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Dorothy tries to exhibit more human kindness in her day to day life on behalf of Roger, and ends up making a friend with an impoverished artist named Allen who ends up falling in love with her. However, by the time he’s creating a masterpiece dedicated to the android, a phony demolition crew steps in with an eviction notice, along with an impending demolition of all his life’s work.


We start with Dorothy’s morning routine, where she plays the piano loudly until Roger wakes up, serves him coffee that he complains about having too much sugar, and failing to relay a message for Roger to a person she’s on the phone with. Roger finally snaps at the android, asking why she does these things to him.

Dorothy replies she doesn’t understand, to which Roger mentions the chaotic piano music, which Dorothy justifies as her way of making sure he doesn’t sleep in past noon. Then he complains about her not telling someone on the phone he's available when he says he's not, to which Dorothy retorts he didn’t tell her to not say that. Lastly he complains about the excessive sugar in his coffee, to which Dorothy replies black coffee isn’t healthy.

Roger sighs with frustration, but then gives Dorothy the benefit of the doubt by noting it’s not exactly her fault. She never lies, she does what she’s told, and sometimes does things she’s not told to do. He says Dorothy will learn flexibility over time, and then asks if she can at least try to be more human by showing more kindness and compassion.

Dorothy later decides to try practicing this kindness during her trip home from grocery shopping, offering bread to a impoverished artist passed out on the street next to a bunch of paintings he made. Dorothy asks the man if he’d like some bread, to which the artist sees Dorothy as being like a beautiful angel. He scarfs down the bread, nearly choking halfway through, before Dorothy helps him wash it down with some wine she bought. The artist is so grateful he’s in tears, stating it’s been so long since the last time he had wine. He exclaims his gratitude to her, stating she’s beautiful and kind despite not even knowing him.

Back at the Smith Mansion, Norman is fine with the fact Dorothy gave all her bread and wine to that man, but asks that next time Dorothy make sure to replace what she gives away. Dorothy heads to Roger’s office, but finds that he’s not there. She then heads back outside, and catches the attention the artist again, who waves hello to her. He introduces himself as Allen, and says that them meeting again calls for a celebration, and invites her to his studio, a heavily decrepit building. He believes that the fact they bumped into each other again in a city so massive means this must be the work of fate.

As they entir inside the room littered with various paintings, he says that although it looks rough, the rent is cheap and since all the other tenants moved out he’s able to work in peace. Although he shows off and parades his countless ornate works of art, he laments the fact he’s never sold a single one. Dorothy replies stating sales are irrelevant and he should just do what he wants to do. Enamored, it was at this point that he realized he should make a painting of Dorothy, proclaiming he agrees with her.

Allen then realizes, upon closer inspection, that Dorothy is an android, but sees this as a positive and why she’s unique. Allen gets to work rapidly painting a huge mural on the wall of Dorothy as an angel. He’s amazed by his work, stating he’s never felt so inspired before, before then asking Dorothy her name, having forgotten to ask. Allen proclaims this painting will be the breakthrough that gets him noticed, only to be approached by Beck’s 3 goons Dove, T-Bone and Yamu.

Allen initially envisions them as art dealers ready to buy his works, and celebrates with Dorothy, saying that since they’ve met, his whole life has changed. Dorothy questions this, as T-Bone steps in. In reality, Beck’s goons are in construction gear and T-Bone claims that they work for a demolition company and need Allen to move out of the building. Allen screams he’ll never leave and tries shoeing the phony demolition crew away, saying his masterpiece is on that wall. He continues screaming until they eventually leave, though upon exiting T-Bone tells Allen to consider this his eviction notice, and if he refuses to leave, he’ll be thrown out. Ignoring this, Allen tells Dorothy as long as she’s by his side, he can endure anything. He continues his painting whilst the android looks on, occasionally doing small things to assist him.

