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Lost Memories[]


Roger’s mysterious client has now become a regular customer, and his cases have had an unsettling pattern: Every time Roger arrives to a scene to carry out a negotiation, he’s instead forced to summon Big O and fight a megadeus or giant monster. This has now happened so  many times that Roger is completely exhausted and suspicious.  However, Dastun did some research and noticed one  major detail was off about the “client”, but is only able to tell Dorothy. Roger had already headed to the “client”  one final time to confront him over his requests, only to be confronted by the phantom pulling the strings…


We see Dorothy sweeping the floor and looking on as Roger returns from work, only to get another call and get ready to head back out. Norman notices this and asks if Roger hadn’t just arrived home earlier, to which Dorothy replies he’s heading out again. The butler notes how busy Roger has been, but still thinks that’s a positive thing, followed by roger tracking mud on the freshly-cleaned floor as he’s on his way back out. We then get the following monologue from the Negotiator as he talks with said client, who thanks him for his help before:

“The reason I've been so busy lately is because of that client, who keeps bringing me big cases one after another, as if he though has memories of the future. Yes, that man…he always was a mysterious client, and when I went to the scene at his request, he had the ability to predict an “incident” of some kind might happen. Once I arrive, something does indeed happen, and I’m forced to use Big O. I read a book about things like this before. It’s the ability to vaguely understand memories of the future…now he is my regular customer, so to speak.”

Chapter 3a, Roger Keeps Getting Overworked By The Client

Roger constantly gets more jobs from his "client", which always end in disaster.

We then cut to Roger arriving to a building, only for a giant robot to bust out. He immediately summons Big O. The Black Megadeus comes out, and Roger is confronted by a one-armed megadeus. Roger’s monologue continues as Big O fights and destroys the enemy megadeus:

“I wonder if he has the ability to foresee the appearance of great evil...but still…”

Chapter 3b, Roger Roger Fights A One-Armed Megadeus

We cut to The Griffon driving down the street, where we see Big Ear ponders the idea  of people with memories of the future, not knowing much about that kind of  story, but does know that some people are indeed good at these kinds of things. We then see Roger describing a moment where he talked with someone who worked at his client’s offic3e for more information on the man, but all the woman had to say about him was that the client was “a little too serious” at times.

“I tried researching the client myself, but the more I researched him as a person, the more I found there was nothing suspicious about him that I didn't like.”

Roger’s  monologue continues as we see a montage of him dealing with this client, his  requests, and how they inevitably lead to more megadeus incidents.

“I had no idea who he was, but I was compelled to accept his prophetic request to go into town and do as he asked... because there was a battle waiting for me... and the many behemoths that would appear...and the cases that only I could take...I was the only one who could solve the case...I followed the client's prophetic request and kept on defeating them.”

We cut  back to the Smith Mansion, where Dorothy tries catching up to Roger as he enters the Griffon in preparation for another job. Roger states he’s busy and asks Dorothy what she wants, and to keep it brief. Dorothy merely replies that Roger looks  tired and sure enough, never before has Roger been so exhausted by his work.

Chapter 3d, Dorothy Sees How Exhausted Roger Has Become

Dorothy sees how exhausted Roger has become.

However, the negotiator puts his shades on to cover his eyes and states he’s not tired. Dorothy pretends to agree with him, almost sarcastically, as the negotiator heads out, having finally decided to get to the bottom of all this:

“How many times have I visited a client like this... Who is that man? Today... I have to find out who he is…”

Dorothy watches as the Griffon drives off, only to be met by Dastun, who laments not being able to make it to Roger in time. He  then tells Dorothy to relay a message to Roger:

“I'm looking into someone Roger asked me to look into for him a while back. His history, his background, any connection to past cases, anything else... There's nothing suspicious about him, except for one odd thing…”

Chapter 3e, Dastun Has A Message to Relay to Dorothy

Dastun has a message to relay to Dorothy

Dastun narrates as Roger approaches the client in the wrecked building, almost as if though they were just in a normal building:

“...He died in a car accident a month ago.”

Roger’s at his limit and drops the professional gentleman act, finally calling out this mans’ antics. He angrily demands to know who his client really is and how he’s able to predict so many disastrous incidents. Finally, the “client” drops the act and starts cackling maniacally, taunting saying that he can’t believe Roger hasn’t figured out the truth yet, before then asking if it’s possible Roger is  actually playing dumb.

