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Dorothy, distraught from having seen Dorothy-1 destroyed, suddenly disappears after Big O returns to its underground base. Rogers wonders about Dorothy's connection to the megadeus. At night, Dorothy is seen with Timothy Wayneright I, introduced as her grandfather at a nightclub. Roger already figures out that Wayneright was Dorothy's true "father" by using his memories. Jason Beck, appearing a second time, shoots Wayneright after having taken him hostage and stuns Dorothy after she tries to escape. Dorothy-1, revealed to be piloted by Beck, runs amok in Paradigm City once more. However, when Roger tries to finish off Beck, he sees Dorothy wired into Dorothy-1, being used as a power regulator circuit. Roger, hesitant to fight back, climbs out of Big O and pulls Dorothy out, making Dorothy-1 useless and trapping Beck for his arrest. Following the aftermath of Wayneright's death, Dorothy decides to reside with Roger as his maid.


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