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Seen in “The Call from the Past”.


It is named after Dagon, a Phoenician agricultural deity often depicted as a sea creature; also used by H. P. Lovecraft for several stories.

Its reputation as the "Sea God" or "Sea Titan" frightened people away from going out to sea, creating a fish shortage and driving up prices.

Without a pilot to control it, the titan goes on a rampage above water before it is defeated by Roger and the Big O. Its only displayed weaponry were two sets of missile batteries, one on each shoulder. Its armor was unharmed by the rockets fired by the Military Police.

Dagon's servants are the frogmen who scared the fishermen into not going out to sea. They are actually Paradigm frogmen in SCUBA gear, hired to search for memories in the South Sea. Their design is inspired by the Deep Ones, the frogmen worshippers of Dagon in Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" novella.

Disguise Form[]

Dagon first appeared in this swampy "Bigfoot" disguise form upon surfacing. Dagon appeared to be searching for the master it once served. The disguise was destoyed by a rocket/missile attack that ignited the covering.


Stored beneath each of Dagon's shoulder panels is a supply of missiles. Six of these missiles can be fired at an opponent simultaneously.

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