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The Manga adaption for the Big O Franchise was written by Hitoshi Ariga using Keichii Sato's designs and concepts, and was released in July of 1999 just 3 months before the premier of the anime. The manga is not the same storyline as the anime, usually consisting of revamped versions of major plot points and mainly being composed of new original stories that further expanded upon the lore of Paradigm City. It consisted of 20 chapters that were later collected into 6 volumes, being concluded on October 2001. Prior to the release of the second season of the anime, a spin-off titled Lost Memories was published in November 2002 that consisted of a series of side stories that took place between volumes 5 and 6. Unlike the original run of 6 manga volumes, the Lost Memories manga never saw release or translation outside of Japan.


Manga 1[]

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Lost Memory[]

Lost Memory 1[]

Lost Memory 2[]

  • Chapter 06: “Electric Sheep in the Cradle”
  • Chapter 07: “Message”
  • Chapter 08: “Old Movie Star”
  • Chapter 09: “Revival”
  • Chapter 10: “Yesterday Once More”