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Seen in “Negotiations with the Dead”.


Glinda is a feminine robot constructed by Dr. Timothy Wayneright at his private estate as a security measure. Activated only once during an investigation of Wayneright's mansion laboratory, it was easily destroyed by the Big O. It was armed with a green laser that overheated metal, causing a whole line of tanks to explode.

It possessed an extraordinary amount of agility despite the fact that it was slightly taller than Big O itself, owed largely to its slender profile and the presence of what appear to be high-powered air jets in its feet. It is the only Megadeus in the series seen leaping or performing acrobatics. Its hands could be used as stabbing weapons as seen in its repeated attacks on the Big O's arm shields.

Its most formidable weapon was an extendable sword concealed in its left thigh. This sword is the only weapon seen that could damage the Big O's arm shields.

However, Glinda and the sword lacked armor. The sword was destroyed by a punch from Big O when Glinda attempted to use a stabbing technique. The Megadeus was destroyed by the first display of the O Thunder weapon.

Like Dorothy, Glinda shares its name with a character from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", a work Chiaki Konaka occasionally references in his scripts.

Halo Beam[]

Of the few attacks seen used by Glinda, this was the most powerful. Energy is built up and concentrated inside the halo on top of Glinda's head. This energy is then released in a bright destructive beam similar to that of the Big O's Chrome Buster, although less powerful.


Stored within a compartment inside Glinda's left leg is a long and very sharp sword. The sword extends out to full length after being extracted. The blade is very sharp and can cause considerable damage with 1 slash.

Heel Thruster[]

The heels Glinda's feet are specially designed to allow Glinda to leap high into the air with the use of rockets.

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