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Seen in “Roger the Negotiator” and “Dorothy Dorothy”.


It was built by Miguel Soldano, the creator of the android R. Dorothy Wayneright, using Timothy Wayneright's designs. Dorothy and Dorothy-1 are considered sisters to each other by Soldano, who dies after warning Roger about Beck's hijacking of the Dorothy units. Dorothy-1 is initially used by Beck to rob the mint bureau of its printing plates, but is quickly destroyed by the Big O. R. Dorothy and Dorothy-1 are intertwined technologically, as Beck proves capable of resurrecting Dorothy-1 by implanting R. Dorothy into the power regulator circuit control unit of her sister unit. Throughout the episode, R. Dorothy displays a subtle synchronization with Dorothy-1 in the form of mimicking movement and sound.

Dorothy-1 is equipped with a pair of claws on each arm from which long metallic tentacles and power drills extend. These tools suggest that Dorothy-1 was built as a fairly benign robot, designed to save people from disaster areas. This is further proven in its overall lack of fighting capability. The Dorothy units are some of the few objects constructed according to memories prior to The Event; the existence of such memories strongly implies that the megadeuses and other large robots were mass-produced using contemporary Paradigm City technology. The interactions between R. Dorothy and Dorothy-1 also help to illustrate the nature of megadeus-android relationships and suggest an even closer technological bond between megadeus-type units and androids, especially R. Dorothy. Beck's intricate knowledge of this relationship implies extensive previous experience with megadeuses prior to The Event on his part. Dorothy 1 bears a resemblance to one of Ultraman's monsters, Baltan.

Arm Extension[]

Dorothy-1's main offensive weapons are its cablelike arm extensions. While the tips of the arm extensions have functions of their own, the extensions themselves can be used to wrap opponents up, leaving them vulnerable for further attacks.

Beam Extension[]

The tips of Dorothy-1's arm extensions contain hidden laser beams that are powerful enough to cut through reinforced metal.

Claw Extension[]

Dorothy-1's arm extensions also feature hidden claws that allow it to pick up objects.

Drill Extension[]

Dorothy-1 can transform its arm extensions into spinning drills to attack the opponent.

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