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Soul of Chōgōkin (GX) (超合金魂, Chōgōkin Tamashī; lit. Soul of Super Alloy) is a premium toy line by Bandai Spirits. The line consists of anime and film mecha that feature diecast metal parts and numerous gimmicks.[1]

This article covers only The Big O releases.


GX # Model Series Yen Price Release Date Notes
48 Big O[2] The Big O ¥12,800 2009 September 19 Features opening cockpit hatch. Forearms feature "Sudden Impact" gimmick. Left foot features opening panel for Griffon. Includes swappable "Cannon Party" and "Missile Party" parts and display base.

GX # Model Series Yen Price Release Date Notes
SP Big O Expansion Parts Set[3] The Big O ¥6,300 2011 October 12 Tamashii Web exclusive accessory set for GX-48. Includes resculpted head and Archetype head, Griffon, four "Mobydick Anchors" with 12 different tips, "O Thunder" forearms with effect parts, flat palm hands, and weapons rack that attaches behind the display base.
48K Big O [Kurogane Shiage (Full Package)][4] The Big O ¥22,000 2017 August 18 Tamashii Web exclusive color variant of GX-48 with Expansion Parts Set.

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