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Roger and Dorothy are introduced


  • Season 1
    • Previous: None
    • Current: Act 01: Roger the Negotiator
    • Next: Act 02: Dorothy Dorothy


Roger Smith, elite negotiator of Paradigm City, is hired to oversee the retrieval of the kidnapped daughter of the industrialist Miguel Soldano from the criminal Jason Beck. As the exchange is completed, Soldano arrives and admonishes Roger for falling into a trap; the supposed daughter he rescued, Dorothy, is really an android that Soldano assembled. Confused and realizing he is no closer to recovering Soldano's daughter or discovering her wherabouts, Roger calls off his deal with Beck.

Roger learns from one of his contacts, Big Ear, that Miguel Soldano has been involved in illegal dealings in his factory. On his drive home, Roger recounts that everyone in Paradigm City lost their memories 40 years ago; nobody in the city regardless of age has any knowledge of life 40 years prior. Everyone has adapted to their new life, unaware of the history of their world. Roger also learns from his contact that Soldano is in posession of an unidentifed memory from 40 years ago, an anamoly in Paradigm City. After the failed mission and returning home, Roger is visited by Dorothy, who requests Roger take her on as a client and protect her. In a visit with Dan Dastun, Roger is revealed to have been a part of the Military Police before becoming a negotiator. Dastun reveals that Miguel Soldano has no biological daughter.

Roger takes Dorothy to Soldano's factory, only to see it in ruins. Soldano dies in front of them, lamenting that one of his creations has fallen into the wrong hands and regarding Dorothy has his true daughter. Beck's lackeys attack Roger and Dorothy but they survive the assualt. Back in the city, a Megadeus known as Dorothy-1 appears and is attacking the mint, overwhelming the military police. Realizing Dorothy-1 is likely Soldano's "daughter" that he initially wanted Roger to recover, Roger summons Big O from underground to prevent Dorothy-1 from infiltrating the mint building and destroys it.


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