• Season 1
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    • Current: Act 01: Roger the Negotiator
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Roger Smith, top negotiator of Paradigm City, is hired to oversee the retrieval of R. Dorothy Wayneright, the kidnapped daughter of Miguel Soldano. Beck and crew try to escape with the ransom money until Roger finds out that Dorothy is really an android. After the failed mission and returning home, Roger is visited by Dorothy, who requests Roger to protect her. Roger takes Dorothy to her father's factory, only to see it in ruins as her father dies in front of them. The criminals from before begin to shoot rockets/missiles at Roger and Dorothy, yet the 2 manage to defeat them with the use of a diversion. A megadeus, known as Dorothy-1, is attacking the mint, overwhelming the military police. Roger summons Big O from underground and prevents Dorothy-1 from infiltrating the mint building.


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