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  • Season 2


Roger is given the message from Dorothy concerning what Angel told her. Alan releases Beck from prison. Then tells him to rebuild Big Fau or face an order of execution as an alternative. Alex visits Gordon at his farm to ask about the memories of Paradigm City, but when the latter says nothing, the former covers the fields in flames out of his own will. Dastun shows Roger that another sleeper agent is still on the loose, but it so happens to be Angel. Roger finds Vera in an underground tunnel, where she tells him that "the bird whose wings have been plucked will shed all its feathers and will turn into the beast it was before it evolved into a bird". If the Union takes the memories, hellfire will burn down the city once again as it did 40 years past. As the mansion is being attacked by scorpion-like machines, Dorothy and Norman do their best to destroy them until Big O manages to intervene. Roger finds out that Beck created these machines to capture Dorothy for her hidden memories. With Dorothy becoming beyond reach for Roger, he is stopped by none other than a resurrected Megadeus, now known as the Big Duo Inferno.


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