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Roger Smith flashes back to 3 days ago, he was hired to lower the price of fish in Paradigm City. Roger learns from a fisherman that the price of fish has gone up because of a rumored sea titan that lurks in the water. The fishermen will not venture into to sea. He goes to a ship building factory and rents a newly built submarine, but Angel beats him to it the day after that, he chases her down and jumps into the ship with her. Meanwhile, Norman Burg, Roger's butler, becomes worried as to why Roger has not returned home for the past 3 days. While Roger and Angel view the underwater ruins, they are bombarded by frogmen in SCUBA gear, said to be the servants of the sea titan. They wind up crashing inside a building, trapped with only a limited amount of air left. Angel explains that she wanted to find a source of memories in order to receive payment. It seems that the servants are looking for the exact same thing, but awaken the sea titan. Roger signals in Big O, accompanied by Dorothy, and follows the sea titan. The military police attacks the sea titan, only to find out that it was camouflage from the sea megadeus, known as Dagon. Roger destroys Dagon and the memories it carried.


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