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Red Destiny is the titular character of "R.D.". She is R. Dorothy Wayneright's "evil twin", an android of the same make and model. The "Red" is for the color of the cloak, the "Destiny" refers to the fate of a Megadeus pilot.

Red is a serial killer who targets people that claim to have memories of 40 years prior. Her calling card is a message that reads "Cast in the Name of God, Ye not Guilty", the same reading on the Megadeus activation screen. She is destroyed after Big O mysteriously reactivates and arrives to protect Roger Smith.

Though identical to Dorothy physically, Red has a more robotic, computerized voice, and displays psychotic facial expressions as she chases Roger through the subways. The character is seen again, through flashback, during "Negotiations with the Dead". In "The War of Paradigm City", it is revealed she was activated by Alex Rosewater.


  • The "Red" refers to the color of R.D.'s cloak, the "Destiny" refers to the fate of a Megadeus pilot.
  • R.D. has her own barcode, which she shares with the children from Roger's vision.
  • R.D.'s overall appearance strikingly resembles Little Red Riding Hood.
  • R.D. states that the Megadeuses are the "sacred chariots of mankind" and those that pilot them are "intended to be commanded".

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