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Roger and Angel discuss the value of memories



Roger Smith is trapped with Angel in a sunken building. 3 days prior, Roger was hired to lower the price of fish in Paradigm City. He learns from a local that the price of fish has gone up ever since fishermen stopped venturing into to sea because of a sea titan rumored to lurk in the water. Ready to investigate, Roger goes to a shipyard and rents a submarine, however a day later Angel arrives and makes it to the submarine first. Roger chases her down and jumps into the ship with her. As they view the ruins of a sunken city, they are bombarded by frogmen in scuba gear, said to be the servants of the sea titan.

They wind up crashing inside a building, trapped with only a limited amount of air left. Looking over the underwater cityscape, Angel and Roger remark that this is where people lived and worked before the accident 40 years ago. Angel explains that she is plundering the ruins in an attempt to find a source of memories; some people in the amnesiac Paradigm City are willing to pay top dollar for these memory fragments. Roger wonders aloud if Angel is a foreigner since most Paradigm residents have adapted to life without memories of the past. After giving pause, Angel replies that they should be more concerned about who they are and what happened to the people that came before them.

It seems that the frogmen are looking for memories too, and find them in a building that emanates a bright light not unlike the light previously seen in Paradigm City's underground. Roger wonders if this mysterious light is somehow man-made. The trespassing frogmen awaken the supposed sea titan, which Roger follows in Big O. Alex Rosewater observes the lumbering titan and recognizes it as the sea Megadeus Dagon. Rosewater expresses interest in the memories it carries. Dorothy points out that the wandering Megadeus is crying out for the master it used to serve. Roger destroys Dagon and the memories within it so neither can be exploited, much to the disappointment of Angel.


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