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The Military Police is the law enforcement arm of Paradigm Corporation. It is responsible for maintaining civil order within Paradigm City and protecting it from any and all threats.


The Military Police is the only protection for Paradigm City. They provide both a defense against foreign aggression (be it a Megadeus or the Union) and provide civil defense against criminals. There are no law enforcement officials in Paradigm City outside of the Military Police. The Military Police is owned by, receives full funding from, and is under the command of, the Paradigm Corporation. They are supposed to follow the orders of the Paradigm Corporation, even if those orders conflict with the general safety and welfare of the populace.

In “Eyewitness” an inspector is sent directly from Paradigm Corporation headquarters. This is implied to be a rare event.

The only reference to a woman being in the military police is in Roger's Vision in “Roger the Wanderer” when Angel is in uniform.

At times, as seen in the Land Buyout Riots in “Bring Back My Ghost”, they have forcibly removed people from their homes in order to make room for expansion of the domes and other Paradigm Corporation projects, resulting in mass riots amongst the residents outside the domes.

The officer seen most is major Dan Dastun, later promoted to colonel. Roger Smith was once a member of the military police, ranked lieutenant and partner to Dastun, until he decided to leave the force. Though it is never stated specifically why Roger left, it is indicated that he grew increasingly disdainful of Paradigm's control over the public's safety, and thought he could do more good in the private sector. The Military Police is torn apart by a crisis of loyalty near the end of the series, with Dastun and a large portion of the force going rogue in an attempt to support Roger and his Megadeus against an insane Alex Rosewater.


Their ranking system is similar to the police, army, and marines. The mentioned ranks are inspector, sergeant, lieutenant, major, lieutenant colonel, colonel, and general. Officers ranked major and higher are considered “top brass”, according to Big Ear.

The ranks of colonel and below are field officers who organize defenses and investigate crimes. The only general who makes an appearance is an office worker.

In Season 2, Dan Dastun is promoted from major to colonel.


Military Police officers are trained in both policing and military duties. They have been seen directing traffic, searching for explosives with metal detectors, conducting criminal investigations, quelling riots, and carrying out large-scale military operations against hostile Megadei and monsters.

They are also skilled drivers. (“Enemy Is Another Big!”, “The Call from the Past”)


In “Winter Night Phantom” we see the forensic science section.

Dan Dastun is the head of the investigations unit.


Their uniform most resembles that of the United States Highway Patrol and their badge resembles that of the United States Army's Military Police.

In “Bring Back My Ghost” we see them in riot gear.


They use handguns and rifles. Machine guns, artillery, rockets, and missiles are used for the tanks and boats.


In Season 2, the Military Police change from rocket/missile firing tanks to shell firing tanks. Their main transportation is similar to Ford's Crown Victoria in the early 1990's. In “Bring Back My Ghost” they are shown to have a harbor patrol.

Known Officers[]

  • General (unnamed)
  • Colonel (formerly Major) Dan Dastun
  • Colonel Anthony Gauss (deceased)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Schweimer (deceased)
  • Major Cerano (deceased)
  • Major Hillary (deceased)
  • Lieutenant Roger Smith (resigned)
  • Sergeant Kingate
  • Sergeant Miles
  • Inspector R. Frederick O'Reilly
  • Bonnie Fraser (arrested pending trial)


  • The Grand Guard is another organization that merges the military and police into 1 organization as the territory is limited. Another comparison are the real life governments of the: city-nation, city-state, micronation, microstate, minination, ministate.

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