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The mysteries of the event 40 years ago are unlocked. The Union bombs Paradigm City. Meanwhile at the stage set, Vera is revealed to have rescued Gordon from being burned among the crops. She then says that Gordon had attempted to revive memories using tomatoes as a species for artificial cultivation. Alex was the person responsible for murdering any sleeper agents that had awakened their memories. The Union was established to take revenge for being driven out of the city 40 years ago. Angel, enraged by Vera's sense of justice, prepares to pull the trigger of her gun. Nonetheless, Vera fights back using her whip, cruelly lashing Angel's back. Roger suddenly arrives and subdues Vera from attacking any longer. Gordon says that neither Roger nor Angel were a part of the artificial cultivation, and that the memories never had existed 40 years ago even though they could be accessed subconsciously. Angel tries to deny that she is proof of being a memory due to the scars on her back. Gordon remembers that he hired Roger to conduct negotiations with the director to change the roles of all the actors. As Alex is in Big Fau awaiting Roger in Big O, the latter emerges to the ground, destroying the monstrous Megadeus, known as the Behemoth, activated by Vera, before the 2 begin the final showdown.


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