We then get a full view of two empty black voids on a face. It’s Beck, who spirals towards the negotiator upside-down, as the exhaustion on Roger’s face turns into pure terror. Roger can barely process what he’s seeing, and simply mutters out his old nemesis’ name. The phantom responds in surprise, smiling maliciously and admitting that he had actually forgotten his own name by now. Beck’s face turns gigantic and starts maniacally screaming hello at Roger. They then both speak in unison the same phrase, but for opposite reasons:


Beck now towers above Roger, laughing triumphantly knowing he’s shaken Roger down to his exhausted core. Roger’s face is in absolute terror he runs away, panicking and screaming “It’s Beck” in his head over and over again. Beck taunts Roger as a jack-in-the-box version of himself shows up, asking if the negotiator liked his “present, to which Roger embodies Big O and punches the “present” directly in the face.

Chapter 3g, Beck Shows Up

Beck finally decides to "Show Up"

Chapter 3h, Roger Mimics Big O Whilst Rejecting Beck's 'Present'

Roger mimics Big O whilst rejecting Beck's "present"

Beck monologues whilst spinning on the sport, crying tears of laughter, and briefly turning into a crying cartoon:

“It's like I'm addicted to it. It's like one after another. There's so much more, so please take it. I've prepared it all for you. If you don't take it, I'll cry.”

Roger then finds himself in the Speakeasy. He sees Big Ear and begs him to explain what’s going on. Big Ear looks up from his newspaper, only to reveal a hideously distorted version of himself, demanding Roger pay him money before he tells him anything, as his newspaper turns into an adult magazine.

Chapter 3i, Roger Encounters Beck's Version Of 'Big Ear'

Roger is faced with Beck's version of "Big Ear"

Roger runs away and heads into The Griffon, panicking even more now, repeatedly asking what’s going on. He then sees Norman on his car’s terminal, who then pops out into an unhinged, distorted version of himself, tauntingly telling Roger not to fold over yet.

Chapter 3j, Beck Mocks Roger, Accompanied By Dopplegangers of Alex, Angel, Schwartzwald And Dastun

Beck torments Roger with dopplegangers of Norman, Alex, Angel, Schwartzwald And Dastun

Roger jumps out of his car, leaving the Griffon to crash into a light pole. He’s then mocked by Beck apparitions of Dastun, Schwartzwald, Angel, and Alex Rosewater. Dastun mockingly states Roger wasted a car, Angel notes how expensive said car was, Schwartzwald jokes that he "guesses" that car is out of service, and Alex asks why Roger didn't just give it to him instead of breaking it.

Beck takes a sassy pose, pointing at something and taunting saying the following:

“What do I care about that, right? Right? Rather than look at that, look at this!! Rogeeeer!! No, that’s an illusion too! Don't look Rogeeeer!!”

At this point, Roger can barely muster a response. Beck continues on, now with a far more perverse, flustered look on his face:

“Damn, I’m lovin’ this soooooooo much! How much you ask? Sorry, can’t let you hear the answer outta my mouth, momma will get mad at me! Just kidding, who’s mamma?!”

Roger can can barely speak when he sees the Gravedigger emerge from the ground. Beck then starts rambling out the following question:

“Now for a question! Let’s hold a lottery! Out of a million people, one person will guess this question correctly, and will then proceed to win…nothiiiiing!”

Chapter 3k, Beck Alludes To Taking Perverse Amounts Of Pleasure In His Torment Of Roger

Roger’s had enough of this, and pulls out his wrist watch, stating he’ll beat Beck no matter how many times he comes back. However, when the black megadeus arrives, it too is a distorted puppet of Beck, complete with his haircut and a maniacal laugh.

Chapter 3l, Roger Tries Summoning Big O, But Only Gets A Doppleganger

Roger tries summoning Big O, but only gets another Beck doppleganger

We then cut back to the abandoned building Roger had just entered. Everything he just saw and experienced prior to  confronting his “client” was just a bunch of illusions by Beck. It’s just Roger now, standing in the middle of the abandoned building, going insane and even beginning to beg:

“No-no, stop!! Beck!! Don't come near me!! Please...stay away!!! Is there someone out there...?”

He then sees a light from beyond, and within it finds Dorothy. He yells out her name as the chapter ends.

