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Lost Memories[]

  • Volume 1
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After being haunted by the events of his underground battle with Jason Beck and the Gigadeus, Roger Smith wakes up to find a new client who provides a simple request addressing mysterious activity near his office at the abandoned factory of Soldano Heavy Industries. However, the job becomes more complicated when the memories of Beck and the Gigadeus start to come back in new, unexpected forms.


Roger's Gigadeus Nightmare

Even after the battle with the Gigadeus was over, Roger continues to have nightmares of it alongside the apparition of Beck.

The story starts with Roger being haunted in a nightmare by memories of his fight with Gigadeus. The image of Beck’s ghost haunts him in Big O’s cockpit, face to face, but eventually is awoken by R. Dorothy Wayneright’s piano music. When Roger heads out of his room, the android greets him good morning. Roger tells her good morning too before getting his suit ready, only to be visited by Norman Burg.

The butler tells Roger he doesn’t seem to have fully recovered from his previous fight deep underground, but Roger waves this away, saying he will do his job as a professional regardless. In spite of this, Norman still wishes him to be careful as Dorothy looks on.

We then get a monologue as Roger drives the Griffon through the city:

“This is Paradigm City, a city that lost it’s memory due to an unknown event that happened over 40 years ago.”

Roger arrives to a building and is greeted by the client, who says he has been waiting for him. Roger’s monologue continues:

“I am the negotiator of this amnesiac city.”

Roger Meets The Mysterious Client

Roger meets his mysterious new client.

Roger removes his sunglasses and initiates the conversation, prompting a somber and serious look to emerge on the client’s face as he asks Roger if he has heard of Soldano Heavy Industries, a question which surprises the negotiator, his monologue continuing again:

“The factory of my former client, Miguel Soldano, and the birthplace of R. Dorothy and her sister, Dorothy I. I could never forget it.”

Roger asks what happened to Soldano industries. The client explains the factory was abandoned after Soldano died from being caught up in a crime. Despite this, the factory still seems to be running at night and filled with the sounds of machinery and people’s voices. He feels something might emerge from that place and endanger his office, which is close by.

Roger asks the client why he can not take this matter to the Military Police. The client explains the police are not willing to help, so he would like Roger to negotiate an eviction with whomever is still in that factory, and if necessary, negotiate with the “black megadeus” to protect his office. Roger notices that in negotiating with Big O, he would essentially just be negotiating with himself. The man reiterates how important his office is to him, but Roger comforts him, stating he will contact him after some investigation. Roger’s client ecstatically thanks him, saying he is glad he contacted the negotiator.

We then cut to Dan Dastun’s office at the Military Police command, where Dastun asks Roger how many stories he thinks the Military Police hear in a given day. Roger asks if it is a lot, after which Dastun describes how how often many of these “ghost stories” are typically nothing more than misunderstandings or human delusions, such as sheets used for building restoration being mistaken for a monster, megadeus, or ghost. He states the Military Police do not have the time to deal with all these claims, particularly regarding the recent mass hysteria related to the recent “Angel Fiasco”.

Dastun Explaining The Mass Hysteria He's Dealt With Since The Angel Incident

Dastun explaining all the mass hysteria he has dealt with since the "Angel Incident".

He notes how somewhere in the city, people keeping going crazy waiting eagerly for an actual angel to show up, usually despairing. He states that these stories will persist, regardless of whether or not it is an abandoned factory. Roger responds by mentioning the gossip and rumors of people regaining their memories from the explosion that happened at the end of the Angel incident.

Big Ear Explaining The Recent Quietness Of The City

Big Ear telling Roger about how quiet the city has been lately.

Next we cut to the Speakeasy bar with Big Ear, who notes that for unknown reasons, the town has actually gone quiet, as if though nothing had happened. He elaborates that with all the rumors and falsehoods and delusions, the city now appears to be in a state where nothing is happening or all or ever happened in the first place, which in of itself is not very unusual.

The 'Princess' Megadeus

The ”Princess” Megadeus.

Meanwhile, a crudely-decorated, vaguely-female megadeus is being finished at Soldano’s Factory, surrounded by 7 homeless men in pointed hats. One comments on how this factory is an improvement over their last place of residence, only for another to complain about the scarcity of food. A 3rd one lashes out, emphasizing the most important detail at hand: the fact they found their “Princess”, aka a crudely robed female Megadeus at the center of the factory.

One of the homeless men explains how all 7 of them worked together to “make their princess beautiful”, only for one with a pill–shaped head to state they have yet to find a “prince” for said princess who can control the machine. It would appear nobody possesses the memory of the original pilot. Another, seemingly drunk or half-asleep homeless man speaks, mentioning there’s 7 of them and how thus there is a high chance at least one of them can do it, only for a completely different man in a tattered fancy suit to arrive at the scene.

The suited man adores the beauty of the megadeus princess, before the pill-headed homeless man recognizes that he must be their “prince”, and then promptly demands he be brought to their megadeus. Sure enough, when the prince enters the cockpit of the machine, the eyes of the princess light up.

Beck Pulls Roger To The Void While The Prince Awakens The Princess

As the Prince comes to awaken the Princess as her pilot, Phantom Beck drags Roger’s consciousness into The Void

We then cut to Roger, who finds himself falling down an endlessly deep void of blackness. The fall feels eternal to the point Roger can not stand it. However, he then notices there is a bottom, as someone is down there. Upon crashing down, he is confronted by an apparition of Beck, who says hello before Roger snaps back into consciousness in the real world.

