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Roger's audience, awaiting his next move



Roger Smith and R. Dorothy Wayneright, both inside Big O, engage the 3 Foreign Megadeuses at full force but are increasingly overwhelmed. In an opening narration, Dan Dastun and Schwarzwald muse about the existence of foreigners infiltrating Paradigm City. Under extreme stress following his confusing encounter with Gordon Rosewater and his wound at the hand of Red Destiny in Act:12, Roger questions his existence and blacks out. He finds himself as a wanderer in Paradigm City as it was 40 years ago, before the city was destroyed in the amnesia-inducing accident and before it was covered by domes. He learns that his mansion used to be a bank owned by a wealthy Jason Beck and encounters the original Dorothy entering a night club with her father, Timothy Wayneright I. Feeling lost and unwelcome in this time period that he finds himself in, Roger thinks back to when he first met Big O after he left his unfulfilling job at the Military Police.

Roger's recollection of meeting Big O in present-day Paradigm City is presented as a skit of a stage play that he watches. After he decided to make his home in the now-abandoned bank, Roger met Norman Burg who claimed that he had waited 40 years for him to arrive. Norman possessed memories that allowed him to care for Big O, and recognized Roger as the predestined pilot of Big O; everything was inexplicably laid out as if just waiting for Roger to arrive. Roger's subsequent memory of meeting Big O now takes the form of a comic strip in a newspaper that includes an article by Michael Seebach detailing his discovery of the Archetype under the city. As Roger questions why he possesses memories needed to pilot Big O he comes to believe that he, along with the other residents of Paradigm City ever since the event 40 years ago, may be portraying people other than themselves.

Roger watches the film Winter Night Phantom and notices someone in the audience with a red balloon. This woman turns out to be Angel dressed in a military uniform, who is unfamiliar with the name Angel and addresses him as if he is an army major. Roger talks with her believing they are merely actors playing different roles. She asks Roger if he wants to run away from his reality as he abruptly begins to remember the fear he experienced while underground in Act:04. Roger suddenly sees his version of Dorothy and is snapped back to reality. Roger's faith in his identity is restored and he defeats all of the Foreign Megadeuses at once. Alex Rosewater orders a mysterious man to arrange for their recovery, referring to them as "gifts from abroad".


  • Megadeus: Big O, Foreign Megadeus
  • Dan Dastun is promoted from Major to Colonel.
  • Roger's analogy relating free will to not using an umbrella in the rain, spoken directly in reference to one of R.D.'s earlier lines, later serves as the symbolic basis for several scenes in Act:22.
  • Roger's “audience” consisting of himself and the main cast all have their faces empty and obscured with shadows over their faces, matching Roger's revelation about the ambiguity surrounding the seemingly predestined behaviour and identities of Paradigm City's current residents.
  • The manga is shown as a newspaper cartoon as an in-universe reference.
  • The Military Police change from rocket firing tanks to shell firing tanks.
  • This episode parallels the name of Act:01. Here he has lost his title.
  • When Roger exits the subway station, 2 gargoyles resembling Broadway and Brooklyn from the animated series “Gargoyles” can be seen briefly.
  • Winter Night Phantom is shown as a film. The storyline has similarities to the film ”In the Mouth of Madness”. Similar to how Paradigm City is a stage and the real characters are fictional.

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