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The mysterious assassin strikes



An assassin stalks the streets of Paradigm City. A series of seemingly unrelated murders has Dastun baffled as to the motive, and the only clue is the killer's calling card: "Cast in the name of God, ye not guilty". The case begins to take shape when Roger learns that all of the victims, none of whom were born in Paradigm City, were said to have regained their memories. One of them, Ellen Weight, claimed to have memories from 40 years ago despite being 20 years old. The case begins to have Roger question why he and Norman Burg have the memories needed to pilot and tend to Big O, respectively. Roger has a nightmare wherein the assassin confronts him and shows him numerous flashbacks, including Paradigm City being destroyed by mass-produced Megadeuses: Big O, Big Duo, and another that he has not yet encountered.

Ellen had tried to meet with Roger before being assassinated, and Roger goes to her house to investigate where he recognizes a photo of a building from his childhood. After traveling there, he stumbles upon Angel who asks him his purpose for piloting Big O. Angel cites that Paradigm's representatives are concerned that Roger is not utilizing Big O properly while pointing out a contrast between him and Schwarzwald, who had just used Big Duo to destroy the city. After experiencing another vision, Roger discovers the book Metropolis with a list of the assassin’s victims. This leads him to find the author and original chairman of Paradigm City, Gordon Rosewater, at a farm where he has since retired. Angel reports this development to Alex Rosewater who does not seem concerned, as if the awakening of memories is irrepressible.

Roger pieces together his visions; 15 years ago memories of the distant past were implanted into children by Gordon, and 4 of them were recently assassinated for regaining those memories. Roger is yet unsure of his own involvement in the experiment but believes this is not his first time seeing Gordon. Gordon does not directly respond to this assertion, and instead speaks to the situation about the children using tomatoes as a metaphor; synthetically bred organisms implanted with proper memories can eventually become the real thing. Gordon tells Roger that his book, which is clearly analogous to Paradigm City, is all lies. Roger replies that the book was only half written, and Gordon challenges Roger to find an answer to his questions for himself.

Roger tracks down the assassin at the train depot from his nightmares. The assassin R.D. is an android visually identical to R. Dorothy Wayneright that was activated at the train depot for the sole purpose of carrying out these assassinations, her initials standing for "Red Destiny". R.D. questions Roger's purpose for commanding Big O, and states that he will be killed for not complying with his predetermined destiny. Roger runs for his life and Big O suddenly rises from the ground, with Dorothy inside, and crushes R.D. into the ceiling. Dorothy claims Big O acted of its own accord. The Military Police have been mobilized at the coast as 3 Foreign Megadeuses approach. Angel, holding a red balloon, watches them with unease and worries about the events that are being set in motion. Roger prepares for combat and resolves to choose his own destiny and purpose.


  • Megadeus: Big O, Foreign Megadeus
  • As implied by her balloon, Angel is shown to have a connection to the Union.
  • R.D. has her own barcode, which she shares with the children from Roger’s vision.
  • R.D.’s overall appearance strikingly resembles Little Red Riding Hood.
  • R.D. states that the Megadeuses are the “sacred chariots of mankind” and those that pilot them are “intended to be commanded”.
  • Roger’s analogy relating free will to not using an umbrella in the rain, spoken directly in reference to one of R.D.’s earlier lines, later serves as the symbolic basis for several scenes in Act:22.
  • The book ”Metropolis“ is a reference to Paradigm City and the film ”Metropolis“.
  • The “Red” is for the color of R.D.’s cloak, the “Destiny” refers to the fate of a Megadeus pilot.
  • While cleaning, Dorothy seems to express jealousy or distrust when she discovers one of Angel’s cigarettes in Roger’s mansion.

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