He was driving in the Griffon, heading to Soldano’s factory. He then gets messaged by Norman on the Griffon’s terminal, having received an update from the client. However, Roger can barely pay attention, struggling to recollect himself and convinced he is only a little drowsy at the moment.

Norman states the client wants Roger to negotiate with the “black megadeus”, but is not fully sure what he means by that. Roger rhetorically asks Norman what Big O is called by the citizens of Paradigm City, beginning to fully wake up. Norman awkwardly realizes this and Roger says that is what his client was talking about, which Norman quietly understands.

Back at the factory, the 7 homeless men are in celebration of the first steps of their “princess” megadeus, hailing the glory of both her and the pilot. One proclaims they never lost their memories for this moment, which another man acknowledges before pointing out the former was slacking off the whole time, as other men continue praising the machine.

Roger arrives to the scene at the exact same moment the Princess walks out of Soldano’s factory. He prepares to call upon Big O, but halfway though he has another vision of Beck and stutters. He shakes his head and asks himself what is going on before trying again.

Soon, the homeless men hear rumbling, which one of them mistakes for the sounds of a bug, prompting an insult from another. Big O then rises out of the ground as the following text is shown:


This is followed by Roger calling Big O to action. He then observes the megadeus princess and ponders the situation, wondering if the machine was created or restored with regained memories, before then joking this looks like a tasteless rendition of ”Snow White And The 7 Dwarves”.

Big O's Control Handle 'Slips' From Roger's Hand

In the midst of battle, Roger is startled as one of his controllers slips out of his hands and moves away on it’s own, allowing Big O to be tackled to the ground.

Sure enough, the 7 “dwarves” see Big O and call it out as a “Wicked Witch”. The “prince” affirms the inevitability of a confrontation and calls out to his machine, saying it is time to go, the princess lunging towards the black megadeus. Roger prepares for a counter, only for one of Big O’s joysticks to suddenly move on it’s own and slip from his hand, startling him.

Gigadeus Curing Roger While He's Fighting

The visions of Gigadeus continue to haunt Roger, even in the midst of battle.

Big O is promptly tackled to the ground, as Roger starts hallucinating the visage of Gigadeus’ 3 heads once again, swirling around him on their snake-like necks. Norman and Dorothy see this via a terminal, and the former asks Roger why he is not doing anything, telling him to fight back. Big O does not move however, as Roger is once again confronted by the apparition of Beck.

The homeless men cheer the prince on as the princess’ chest opens up, her breasts turning out to be wrecking balls. As the men cheer on, the prince smirks and proclaims this is the power of love. Roger breaks out into a cold sweat, the 3 heads of Gigadeus continuing to haunt him as he has a panicked inner monologue:

The Witch Defeats The Princess

Despite some setbacks from Beck, Roger and Big O push through and defeat the Princess, still unaware of what they are in for.

“A creepy shadow crawling in the deep, deep darkness. But it was, a shadow created by my own fear. It was not much different than a child‘s fear of monsters in fairy tales. A child‘s fear of the darkness. When was it that I stopped being scared, even if I turned off all the lights?”

Roger finally snaps out of his change long enough to have Big O pile-drive through the princess, destroying the megadeus and followed with the rest of the monologue:

“In the end, I was just afraid of a vision. The fairy tale is over, when the story is over, I turn off the lights, finally, I feel like I can sleep soundly.”

To Be Continued.

Beck Forcing Angel To Awaken Her Powers 1

Beck abducting Angel from Big Fau's controls in Chapter 21.

Vision 1

Notice the similarly-drawn bright light amidst pure darkness, a vision that occurred the exact moment Beck ascended.


  • Megadeus: Big O, “The Princes”, Big Duo (Cameo)
  • The Lost Memories manga has no Paradigm Gallery notes for any of the chapters in it, meaning names of the characters, places and mecha are never revealed, and thus will go by nick-names. This chapter for example includes “The Princess”, The “7 Homeless Men”, “The Prince”, Roger’s mysterious “Client”, and “The Void”, all of which never have their names revealed
  • As pointed out by Roger, the 7 homeless men and their Prince are a homage to ”Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs”, which in of itself confirms this fairy tale to be a known story in the setting of Paradigm City. The ”Wicked Witch” refers to the ”Wizard of Oz”.
  • For some reason, Big Ear and Dastun give opposite testimonies on the stories told throughout the city at the moment, with Dastun saying the Military Police are being flooded with too many “ghost stories” and Big Ear saying that everyone has gone silent, with neither having any reason whatsoever to lie to Roger.
  • This chapter is the (chronological) debut of Beck’s supernatural ghost form “Phantom Beck”, who showcases abilities similar to (if not greater than) that of Schwarzwald when he was a ghost in the anime, causing hallucinations, tampering with Megadeus controls, and uniquely capable of dragging Roger’s consciousness into a mysteries supernatural “void” deep below the city.
  • When Roger is dragged by Beck into the “Void”, he is preceded by a blinding light similar to the one seen when Gigadeus was destroyed in Chapter 16, where visions of flames and carvings of light could be seen in the darkness. That also just so happens to have been the exact moment Beck ascended from being a regular human into becoming a memory ghost, or “Phantom Beck“.