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With the case of the android crusher still unsolved, the city firm takes drastic measures by assigning an inspector named R. Frederick O'Reilly to the case. Dastun does not approve of this since Frederick is an android himself, but he must form an uneasy partnership to catch the criminal. Frederick makes the situation worse by questioning the usefulness of the Military Police and reminding Roger of his decision to resign. While Dorothy returns to Norman with high grade oil, she gets a glimpse of the crusher after she is shot with a crossbow/quarrel bomb, managing to release it in time by deflecting it off a trailer truck. Dastun and Frederick temporary keep Dorothy in custody to retrieve the visual memory of her glimpse. Angel compares herself with Roger, saying how they are alike in some ways. Dastun figures out that the culprit is after androids who placed a delivery order of high grade oil at a store. When Frederick is shot with a bomb, he detaches his arm and uses it to destroy the store. When it is shown that the crusher is really an android, Frederick takes out its memory chip and takes his leave. Paradigm City is then under attack by a Megadeus known as the Construction Robot, seemingly targeting Dorothy. Norman, driving her in his motorcycle, distracts the Construction Robot long enough for Roger to summon Big O in order to destroy it. Dastun realizes that Frederick was sent to act as a target.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Construction Robot
  • We see a close-up of the Military Police badge.
  • We see the rocket launcher on Norman Burg's motorcycle.
  • Dastun and Fredrick's photo is taken by 2 reporters who have a strong resemblance to the characters Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson from the Superman media.

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