Norman Burg


Norman Burg is Roger Smith's butler. Forty years ago he, along with all of Paradigm City, lost all memories, but he would not hesitate before going unto the breach for his master. Aside from his duties of butler, Norman is also the chef who makes it a point to keep hot food available for Roger no matter what time his employer's arrival home. Norman is older than Roger, and has apparently lost an eye, which he keeps covered with a patch. The butler is a fatherly influence for both Smith and Dorothy. Norman also displays a tendency to get involved in the relationship between Roger and Dorothy, "pushing" the two together for sake of the emotional good each does the other. Norman is grateful to Roger Smith for providing him a purpose and in return Roger considers Norman his most trusted and infallible aide de camp.

He is the first defense of the Smith mansion, capable of using a number of firearms in case of attack, ranging from handguns, heavy rifles, to high caliber machine guns. In the opening credits of the show he is shown effectively handling a chain gun. He also is the mechanic of the Griffon and the master of the work crew that maintains Big O.

While Roger drives his luxury car, Dorothy makes use of a bicycle occasionally, Norman's form of transportation is a motorcycle outfitted with a sidecar, ridden while wearing a "storm trooper" (Stahlhelm) style helmet.

In the Manga, he has a running gag where he will inquire Roger on paying him, but Roger always manages to avoid it.

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