Paradigm City is celebrating Heaven's Day, the founding of the city. Which is also Dorothy's birthday. A saxophone player named Oliver is given an emerald egg, later known as the Daemonseed, by an old man. Alex Rosewater, chairman of the Paradigm Corporation, receives a threat that "in seven days, the world will be reborn". Despite his reluctance of working for Alex, Rogers agrees to assist the Military Police since the city is at risk of disaster. The only clues are a holiday card and a file on a man who claimed to have recovered his memories. As Oliver plays the saxaphone in the city dome on the day before Heaven's Day, the Daemonseed hatches into a megadeus and grows large vines, which cover the entire dome. Nonetheless, the Daemonseed stops growing when it breaks past the dome.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Daemonseed (Megadeus)
  • We hear another reference to the lack of concern for the people who live outside the domes.
  • Dastun mentions that Rosewater has sections of the “Book of Revelation”. Neither Dastun nor Roger know what that is.
  • The store sign says "Guci", a reference to "Gucci".

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