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The name of Sybil Rowan applies to two different characters in Act:10. The first is an actress and anti-government activist imprisoned for opposing the founding of Paradigm City. She starred in Winter Night Phantom, a movie Dan Dastun saw as a child and now remembers as a recurring dream.

The second character is the bomber featured in the episode, posthumously identified as a member of the Union. She refers to herself as a "Phantom", after Rowan’s film, that aims to punish those responsible for the creation of Paradigm City. Her death, at the hands of Dastun, parallels the film's ending. At the episode’s conclusion, she is unveiled to be a childhood friend of Dastun, whom she seems to recognize shortly before he is forced to kill her.

The film is seen again in Act:24, again being watched by a young Dastun and Sybil.

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