We cut to Norman understanding where Dorothy has been all this time, but reminds Dorothy to be sure to return home in time for Roger’s dinner. As Dorothy heads back to Allen’s place, Norman brings coffee to Roger, who notices that Dorothy hasn’t been around lately. Norman explains Dorothy has become friends with an artist, though she’s been instructed to return before dinnertime. Roger is pleased to hear this, and hopes this helps her learn to grow somehow.

Allen notes his masterpiece of Dorothy is almost finished, and needed to be big to express his gratitude towards her kindness. Alan turns to Dorothy, stating he doesn’t care if she’s an android, and says there’s something he wants to ask her. However, before he can say anything, he hears the thunderous approach of the demolition mech, with Beck’s goons ready to demolish one last building. Yamu states she’s bored and wants this over with, but T-Bone shows more excitement as he gets to work tearing down Allen’s home. Allen freaks out and begs them to stop, only for Dorothy to remind him that he got an eviction notice from those demolition people earlier. However, Allen doesn’t even remember what Dorothy is talking about and continues panicking.

Dorothy tells him they need to leave, but Allen refuses, saying he’d rather die than abandon his work. Yamu notices Dove and T-Bone seem to be enjoying themselves and the demolition work, as Allen proclaims his paintings are his soul, and he can’t leave Dorothy’s painting unfinished. Dorothy tells Allen he’ll die if he stays here, but Allen says this painting is his life, and he’ll die with it. Dorothy acknowledges Allen’s desires, stating again that he should do what he wants to do. This response shatter’s Allen’s perspective on Dorothy’s kindness, and with that so does his painting of her as the wall collapses next to them.

After that, the whole building comes down, but thankfully Big O was there to protect them from the debris, though Allen still ended up passing out. Beck’s goons are appalled to see Big O again, asking why it keeps “picking on them”, before then using their demolition mech to attack. Roger acknowledges he received an emergency signal from Dorothy but can’t understand why as the demolition mech flails at Big O in vain. Roger ends the “fight” by having Big O casually shove the demolition mech onto it’s back. Emerging from the broken window of the demolition mech’s cockpit is Beck’s crew, unharmed but dismayed by the damage due to this mech being a rental, as Big O leaves the scene.

Later on, Dorothy explains the full story to Roger and Norman, as the former enjoys his coffee and states people grow by overcoming adversity, which Norman agrees with. Roger then states that he doubts Allen will die over a broken heart, and that some people are weaker than they appear whilst others are stronger, a strange trait humans have, but Dorothy will understand over time. We then cut to Allen in the hospital, who falls in love all over again, this time with a random nurse who he states is beautiful like an angel.

Similarities To The Anime[]

This story is completely exclusive to the manga, with no correlations to the anime whatsoever.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Rental Demolition Mech
  • Paradigm Gallery reveals that Allen was originally meant to have a personality more akin to someone with autism, but this gradually changed until he was more like Hitoshi Ariga, one of the authors of the manga.
  • The Rental Demolition Mech is not given an official name in Paradigm Gallery, simply being referred to as "Machinery For Civil Engineering (Rental)".
  • This chapter shows the first instance of megadeuses being used for Paradigm City’s workforce with the Rental Demolition Mech, similar to the episode ”Eyewitness”, which featured a giant construction robot.
  • Despite the similar name, the artist named Allen exclusive to this chapter has nothing to do with Alan Gabriel from the anime. If anything, they’re almost polar opposites with Alan Gabriel being a sadistic, psychopathic, and murderous cyborg that tried destroying Dorothy whilst Allen is a romantic, creative, human artist who fell in love with her.
  • According to this chapter, Angel wants various buildings in the city to be torn down, which happened to include Allen’s house, though the reasons for this are never explained.
  • It’s revealed Dorothy is able to send emergency signals to Roger and Big O in life-threatening scenarios.
  • Dorothy has a painting made of her in this chapter, which is similar to the episode ”Beck Comes Back”.
  • We once again see an instance of Roger complaining about how Dorothy makes his coffee, the first time being in chapter 5.