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Roger comes face-to-face with Big Duo


  • Season 1
    • Previous: Act 11: Daemonseed
    • Current: Act 12: Enemy Is Another Big!
    • Next: Act 13: R.D.


Roger ruminates on the mysterious accident that happened 40 years ago, and how Megadeuses are among the only remaining relics from before it happened. Roger meets with Alex Rosewater who tells him that Michael Seebach is still alive and is subsequently hired to confront him as a top priority, again under the guise of giving him his severance. Roger is surprised that the amount on the cheque is exorbitant, as if more of a bribe than a simple severance. Roger listens in on a Military Police frequency and tracks Schwarzwald down to a destroyed airfield where he encounters him in a mummified Megadeus. Roger is shocked to learn that the enemy Megadeus is actually another Big, Big Duo. Both Bigs are evenly matched and Big Duo appears to escape by flying away. Roger is left to ponder upon the capabilities of the Bigs.

Angel, who is still working for Rosewater under the name Patricia Lovejoy, calls Roger and tells him where to find Schwarzwald. Roger is surprised that Angel knows Seebach's current identity. Roger finds Schwarzwald at a masquerade party in a skyscraper where he points out the corrupt excess of Paradigm City's wealthy and elite. Schwarzwald proclaims that Paradigm City must learn the truth of what happened 40 years, hoping to use Big Duo to demonstrate. The party goes awry when the masks of the party guests burn them alive and cause them to jump out of the building. Schwarzwald challenges Roger to a final showdown.

Big Duo takes to the skies, and Alex Rosewater shows interest in it being piloted. The battle between both Megadeuses destroys the city on a massive scale. Big Duo's ability to fly overwhelms Roger until he grapples onto the "false sky" of the dome to gain an altitude advantage over Big Duo. Big O lands on Big Duo and begins to pummel it to pieces. When Schwarzwald manages to jump out of Big Duo, the broken remnants of the Megadeus begins to move on its own towards the Paradigm headquarters tower until it collapses. Schwarzwald is shocked to see this behavior "again" and wonders aloud about the Megadeuses' sentience. Dorothy travels to the room Angel called Roger from to investigate, only to find it empty aside from her discarded cigarette.


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