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Foreign Megadeus

Robespierre, Carnot, Fouche.

Seen in “R.D.” and “Roger the Wanderer”.


The Foreign Megadeuses come from beyond the sea to attack Paradigm City. The true threat of the 3 megadeuses was worse than imagined. They are revealed to be vessels designed to deliver the components of Big Fau to Alex Rosewater. Carnot contained the head and entire lower body. Robespierre contained the upper arms and torso. Fouche carried the lower arms. The megadeuses were dismantled and the components of Big Fau extracted and assembled. What remained of the Foreign Megadeuses was recovered by the Union and reassembled to form Bonaparte.


Each of the 3 Foreign Megadeuses was capable of unleashing a steady current of electric power. This electricity was generated within their arms, which then arcs to an emitter (for Carnot, its right eye, and for Robespierre and Fouche, a single horn) where it is then unleashed. The 3 units could perform this attack simultaneously.


Carnot could open and close its mouth and use it to crush the enemy or immobilize it.

Phonosonic Machine[]

Carnot was armed with a phonosonic machine, similar to sound weapon seen in Constanze. This device, embedded inside the megadeus's head, generates phonosonic waves that slowly break apart the enemy through intense vibrations.


Robespierre's arms are used as giant drills. These drills can be extended out at the opponent with the megadeus's accordion-like upper arms.


  • Carnot: the largest of the 3, has a squarish body that contains a sonic based weapon.
  • Fouche: has an electrical attack generated from its hands and horn, which can arc to Carnot's hands and Robespierre's horn.
  • Robespierre: has drills for arms.


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