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Seen in “Bring Back My Ghost”.


Osrail is a megadeus hidden beneath the sea, which activated to rescue a fallen police officer. It was capable of generating a fog which it used to project the image of a holographic ghost; allowing it to attack its opponent with homing energy blasts. The true robotic form was seen briefly. It was defeated when Big O's radar revealed its location to Roger by tracking the missile flight paths and he used the Arc Line to destroy it.

Fog Generation/Projection[]

Osrail is able to generate a type of fog to help it project a ghostly-like image projection. This projection is used as a decoy to prevent opponents from discovering its true location. Osrail can move the projection to create the illusion of disappearing and reappearing. The system can be defeated by radar.

Plasma Missile[]

These powerful blasts are shot from Osrail's actual location in an arc pattern so that they appear to originate from the ghostly projection.

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