchise, with Yamu’s bare breasts being visible as she’s bathing with Beck.
  • Despite being similar to Beck Victory Deluxe, Superbeck is slightly different in appearance and proportions to the former from the anime, likely to fit inside the costume shell crudely designed to resemble Big O. The real Beck Victory Deluxe, alongside many increasingly mediocre sequel robots, would appear later on in the manga.
  • Strangely enough, despite taking place after Dorothy moved in with Roger and Norman, the Nightengale was created long afterwards in this chapter. This isn’t a continuity error either, as the Nightengale is completely missing from the manga version of Dorothy and her story with her megadeus sister in chapters 3 and 4, implying this is a storyline decision.
  • Angel continues her streak of explicitly antagonistic behavior in the manga, providing Beck a megadeus so he could break out of jail. In the anime, Beck used his underground connections to blackmail Mr. Wise over the fact Francis isn’t his real son, in order to access the industrial resources needed to create Beck Victory Deluxe.
  • Norman seems to be capable of not only impersonating Roger, but even mimicking his voice, as he’s able to converse with Dan Dastun and the officer doesn’t suspect anything.