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Big Duo Inferno overwhelms Big O with its upgrades. Even the missile barrage is unable to stop it. Much to Roger's surprise, the pilot of Big Duo Inferno is Alan, who is directly linked to the Megadeus. Just as Alan prepares the Coup de grâce, the ghost of Schwarzwald hijacks Big Duo and begins ascending him into the atmosphere. Big Duo displays the message "ye guilty" instead of "ye not guilty", and strangles Alan with the connector cables. Roger finds Dorothy atop the ledge of a building, but he sees that her memory circuit have been removed. Meanwhile, Alex wants Beck to assist him in rebuilding Paradigm City to his vision. Roger contemplates to when Dorothy asked him whether or not he would fall in love with her if she was a human; he mournfully tells the lifeless Dorothy that his perhaps they would have. Angel wearily journeys through an underground tunnel. The underground light, previously seen in Act:04 and Act:07, is revealed to be theatre lighting for an underground film studio. Angel discovers the set of a cabin, where she was first told about the scars on her back as a child. Dastun walks into a movie theater playing "Winter Night Phantom", where he sees his memories displayed on film.


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