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Kelly Fitzgerald, wife of senator Roscoe Fitzgerald, hires Roger to negotiate with the assassin targeting her husband. The word on the streets is the members of the senate know something from before 40 years ago, and a certain android is running amok killing innocent people who had shared memories of the past. Roger and Dorothy go to Big Ear to figure out who would construct such a murderous android. The 2 visit the home of the deceased Timothy Wayneright I in order to find answers. Dorothy is soon bound to an electromagnet and Roger is attacked by an android, that is until Angel comes to rescue them. It seems that Roscoe was the only senator that never lost any of his memories of the past. A sword wielding ninja Megadeus, known as Glinda, is activated, overwhelming the military police. Roger summons Big O to destroy Glinda. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Angel discover that Roscoe is actually an android himself. A cyborg named Alan Gabriel then shoots Roscoe, confiscating the compact disc of stored memories, and makes his escape.


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