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Angel confronts her fate



The Military Police watch as Roger and Alex clash in their Bigs. Alex soon overwhelms Roger and prepares to destroy him. As Big Fau drags Big O to the coast, the military police attack Alex after being shamed by Dastun. Big O, plunged into the water, wraps its anchor chains around the Big Fau, dragging Fau into the water. Big Fau cuts the chains and leaves Big O to sink to the seabed. Gordon says that Angel has the ability of containing or releasing memories prior to 40 years ago. Roger receives memories of when the city was first created and how all the characters were constructed. Dorothy dives into the water and saves Roger from drowning. Roger faces Alex once more, but this time Dorothy is directly linked into Big O, enabling Roger to use a massive energy cannon and severely damage Big Fau. Angel's wings appear and create Big Venus, which begins deleting the world starting with Alex and Big Fau.

The cause of the accident 40 years ago that caused everyone to lose their memories is at last revealed: a space time-altering Megadeus that can revert the world to a state of nothingness so it can be restarted anew. The current residents of Paradigm City have no memories not because they were erased, but rather because they themselves did not exist 40 years ago. Dorothy recites the recurrent phrase about a bird without its wings and Roger immediately draws the connection between Big Venus and Angel.

Big Venus marches towards Big O as every trace of the world around them is erased. Roger steps out of Big O to confront it personally and conduct one final negotiation: memories are self-affirming proof of one’s own existence but even without them everyone in Paradigm City has created their own identities, learning to let go of the past and live for their present and future by making new memories. Roger posits that although in a simulated reality, his memories of Angel and himself are real. “Angel Rosewater” oversees this in an editing room where she is a screenwriter and the new author of Metropolis. She begins to cry but is comforted by figments of Roger and Dorothy. Back on set, Big O and Big Venus converge into each other and the world resets; Angel has decided to do one last rewrite for her show. Scenes from Act:01 begin, with the addition of Angel and Dorothy now watching Roger drive off to a negotiation with his watch inconspicuously absent.


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