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Roger Smith and R. Dorothy Wayneright, inside Big O, engage the 3 foreign megadeuses at full force. In the midst of battle, Roger questions his existence. He finds himself in Paradigm City as it was 40 years before as a wanderer, where there is no need for a negotiator. He learns that his mansion used to be a bank owned by a wealthy Jason Beck. He also sees Dorothy entering a night club with a young man. The Big O is a comic strip in the newspaper. In a skit-like manner, Norman Burg explains that he has waited 40 years for Roger to become the pilot of Big O. Roger comes to believe he may have been portraying someone other than himself after the memories had disappeared from his mind. He comes across Angel, who addresses him as a soldier in the Military Police. She asks him if he wants to run away from himself, but when he sees Dorothy, he comes to his senses as a negotiator and continues his fight against the 3 foreign megadeuses, defeating them all at once. Alex Rosewater then orders their recovery.


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