The Military Police is arresting agents of the Union. At a villa, Alex explains that his father founded Paradigm City in order to preserve the memories of human civilization. Elsewhere, Angel tells Dorothy that Roger must not let the memories of the city be discovered by Alex or Vera. Roger is outraged that Alex would form such an alliance with Vera in obtaining the memories. Alex looks for the means to reactivate Big Fau, but Vera allows the Hydra Eel to escape. Roger summons Big O to engage in battle, but the Hydra Eel nearly shocks Roger to death. Big O then reveals a new weapon that eradicates the Hydra Eel, but the previous attacks unleash enough electricity to reactivate Big Fau.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Big Fau, Hydra Eel
  • We see Roger in a military uniform.
  • The eel returns from "Electric City".
  • We see the lightning rod.
  • We see the files of several Union agents.
  • Union agents
    • Total: 24
    • Located: 17
    • Captured: 15
  • Union agents
    • Agent 151
    • Agent 172
    • Agent 337
    • Agent 340: Angel

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