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Norman saves Heaven's Day



Paradigm City is celebrating Heaven's Day, an apparent analog to real-world Christmas. Roger is not in the holiday spirit, and is offhandedly dismissive of Dorothy's struggles of adapting to human life. Norman Burg explains the holiday to Dorothy and talks Roger into buying her a new dress as a gift, explaining that Dorothy's birthday happens to fall on Heaven's day. A street saxophone player named Oliver is given an emerald egg, later known as the Daemonseed, by a ranting old man dressed as Santa Claus. Alex Rosewater, chairman of the Paradigm Corporation, receives a threat stating that "in 7 days, the world will be reborn" and hires Roger to investigate following his aid to the Military Police in Act:10.

Despite his reluctance of working for Alex, Roger agrees to assist the Military Police since the city is at risk of disaster. The only clues are a holiday card and a file on a man who claimed to have recovered his memories and advocated for returning nature to the world as it existed 40 years ago. The man on file was the stranger that gave Oliver the emerald egg, and further investigation of the card links it to the city's elderly, who seem to have fractured memories of Christmas. Dorothy speaks to Oliver's girlfriend, Laura, and is curious about their loving relationship.

As Oliver plays the saxophone in the city dome on Heaven's Day eve, the Daemonseed hatches into a frenzy of large vines and foliage which overtakes the entire dome. Nonetheless, the Daemonseed stops growing when it breaks past the dome. With everyone safe, Dorothy and Roger exchange gifts. Norman had lied to Roger about her birthday and wanted him to give Dorothy a gift in the spirit of the Heaven's Day; Dorothy was activated on the original Dorothy's birthday. Dorothy gifts Roger a new tie, having looked for the finest black one. Roger, in turn, got Dorothy a winter coat he had tailored to her frame. Dorothy is happy having fit in with everyone on Heaven's Day, and Oliver plays his saxophone as snow falls through the hole in the newly-smashed dome.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Daemonseed (Megadeus)
  • We hear another reference to the lack of concern for the people who live outside the domes.
  • Dastun mentions that Rosewater has sections of the “Book of Revelation”. Neither Dastun nor Roger know what that is.
  • A store sign says "Guci", a reference to the brand "Gucci".

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