Chapter 3m, Roger, Whose Been In The Abandoned Building All Along, Breaks Down And Begs Beck To Stop And Go Away

Roger, whose been in the abandoned building all Along, breaks down, begs Beck stop, and asks if anyone's there.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Beck’s numerous Un-named and partially obscured megadeuses and kaiju (including a distorted version of Big O), The Gravedigger (Cameo)
  • Locations: Smith Mansion, Clients’ House (Revealed to be an abandoned building),  The Speakeasy, Multiple Unnamed Locations Where Roger Fights Megadeuses And Kaiju for Beck, Beck’s Distorted Speakeasy.
  • Numerous Real-World Brand Cameos
    Multiple real-world brands appear in a 2-page spread of this chapter as Roger drives around doing errands for his ‘client’. These include Little John’s Family Restaurant,  Tony’s Pizza, Office Depot, Red Lobster, what appears to be a parody of Hooters named Shooters, and advertisements for both EditPro and Max Factory.
  • The latter, Max Factory, is the company behind Figma, who would later release figurines from Roger and Dorothy.
  • This chapter is notably more vulgar than the others, from “Big Ear” being depicted reading a porn magazine to Beck alluding to possibly being aroused by Roger’s torment and suffering.
  • Beck’s insanity from the Gigadeus seems to have carried on when Beck ascended, as his unhinged maniacal mannerisms,  ramblings and behaviors continued on after death, seem to have gotten even worse. At the same time however, he’s capable of exhibiting enough lucidity to masquerade as an inconspicuous client, and later on when he confronts Angel inside Big Fau.
  • Interestingly enough, despite forgetting his own name at this point in time, Beck still remembers Roger’s name and the vendetta he has with him. This would also apply to Angel later on in Volume 6, showing just how vindictive and petty Beck truly is.
  • The idea of Roger’s “client” (Beck) having the ability to see “Memories Of The Future” is similar to what was discussed with Rosco Fitzgeralds’ memories in “Negotiations With The Dead” and “Day Of The Advent”, where his memory disc  had information on where the artificial star satellites would crash into Paradigm  City.
  • The only other thing in Big O with capabilities to predict the future was, in a roundabout sense, Gordon/Angel’s book Metropolis, which not only alludes to what (allegedly) happened 40 years ago, but also how the cycle of Paradigm City would play out in the anime, which Alex seems  to have used on multiple occasions to outsmart The Union and successfully steal Big Fau for himself, despite that role most likely being meant for Angel like in the Manga.
  • There’s also a possibility that, much like the possible incident in West Dome Cemetery, every single megadeus attack Roger had to deal with because of Beck wasn’t actually a prediction, but an illusion, as it’s revealed Beck had already used illusions from the very beginning of the volume to trick Roger and pose as his “client” in an “office” that turned out to just be an abandoned building.
  • This series of illusions could be considered to be consistent with the original abilities of the Gigadeus, which appeared to only have memories of the past, but Beck’s visions are constantly distorted, seemingly uses Roger’s own memories against him, and may have the ability to see the future assuming the at least some of the jobs Roger took these past few chapters were as real as in Chapter 1 of Lost Memories and megadeus attacks were truly, inevitably about to happen.
  • Even though he never met said characters in person (or possibly ever heard of them), Beck somehow made twisted dopplegangers of Big Ear, Schwartzwald, Dastun, Norman and Alex Rosewater (the latter two he had never met in the manga). It’s possible Beck’s abilities aren’t limited to making distorted puppets of people he knows, but rather summons twisted versions of Roger’s own memories and using them to haunt him.
  • This, in of itself, can be described as a literal “personal hell” or purgatory, which is another example of Phantom Beck being akin to a demonic entity with religious implications, alongside the access to Gigadeus’ forbidden knowledge (an allegory to the Tree Of Knowledge the machine might be based around), shapeshifting, illusionary powers, appearing and disappearing from reality (abilities sometimes attributed to demons and evil spirits), having the ability to forcefully activate Angel’s powers, and in turn likely having access to Basement 666, where Big Venus resides and Angels’ powers are meant to be awakened, and a place possibly also the identity of “The Void” from Lost Memories Chapter 1 that Beck keeps dragging Roger into.
  • Chapter 3n, Roger Briefly Becomes Lucid When Dorothy Finds Him

    Roger briefly becomes lucid when Dorothy finds him. (Note the light she seems to emerge from)

    Roger appears to break out of the void when he sees Dorothy, implying she has some form of intrinsic supernatural properties that counteract Beck’s illusions. This happens a second and final time in Chapter 5 of Lost Memories.
  • Beck Pulls Roger To The Void While The Prince Awakens The Princess

    The light that precedes Roger being dragged into The Void.

    The light Roger sees before seeing Dorothy looks identical to the light he sees when he enters the void, as well as the light beforehand that appeared during the Gigadeus’ destruction.


    Vision 1

    The light when it first appeared, during Gigadeus' destruction.