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Angel and Roger encounter the Eel



There have been power outages occurring recently within Paradigm City. Casseey Jenkins, who identifies herself as a representative of Paradigm Corporation's Power Management, hires Roger to go to Electric City and negotiate with the locals the reactivation of its hydroelectric power plant, which they had at some point shut down and barricaded. The residents of Electric City maintain that electricity is attributed to a vengeful god living in the lake and fear to provoke its wrath. Roger finds himself in the cabin of an old man who despises those who work for Paradigm City, though the old man grows to appreciate his kind services. Roger finds a secret basement under the cabin, finding out that the old man is a retired genetic researcher and that something escaped from his lab some time ago.

The turbines of the dam mysteriously turn on and Roger finds out that Casseey, now using the moniker Angel, is responsible for this after following his tracks to the power plant. Roger theorizes that she is not actually involved with Power Management. As the underground pipes overflow, the supposed god feared by the locals is revealed to be a mutant Eel, which appears from the lake and absorbs the electricity from the dam for strength. Angel tries to escape by car, but the creature causes it to stall. Roger, summoning Big O, goes into battle against the Eel but is unable to overcome it because of its electrical powers. From afar the old man shuts down the entire dam which cuts off the Eel's power source and gives Roger a chance to kill it.

With the Eel destroyed, the electricity it had been devouring is released. Electric City and Paradigm City are alight once more. Angel departs satisfied that power has been returned to Paradigm City and the residents of Electric City believe that the sight of their once-dull city filled with light is a miracle granted by their lake-dwelling god. Roger destroys the power plant to prevent future reactivation, keeping in mind that the old man was the one who had created the Eel; a creation that he came to regret. Roger notes that Paradigm Corporation later harvested parts of the Eel's corpse.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Eel
  • The eel is seen again in a flashback in Act:22.
  • The Japanese title is sometimes pronounced "Electricity".
  • This is the first episode that shows the social differences in Paradigm City based on living conditions. Roger comments on the difference between those who live inside and outside the domes.

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