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Lost Memories[]


Roger finds himself working for his mysterious new client once again, this time investigating rumors of an alleged “ghost” lurking amongst the cemetery in West Dome, or more specifically a possible grave-robber that’s been lurking in the cemetery the clients' parents were buried at. Coincidentally, this is also the resting place of Dorothy’s two fathers, Miguel Soldano and Timothy Waynewright, but this is only the beginning of the strange things he’ll find there…


Roger's Rare Enjoyment Of Dorothy's Piano

Roger, possibly for the only time ever, actually appreciates Dorothy's piano music waking him up.

It’s morning, with Roger waking up once again to Dorothy’s piano music, but not with his usual  bitterness of not being allowed to oversleep. Instead he tells her good morning and crediting her piano-playing to his good mood, thanking her “as always”.

Dorothy Confronts Roger Over His Obsession With Everything Being Black

Dorothy questions Rogers' sense of fashion again.

He hums a tune whilst adjusting his tie, only to be confronted by Dorothy, who asks why, even when he’s in a good mood, he always wears all black, and why she can’t wear any other color. Roger replies those are the rules of this mansion, citing the Norman wears black, The Griffon is black, his coffee is black, and even Big O is black (though he admits Big O was always that color).

Dorothy acknowledges the sense of unity, but complains about the lack of style, noting Roger’s white shirt before then stating even Roger's night gown is black. Roger starts getting defensive, stating his preferences in color doesn’t matter, only for Dorothy to then ask that if Roger would repaint Big O if it wasn't black to begin with. Roger gets tired of this conversation and says Dorothy is giving him a headache.

Norman tries advocating for Dorothy, noting that although she’s an android, she’s also a lady who likes to wear clothes other than black. Roger angrily retorts that anyone who lives in this mansion must follow the rules. Norman acknowledges this as Roger gets ready to head out. The butler then comments that it seems Roger has fully recovered from the events of the underground battle, noting that Roger even praised Dorothy piano-playing and wonders if her skills have improved. Roger exits the mansion in The Griffon as Dorothy looks on.

The Client Discusses The Ghosts Allegedly At West Dome Cemetary

The Client greeting Roger, thanking him for his previous help, and then gets to the subject of his next request.

Roger arrives to his clients' house, the client thanking Roger for his help the other day. Roger asks what today’s story is, to which the man gets serious and asks Roger if he’s heard of ghosts in the cemetery at the West Dome. This perplexes Roger, and after the client asks if he’s heard of ghosts robbing graves, Roger objects, stating this has nothing to do with negotiation, and even the Military Police probably wouldn’t intervene on something like this. The client agrees, but retorts that his parents are buried in that cemetery and, because the Military Police won't help him, Roger is the only one he can count on to protect his parents' graves.

Roger talks with Dastun Again

Dastun jokes about Roger rejoining the Military Police since he's been coming over so often.

Roger heads out whilst recalling his client’s final statement, saying that if this “ghost” is just a regular grave-robber, then Roger should consult the Military Police to deal with the perpetrator the same way he did for the homeless men at Soldanos' abandoned factory. When Roger arrives to the Military Police HQ, Dastun greets him whilst noting he’s been coming over a lot lately.

Roger wants to respond, but Dastun first tells the negotiator they shouldn’t discuss these matters in the hallway, citing they should head to the office. The conversation they have afterwards puzzles Dastun, who states there’s been no damage reports from the cemetery, so if Roger needs information he should investigate himself, before then joking about Roger coming back to the Military Police to further investigate this matter.

Roger scoffs at this, to which Dastun states he’s not interested in having any more subordinates like Roger anyway. Roger then asks about the 7 homeless men from before, to which Dastun explains he was taken to the head office to see if they recovered memories, and wondered whether or not they were happy this helped them avoid jail.

We cut to the next scene before Dastun gives any further detail. Roger arrives to the cemetery and monologues the following:

“The cemetery also contained the graves of R. Dorothy's two fathers…”

We get a flashback of a conversation Roger had with Dorothy on the subject earlier, where she asks him what he wanted to know about her fathers. Roger states he doesn’t know if androids understand the concept of parents, to which Dorothy asks if he’s referring to the men who designed and built her. Roger tries iterating that’s not what he meant by parents, only for Dorothy to ask what he is talking about, making the negotiator pause for a moment.

