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  • Season 2


Beck escapes from prison with his assistants, this time using a bolt of lightning to overload the security system, giving him an afro. Roger was to negotiate with a legal counsel for an industrial corporation, however this is another scheme that Beck has created. Dan Dastun reports to Dorothy that Roger has been kidnapped. It is now up to Dorothy to take the position as the negotiator. Beck has constructed a replica of Roger's face and body with the ability of mimicking. He uses it to activate Big O and have walk into the sea. Dorothy heads towards the industrial corporation building in an attempt to rescue Roger. Beck tries to capture Dorothy again, but she constrains him to a magnetic bowl with a metal disc around his neck. Beck reveals his Megadeus, known as Beck the Great RX3. Roger summons Big O and defeats the Beck the Great RX3 in 1 shot.


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