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Seen in “Leviathan”.


Most likely activated by Schwarzwald, the Leviathan's 4 claws can be energized and turn anything that it touches into sand. It appeared to have been called into the city by Dorothy when she began to speak in the same rapid and indiscernible manner as when she confronted the Archetype. Its purpose did not appear to be overtly destructive; its goal seemed only to be to incorporate Dorothy into itself. It was defeated when Big O turned its own energized claws against itself.

The megadeus is named after the biblical sea monster Leviathan, and thus a counterpart to the Behemoth.


The number "17" appears on Leviathan, implying that it is a part of a series of megadeuses. This is further proven in one of the settai for the season 2, which reveals another megadeus going by the name "Leviathan" but with a slightly different design and the number "16" on it. It is possible this is the Leviathan seen in the flashback in "Hydra" where Roger learns of Big O's shield generator.

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