We cut back to the present, where Roger arrives at the cemetery and approaches the graves of Timothy Waynewright and Miguel Soldano,  continuing his monologue whilst snooping around:

“For her, these two old men...even though their thoughts and actions are different from those of androids...for her, these two are still special to her. No matter who you are, it's unacceptable for someone to vandalize a grave that's adorned with flowers. Dastun said there were no reports of damage, and even after investigating, I couldn't find anyone who looked like a victim.  I did overhear some gossip, but it was all very disjointed…”

Roger At The Graves Of Timothy Waynewright And Miguel Soldano

Roger returns to the graves of Dorothy's two fathers, Timothy Waynewright and Miguel Soldano

Roger returns to The Griffon and contacts Norman  via it’s radio terminal, telling the butler he’ll be working late today. Norman asks about dinner, but Roger says he’ll be fine  and will simply be out for a few days. Norman replies saying tomorrow he’ll prepare the food so it can be served outdoors,  before the conversation ends. Norman then looks over the enormous dinner feast he and Dorothy prepared and tells the android Roger seems to have recovered faster than expected, and wished he had known before preparing all this food.

Roger Informs Norman And Dorothy He'll Be Working Late

Norman and Dorothy find out too late that Roger won't be returning from work soon.

Dorothy merely blames Roger, saying it’s his fault for not telling them in advance, but Norman reassures her that as long as Roger is able to do his job well, he’ll be happy. Later on we see Roger enjoying some food and coffee, monologuing the following to himself as he gets back into his car:

Roger Recalls Urban Legends Of Ghouls And Zombies.

Roger recalls urban legends, myths and tales of various forms of the undead.

I've read a story about a cemetery and the ghosts associated with it in some book before, but I've never heard of ghosts themselves ravaging the tombs where they sleep. There are some tales of grave-raiding monsters...In the end, they’re all just fictitious beings created by the human minds , which I'm not naive enough to believe in myself, so I'm guessing most of them are just thieves looking for money or memories…I don’t know, I don’t know…There's no reason to come here if you fall asleep. I wonder if I should have brought R. Dorothy with me. An android like her wouldn’t sleep here like her fathers are. In the end though, this is my job…”

The artificial sun-light of West Dome rises over the cemetery as Roger gets bored, concluding the monologue as he begins to return home:

“Well, I didn't expect him to come out of nowhere the first day I staked him out…but this is tougher than I thought it would be…and in these conditions, day after day...I'm going to have to let Dorothy give up piano for a while.”

Another day passes and Roger is wandering the cemetery, noting that a whole week has passed now and wonders if the ghosts really were just a rumor. He recalls what Big Ear told him about the state of the city when he was investigating the happenings of Soldano’s Factory, and of all the falsehoods, rumors and delusions the city generally undergoes. Roger figures his client will understand that nothing has happened after all this.

Just then, he spots something.

Roger is in a cold sweat as a sees a tall, looming figure standing over the many graves. He asks the figure if it’s the grave robber, only for entity to get larger and larger, stunning the negotiator. Suddenly, the Gravedigger grows to tremendous size, forcing Roger to flee as he can’t believe that there really is a ghost involved in this after all.

Roger Recalls Stories Of Vampires Enslaving Victims As The Graverobber Powers Up Pilfering Graves

Roger remembers tales from locals about undead monsters who enslave their victims, as the Gravedigger tears up the graveyard to power up using stolen skulls.

Skulls arise from graves and all circle around the Gravedigger, who is now colossal. We then get a flashback of the previously mentioned “gossip” Roger Alluded to before, the same gossip he initially dismissed as unreliable: A disheveled man recalling a monster that sucks the blood of it’s victims, who then become the monster’s servants after death. Roger then ponders if that’s the case with the Gravedigger.

