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Seen in “A Legacy of Amadeus”.


Constanze was built by the scientist Amadeus. After Amadeus' death, his android "son", Instro, is encouraged to pilot Constanze by Gieseng, Amadeus's business partner.

Constanze was piloted by the android R. Instro, after realizing that his late father's supposed legacy was a weapon made to destroy the city. Convinced by Gieseng that activating Constanze is his father's true legacy, Instro uses the robot to battle against Big O.

Constanze produced sound waves capable of cracking Big O's armor and acting as a shield against attacks. It was defeated when the Big O destroyed the 8 arms with a missile barrage.

Instro's highly advanced, one-of-a-kind hands are permanently plugged into Constanze's controls once he inserts them, forcing him to destroy them to disconnect himself from the machine.


While not a very strong attack, Constanze can shoot a laser beam from the top of its head.

Phonosonic Machine[]

By rapidly spinning its 8 arms, Constanze can generate phonosonic waves which push back and immobilize an opponent. This is a very powerful attack which can slowly break the opponent down if applied long enough. A similiar weapon was used by the Foreign Megadeus.

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