Roger has enough of this, declaring he won’t let this grave-robbing monster disturb the resting place of the dead, provoking the monster to come towards him and then calling upon Big O. The Gravedigger is now megadeus size as Big O’s introduction plays out:

Big O Tussles With The Gravedigger In Front Of Waynewright And Soldano's Graves

Big O confronts the Gravedigger in front of Waynewright and Soldano's graves, before then beginning to brawl.

“Cast in the name of god…you are innocent”

Roger says it’s showtime and calls out action as the battle begins. Roger ponders the nature of this opponent, recalling that the last “ghost” he had to deal with turned out to just be using a “cheap trick”, pondering if the Gravedigger is the same way. Either way, he declares this ends now.

Big O Punches Gravedigger's Head Off, Before Using Arc Line And Missile Party To Obliterate The Regenerating Kaiju & Surrounding Graveyard

Big O decapitates Gravedigger in one punch, before then causing mayhem using Arc Line and Missile Party to finish off the monster before it could regenerate by pilfering more graves.

Big O uses Sudden Impact to blow the Gravediggers' head of it's shoulders. The skulls connected extend outwards try looking for other graves to feed off of, but Roger puts a stop to this immediately, yelling that no resurrections are allowed as Big O uses a combination of Arc Line and Missile Party to wipe out the monster completely.

With the graverobber kaiju destroyed, Roger has an epilogue about the incident as we look back at Soldano and Waynewright’s tombs, completely intact, seemingly alongside the rest of the cemetery where the fight just finished:

Roger Views The Cemetery, Which Is Somehow Completely Intact

The battle ends with a suspiciously intact-looking cemetery as Roger looks back on the graves of Waynewright and Soldano.

“Morning came to the monster and it turned to ashes. And with that, the graves of R. Dorothy's fathers were safe.”

We then cut to Roger at a clothing store, eyeing down a new dress for Dorothy, one that isn’t the usual black coloration that she complains about, finishing his epilogue as the woman running the store welcomes him in:

“Even androids choose flower colors…I wonder…what made her choose those colors?”


  • Megadeus: Big O, The Gravedigger, The Princess(Cameo), Charybdis (Mentioned)
  • Locations: Smith Mansion, Mysterious Clients' House, Military Police HQ, West Dome Cemetery
  • As with all other chapters of Lost Memories, many characters, megadeuses, kaiju and general locations aren’t given official names, as is the case with the main antagonist of this story, the "Gravedigger".
  • The numerous skulls on tentacles emerging from the Gravedigger were likely a subtle reference to Gigadeus, who had 3 heads on it’s extending snake-like necks. Combined with it's tentacle-like legs, it also somewhat resembles descriptions of the mythical Greek monster Typhon.
  • Despite the battle between Big O and The Gravedigger happening directly behind the graves of Soldano and Waynewright, not only are the graves intact by the end of the chapter, but so are all the graves nearby them that likely would've been destroyed by said battle. It’s unknown what became of the graves who had skulls pilfered from them by the Gravedigger either.
  • Combined with Dastuns' statements that no reports of activity came from the cemetery, it’s possible the entirety of the Gravedigger, it’s lurking in the cemetery, and even it’s battle with Roger and Big O were just an illusion, as would be the case with numerous other scenes later down the line of this volume.
  • This in of itself plays into the underlying conspiracy of Phantom Beck and the mysterious client, who put Roger on this quest, the previous one, and the many more that took place afterwards that gradually wore down Roger’s sanity. Considering the illusionary powers Phantom Beck has, it’s likely the explanation for why the West Dome Cemetery seems intact after the fight is over despite all the carnage, and also explains the explicitly supernatural behavior of the Gravedigger, whose abilities are unprecedentedly paranormal compared to almost anything else in the series.
  • Unlike the previous chapter, which directly referenced the plot of Snow White And  The 7 Dwarves, this story doesn’t explicitly single out a single western tale, instead being an amalgamation of numerous urban legends and horror story concepts, such as ghosts, zombies, ghouls and even vampires. Ironically, this underlying theme of the undead was perpetuated by Beck, who at this point was an extremely powerful undead memory apparition.


Roger Meets The Gravedigger

Roger comes face-to-face with the mysterious ghoul of West Dome Cemetary.